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04-04-2008, 12:42
Hey guys!

On April 12th there will be a huge GW shop event held in Germany (and Austria), reenacting the Battle of Hel Fenn. It will use the rules for Legendary Battles published in White Dwarf.
I'll take an GW employee's High Elf army to the field against mostly Vampire Counts and assorted bad guys in a massive multiplayer battle. I don't know yet who my allies will be and what they field, though I already have written an army list based on the models available to me. This list won't change anymore, I'm afraid, as I'm not using my own army... erm... I don't even own a fully painted Fantasy army yet... :angel:

I don't have too much experience in Fantasy, so I need you guys' tactical input, as I don't want to get completely massacred.

The list is as follows (I don't know all the magic items' names in English, so pardon me there and feel free to ask, if something's unclear)

High Elves, 2000 points

Lord: Archmage, lvl4, Amulet of Light, Vortex Shard - 350

Hero: Caradryan - 175

Hero: Dragon Mage, lvl 2, Guardian Phoenix, Silver Wand - 420

Core: 10 Archers - 110

Core: 25 Lothern Sea Guard, Shields, Champion, Musician - 340

Special: 15 Phoenix Guard, Full Command, Banner of Sorcery - 305

Rare: 2 Repeater Bolt Throwers - 200

Rare: 2 Giant Eagles - 100

I'm not yet sure where to place my characters, especially the Arch Mage. :confused:

I'll use the Dragon Mage in concert with the Giant Eagles to counter any fast moving units or sacrifice one of the Eagles to redirect charges, bait Blood Knights...

The rest of the army will probably remain stationary shooting the enemy and the Phoenix Guard will intercept any units that threaten my gunline.

I'd love any hints and tips you might have for me. As I said, I cannot change the army too much, though some magic item shuffling will be possible.

04-04-2008, 13:30
The list looks good. Don't get fret up about it being tournament worthy. Legendary battles is about having fun. Even so, I have two minor points.

Amulet of Light is not so good on an Archmage as it is on a Fighter character in a unit of Swordmasters or White Lions.

Lothern Saegaurd are best used as small units and as support. If you want a big unit of stabby deat take a unit 24 Spearelves 6 wide 4 deep.

04-04-2008, 14:10
if you can find room to squeeze in annulian crystal... its for the win, my roomate plays high elves and i play vamps... the majority of the time i typically win by screwing up his line with fear and out numbering, if you really need to utilize lothern sea guard i would do what you can to come by 5 more, and break it up into two units of 15 and dont be scared to put the dragon mage into a flank... if you spend about half the game throwing spells and the other half feeding crappy core units to your dragon your doing ok.

04-04-2008, 17:37
Thanks for the hints, guys!

I figured that if I deploy the Archmage with the Sea Guard both their shooting and combat attacks would gain the benefit from the Amulet of Light, allowing me to take out any Cairn Wraiths early in the game. But I could give it to the Phoenix Guard Champion instead.

I think I won't be able to get more Sea Guard for now, so I'll have to stick with the big block.

My main concern is definitely where I should deploy my characters. I'm thinking of having my Archmage join the Sea Guard (see above) and Caradryan will lead the Phoenix Guard. Though maybe I should swap their positions? I really don't know...