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03-04-2008, 19:50
Hi, I've got a game against Dwarf coming up, And I would like to ask advice on how to beat them!
Basically, his army include a lord anvil of doom, 2 Organ Gun, One cannon, two unit of 20 men dwarf warrior, 2 thunder, 2 small unit of slayer. One important thing is that he surely get a hill in his centre deployment,
So can I ask what sort of army shall I build to beat him? What vampire power and item shall I buy? What shall I do with magic? Shall I take a few calvary? And what about rare unit?
Thx a lot for reading:)

03-04-2008, 20:04
If you go magic heavy you will need to be very magic heavy to get through the runelord and dwarf special rule. but close combat might be a bit overboard to get to deal with a gun line.

A flying vampire would be great. place him in a unit. When the unit gets with in 20 of the warmachines or better anvil charge him out. it would be funny.

A scouting vampire, with the 3 plus ward save and the extra movement would also work.

Fell Bats and wolves are a must.

Try taking black knights. They can advance through cover very easily.

The ward save banner would be also great to have either on blood knights or on a wright king in a unit of grave guard.

try to aviod wraiths as he can kill them with the anvil. As well as coach and(cannon foder). you could take that big bat thing and a corpse cart but i would aviod it

vinny t
03-04-2008, 20:11
Take a lot of small units so he can't shoot/anvil them all. The scouting vampire would work well. Rare unit I would take a VArghulf, as it is fast, doesn't auto-die to str7 hits and is fairly cheap. Good luck against the stunties:D

03-04-2008, 21:03
Hmm. Ethereal wraiths might not be a bad idea, only the anvil and cannon can hurt them.

Dont bother with fellbats, wont hurt dwarfs at all.

Small units will be susceptible to the orgun guns.

Bring a hordey magic heavy army. And try and avoid those slayers.

03-04-2008, 21:16
To be honest I dont think Wraiths are gonna work they will get killed by the anvil and even if they do survive the banshee's scream will not be effective due to the Dwarfs high leadership.

There are more uses for fell bats than just killing dwarfs. If they can stop a very important unit from getting shot then they have made their points.

Da Black Gobbo
03-04-2008, 22:51
scout hero, Lycni Taysman, avatar of death, sceptre of Noirot, bye bye warmachines...

03-04-2008, 23:20
Your characters will need to win this one.
*** Flying and Avatar of Death, hauberk of TBD(2+), so S7 attacks that move 20". One of these characters hitting the FLANK of a Slayer unit will destroy it in 2-3 combat phases, hit the flank of a thunderer unit and see it run after 1 combat phase.
*** Lord

I still like the Black Coach, as it does have a good ward save vs Cannons, and if it hits the flank of his line can destroy multiple units.

Take larger units, as otherwise he'll just gun them down. Dire Wolves and Fellbats will do nothing except die, so if you use them, screen a better unit like real cavalry with them.

Create Zombies to screen your troops if no hill, otherwise just create them to attack his thunderers.

Black and Blood Knights will do great here, but must be screened or they will be gunned down.

If you place terrain, when he puts his hill down, set a forest right in front of it, oops can't seeover that, yet my Black knights will move right through :)

03-04-2008, 23:37
when i play dwarfs agains VC usually i base my tactic on static CR and use heroes to make wounds.. warmachines are needed to shoot down ranks and models from nasty units such as knights or black choaches..

is suggest you to use wolves or fast vampires (flying, scouting or M9) with GW to cut down warmachines and the anvil as soon as possible, then move on with skellies and zombies to make a good static CR, and use black coach and vampires to add wounds..
or use knights to heavy hit his best unit..

i won't focus too much on magic, it's really hard make something good against all their magical defence, and it would be a waste of points imho

04-04-2008, 18:46
I dont think you field a half deacent Vamp army with no magic. Characters allown will not will combat, and you can count on your troops to give up free CR to the stunties. IMO youll have to go overboard on magic. the best way is with one die inovocations, perfect for drawing out dispel dice. And a flying vamp is perfect for any gun line. I hade succes using Ghouhls, as dwarf guns dont allow very good saves anyway, and poisoned attacks work well vs their high T.

heretics bane
04-04-2008, 19:41
Hmm. Ethereal wraiths might not be a bad idea, only the anvil and cannon can hurt them.

And any character with a rune weapon...

07-04-2008, 09:54
And any character with a rune weapon...

Not unless you want them too.
Dwarves are mv3.

07-04-2008, 11:53
One important thing is that he surely get a hill in his centre deployment,

Why is this?

And how mush more magic defense has he got?

Any way at the moment I'm running 4 units of 5 B.knights and 4 units of 5 dire wolves so I'm not having to much trouble with shooting units.

07-04-2008, 12:10
does the anvil generate power dice? if so, plow forwards with a black coach and absorb as many dice as you can, cutting the anvils effects down. the way ive found to play dwarves is to either take all magic or none at all. there is no mid space, as it isnt cost effective

Danger Rat
07-04-2008, 16:30
The anvil doesnt generate power dice as it works in the shooting phase.