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04-04-2008, 13:36
Hi all,

As you may have read, I am not the world's best Vampire Count player; even so I thought I'd do a battle report for last nights tourney game verus Dwarves...

Keep in mind that this is a tournament, and as such the lists cannot be changed, so please do not comment on how I should change my list. HOWEVER you can mock it as you see fit!

My VC List

Vampire Lord Vala the Displeased *in 25 strong skelly unit*
Master of the Black Arts,
Lord of the Dead,
Cadaverous Cuirass
Crown of the Damned
Level 2: Lore of Vampires
Hand Weapon

Vampire Stavros the Moderately Impoverished *in 20 stronh HWS skellies*
Dark Acolyte
Avatar of Death
Sword of Might
Talisman of Protection
Level 2: Lore of Vampires
Heavy armour, Shield

Wight King King Bubonic *With General*
Heavy Armour,
Hand Weapon

Necromancer EGOR
Invocation of Nehek
Vanhels Danse
Dispel Scroll x2
Corpse Cart

Zombie Horde x30
Hand weapon,

Skeleton Warriors x20
Cursed Pennant of Mousillon
Hand weapon, Light Armour, Shield

Skeleton Warriors x25
Banner of the Endless Nightmare
Hand weapon, Light Armour, Shield

Skeleton Warriors x20
Banner of the Dead Legion

Dire Wolves x5

Dire Wolves x5

Bat Swarm x4

Black Knights x6
Heavy Armour, Lance, Shield, Skeletal Steed,
Barding, Standard, Standard of Everlasting Death

Fell Bats x4

Spirit Host x3

The Black Coach

Total 2497

The Dwarven List

Dwarf Lord (General) (301) *with Hammers*
Great Weapon, Shield bearers
Master rune of Kragg the Grim, Fune of fury x2
Rune of Resistance, Rune of Iron x2

Thane (245) with Ironbreakers*
Battle standard
Master rune of Stromni Redbeard, rune of battle, rune of guarding

Dragon Slayer (115) *with slayers*
Rune of fury, Rune of Cleaving x2


15 Warriors (145)
Standard, Shield

15 Longbeards (235)
standard, shield
Rune of battle, Rune of determination

15 Longbeards (215)
standard, shield
Rune of battle


19 Ironbreakers (316)
Ironbeard, standard
Rune of battle, Ancestor rune x2

18 Hammerers(278)
Rune of battle, rune of stoicism

17/3 Troll/Giant Slayers (265)

Cannon (125)
Rune of forging


Organ Gun (120)

Flame Cannon (140)

The Battle...

The Dwarves won the roll off for terrain and oddly enough placed a hill in a corner. I then stuck a building in front of it. Puzzled by this the Dwarf then placed another hill in the opposite corner. I placed a forest near the 12' centre radius. He placed another hill in a corner, to which I placed a nice rock formation on. He then placed a final hill in the remaining corner, so again I placed another rock formation on it. He passed, and I got to place a nice headgerow across half the length of the table. My Terrain placing got a few comments, but mostly giggling aimed at the Dwarves.


Vamp Lord - Invo, Gaze of, Raise Dead
Vamp Hero - Invo, Vanhels, Raise Dead
Necro - Invo, Vanhels

Dwarves got to deploy first, *Note the displeased look on his face...*

I won 1st turn with a roll of 3:wtf:

1st Turn


General passed stupidity, no charges, all units move. Right Flank wolves move around the wood, Bat Swarms towards the wood, Spear Skellies shuffle forward, Zombies surge forward, as do the rest of my units bar Left Flank Wolves.

Magic only sees the Spirt Host 'Dansed' further infront of some longbeards.


Only the Slayers move forwards, squat else moves.

Cannon aims at the Black Coach, hoping for a 1st STR 7 Doom! But the Dwarf overshoots and instead smashed the Necromancer clean off the Corpse Cart. DEADED! The Necromancer spent the rest of the game blu taced to a wall.

The Flame cannon charcoal grills 11 Zombies and the Organ Miss fired on a re-roll.

Turn 2


General passes stupidity, the army mostly moves up. Right Flank Wolves go around the wood, Zombies move up and faced the Slayers. The centre units of Skellies along with Black Coach & Corpse Cart move ever closer to the Dwarven battle line. Fell Bats move behind the Cannon. Spirit Host shuffle infront of the Longbeards 'woooooo' Black Knights move up.

The magic phase saw the Black Coach become ethereal (Turn 2!:confused:)
Actual casting was a dud.


Only the slayers moved again towards the zombies.

Cannon aims at Black Coach again but over shoots and hit the corpse cart which takes 2 wounds.

The Flame cannon aims at my Lord's unit and turns 5 or 6 skellies into ash.

The Organ Gun aims at the Vampire Hero's unit and smashes 5 skellies

Turn 3


General passes stupidity.
The Fell Bats charge into the rear of the cannon.
The undead only shuffle around at this point.

Magic sees the black coach able to fly! It gets 'Dansed' into the Ironbreakers, I had hoped I would be able the 'Danse' the Lords unit into the same combat but it was dispelled....doh. I manage to raise back some skellies in both units.

In Combat the Fell Bats fluff badly and and I am down to 2 bats.

The Black Coach takes 2 Ironbreakers before it crumbles at -8CR!


The Ironbreakers charge my Lord's unit (evil grin did I have at this point)
The longbeards get fed up with the spirit host taunting them and charge.

I think the flame cooked somemore skellies in vamp hero's unit, can't remember.

In combat the fell bats totally lose. The Longbeards win combat against spirit host by 3CR. No biggy.

The Ironbreakers do no wounds! Nor does the BSB. I kill 4. When combat res was worked out, it turned out that I had won by one! I outnumbered...no double 1's for the Dwarves and the Ironbreakers were run down. Best. Moment. Ever.

Turn 4


The Black Knights charge the flank of the longbeards, aiding the spirit host.

My Lord's unit charged the organ gun, who's crew fled! So much for Gunner's Pride.

The Spear Skellies charged the flank of the Slayers.

Magic phase sees skellies brought back in the lord's unit. Then the other Vamp in a bought of great Irony miscasts a Invocation and instead kills 3 skellies and wounds himself! He did manage to heal that wound, but it took 2 attempts...

Combat sees the Black Knights & Spirit Host break the Longbeards, but because the Corpse Cart is a little bit in the way the spirit host and knights cannot pursue far, but at least the longbeards ran into the corpse cart, or maybe they ran and lept into it because they were now dead. The spear skellies win combat against slayers.


Organ Crew rally, no movement really.

Flame cannon cooks 10 skellies from the Vamp Hero's unit, he is now on his own!

Dragon Slayers kill 3 spear skellies. I win again.

Turn 5


Zombies charge the other unit of longbeards, as does the lone Vamp. The Lord turns to face the Hammers. Knights charge the cannon. Corpse cart moves near the hammers.

Magic sees the Lord Create a unit of zombies behind the flame cannon, and also increases its size. The other Vamp heals himself. The new zombie unit danses into the flame cannon, who's crew flee which allows the zombies to get into the flank of the hammerers.

The Slayers finally beat the spear skellies.

The Zombies and Vamp break the longbeards, the Vamp pursues and catches them!

The Zombies in the flank of the hammerers do nothing but do not lose by much. 3 maybe.


Warriors turn to rear charge the zombies in combat with the hammerers.

Slayers move to get a charge on the large zombie block next turn.

Combat see the Hammerers fail to do anything to zombies... they zombies still hold.

Turn 6


Lord's unit charge the Hammerer's front...Dwarf player confident that his lord would eat my Lord's face...:angel:

Vamp hero charges into the Hammerer's rear.

Original unit of zombies move away from slayers.

Magic sees skellies raised in Lords unit, zombies raised in new and original units.

No challenge was issued. Zombies kill a hammer! :wtf: As does a skelly, whilst the Lord & Wight kill 5 between them. The Dwarf Lord reckoned he could end my Vamp Lord, of his 6 attacks...2 hit and 1 wounded but was ward saved. The Hammeres are stubborn, immune to fear etc and hold.


Warriors charge new unit of Zombies rear. Slayers Charge original Zombies rear.

Warriors make no impact on the zombies. But I manage to kill lots of Hammerers. Dwarf Lord places 4 attacks on Wight King and kills him, tries again to whomp the Vamp Lord but the attacks missed. Vamp Hero misses. I lose by 2 so Vamp Hero crumbles, 2 zombies and 2 skellies do to.

End of Game!

I....WON!!!! by 730 something points!

I'm still at the bottom of the league but at least i'm not in the -5000 score anymore...lol

This is my first victory against Dwarves, and I have to thank my jammy dice rolls, zombies hitting things and my Lord not dying this game!

Thanks for reading. Check the pics for some idea of the crazy terrain and my victory pose!


04-04-2008, 13:43
Forgot to put the overall battlefield pic in, so here it is for your enjoyment.:D

04-04-2008, 18:22
Dan, Why didn't you include the pictures of the post match celebration? Drew was on his knees and the photo appeared to look very dodgy for him. Almost a George Michael/Hugh Grant moment.

04-04-2008, 19:55
I don't want to get banned because Drew prostitues himself to fellow gamers.

Sure at a discount...

brother ducat
04-04-2008, 22:17
hehe Grats on the win Badgerpimp. Only 10718 pts required to bag the tourny win now :).

04-04-2008, 22:30
And I might....

The Poisoned Dwarf
04-04-2008, 23:27
Grumble Grumble... another addition to the book of grudges. Damn those O&G, OK and VC. I'll have my revenge gadget!

warlord hack'a
07-04-2008, 14:32
one minor glitch though: corpse cart is US 4 right? Then the dwarves that hit it are not dead, only units with US 5 or more autokill enemy units fleeing through them.

07-04-2008, 18:52
Oh yeah, still that would the Dwarf players doing as I was too busy being chuffed at winning, which I hardly ever do. I'll point that out to him, or he might read this again.

One error, but he still would have lost...*chuckles*

warlord hack'a
08-04-2008, 07:20
oh yes he would have for sure, and nice battle rep! One tip that might make you win more: zombies are dead easy to raise. You now pay 30*4=120 points (plus points for a banner and musician) in zombies. How about ditching this unit and then for these points give your lord another magic level and give him (if magic allowance allows) or else another vampire the sceptre the Noirot. This will raise 1d3+9 zombies for you with each succesful casting of raise dead. Ony 3 castings needed and you have your zombie unit back on the table..

10-04-2008, 00:10
nice game, and very good report!!
i'm only sad for the poor dwarf player: i'm with you, dude!:)
i like both lists, seems not being to weirdy.. grats!

10-04-2008, 02:44
Nice report, BUY you should go out and buy a lotto ticket. Honestly, I cant beleive the dice rolling you did.

Zombies smashing the longbeards, skellos unit doing 4 wounds vs ironbreakers. His beefed up lord whiffing air.

How much combat resolution did the ironbreakers have? They win by 8 with no wounds caused? You do 4 wounds vs them and you win by 1?

Also, when you pursue a unit, it doesnt matter if the corpse cart is in your way, as long as you roll higher than your opponent the units history.

10-04-2008, 15:20
Ugh. Dwarf player - Rune of Stoicism! Put this everywhere you can. I cannot stand having my wonderful LD completely ignored because there is one more ******* Zombie that Dwarf.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
12-04-2008, 03:44
The dwarf dude had too many longbeard units. U must have the same number of warriors or less (units).:)

12-04-2008, 08:08
not to fond of vc or dwarves for that matter, so I considered this a win-win no matter who won :)
Congrats on kicking the stunties around, and best of luck with the rest of the tourney!

12-04-2008, 23:20
"The dwarf dude had too many longbeard units. U must have the same number of warriors or less (units)."

He has a Dwarf Lord, he can take 1 more unit of Longbeards than he is normally allowed

The Poisoned Dwarf
13-04-2008, 15:19
Ugh. Dwarf player - Rune of Stoicism! Put this everywhere you can. I cannot stand having my wonderful LD completely ignored because there is one more ******* Zombie that Dwarf.

As it was a tourny I couldn't change my list and putting rune of courage or stoicism on all my units would have been wasted on other armies.

The longbeards were legal as my general was a dwarf lord and that allows you +1 longbeards.

The skellies that beat the longbeards also had alot of extra CR. due to black coach I only had 2 ranks to his 3, he outnumbered me whereas I outnumbered the black coach and he did wounds were shockingly I couldn't.

cant remember exactly what happened to fleeing longbeards through cart. they may have been run down.

Oh well, was a brilliant battle and had some amazing dwarf moments both good and bad

22-04-2008, 01:46
good game for you both. Props for the terrain placement! The first picture has absolutley viscious red eye. Did you photoshop it or something?

22-04-2008, 23:02
good game for you both. Props for the terrain placement! The first picture has absolutley viscious red eye. Did you photoshop it or something?

Hehe sneaky terrain on my part!

Nope I forgot to put red eye flash on my digital camera, so the eyes came out really red. He is pretty daemonic anyhow...nah only joshing!

Thanks for all the posituve feedback on my report.

I shall do another soon! :)