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04-04-2008, 01:25
2X3 Bulls: If, lw, musician @ 139
3X3 Ironguts: musician, champion @ 174
2X2 Leadbelchers: musician @ 120
3 Yhetee @ 195
25 Gnoblars @ 50
8 Gnoblar trappers @ 48
Butcher: bangstick, dispel scroll @ 180
Butcher: skullmantle, dispel scroll @ 175
Tyrant: HA, siegebreaker, greedyfist, wyrdstone, dispel scroll, brace guns @ 311
Total: 1999

The plan is to use bait and counter tactics with the leadbelchers and gnoblars. The trappers are to prevent enemy charges and shooting. The yhetees can flank all the while my butchers march behind my units buffing them. Any comments?

Garg Foecrusher
04-04-2008, 05:44
What? No Gorgers? You gotta have those, they absolutely kick ass!

On a more serious note, drop the Greedy Fist and give him a Tenderiser instead of the Siegebreaker.

Rhinox Riders could be interesting too

04-04-2008, 12:54
Tyrant can not carry a dispel scroll

04-04-2008, 17:32
The list looks pretty good. As was pointed out the Tyrant can not carry a Dispel Scroll. Also, your choice of armor. The Greedy first is interesting but expensive. It boosts your Armor save a bit but the effects rarely trigger. For one, unless you are talking about a Greater Demon, most Wizards you hit are going to just outright die so the loosing a level never comes up. The other affect only works on saves which doesn't help against things like "No armor save", or those wonderful D6 on a wound weapons which you have to make the first save or you are in trouble.

I'd be tempted to re-outfit your Tyrant. The Wyrdstone is good. First Full of Laurels tends to be popular as I see more Ogres being run down after a break test than dying due to wounds. I've only had my Tyrant actually killed ONCE. Against a tooled out Character killer Black Orc after besting a Chariot and Giant single handedly, not at the same time, but one, and then the other.

Do you have Iron Fists and Light Armor on your Bulls? The 6+ save is eliminated by most things that can regularly wound them. The Iron Fist is most useful for it's extra attack so many people go with additional weapons. I prefer the look of Iron Fists so I tend to waste the extra points on them.

04-04-2008, 19:13
your list has some definite room for improvement, some of it has been touched on already. The two most important changes are seigebreaker dropped for Tenderizer and drop the tyrant's scroll (illegal for a non-wizard to carry)

Since some of the other changes have been mentioned, I will pick on... Unit Champions. Unit Champions are never a good buy for Ogre Kingdoms. 20 points for a single additional attack is a waste when 48 gets you 3 attacks and 3 wounds and 3 US and another model. For thinling armies, unit champs are sometimes good, but never for an Ogre.

there are other things that could be changed (third butcher, musicians on Ironguts, IF & LA on bulls, 21 gnoblar are as good as 25, no gorgers, brace of handguns) to add efficiency, but a lot of them have arguments both for and against them, so whatever makes you happy is fine. dropping unit champs and getting a tenderizer isn't much of a quesion, though.

05-04-2008, 02:28
nice list but tyrant cant carry dispel scroll, someone probly already said that tho