View Full Version : 1000 Points - Empire (Sigmarite/Stirland Theme)

04-04-2008, 11:28
Hey everyone:

I'm thinking about participating in GW's Iron Painter two week event to try and get 1000 points of my Empire army together (I need some kind of motivation to get me off my duff and working).

I'm going for a Stirland/Sigmarite kind of theme (Undead hunters sort of, I suppose) and this was the first 1000 points I came up with. The idea is that a Sigmarite warband has gotten together with some local Stirlander troops to battle the undead. I know I'll need some artillery (which I plan to grab in the second half of the army) but this is based on what I have right now.

1000 Point Empire List


- Captain: GW, Plate, Warhorse, Hammer of Judgment, Icon of Magnus 114
- Warrior Priest: Heavy armor, GW 98


- Spearmen x19: Full Command 170
o Detachment Halberdiers x10
- Crossbowmen x10: Marksman 85
- Knightly Order x8 (painted as an appropriate order - Hammers of Sigmar or something like that): Full Command, GWs 224
- Flagellants x 20: Prophet of Doom 210


- Pistoliers x5: Outrider 97

Total: 998 Points

I realize this is probably not the most competitive list (not by a long shot) but like I said, I'm going for more of a themed force (hence: warrior priest, flagellants, lots of big hammers, rustic state troop choices). I barely get a chance to play, so competitiveness (or lack thereof) isn't really a big deal to me. That said, how does this list look for a start to a fun sort of themed Empire army? And what would folks suggest I add in the next 1000 points (I have accessible 10 more X-bowmen/handgunners, 5x more pistoliers/outriders, and Hellblaster/Hellstorm). I was thinking of adding another good-sized block of State Troops (I'm going for spearmen since Stirland is a poorer region, though I might try and work in a small swordsman unit somewhere along the line), probably another big group of Flagellants, and maybe a cannon or two to give some kind of ranged punch. I was also thinking about going for some Huntsmen to sort of fit with the theme and give me some scouts.