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11-10-2005, 21:53
Inquisitor Cyro stepped off the Red Blade and looked around as he walked down his personal ship's ramp.

An acolyte aproached him and merely bowed.

'My lord, your guests are currently occupying the whole hotel as requested and have been kept seperate for the past day. It was...difficult for some of the guests, but I showed them the datapad you gave me and they co-operated,' the acolyte said as he kept his eyes adverted.

'Thank you, I would like to get a room myself and see that my two friends get the luxury rooms, I know Elana said something about a large tub and real water,' Cyro said with a laugh.

'It will be done,' the acolyte replied with no humour or anything as a servant rushed towards them and took their bags. Axel ghosted behind the party as Elana seemed right at home.

'It feel good to be in a Hive and not a prison world?' Cyro asked with a slight smile.

Elana flashed him a grin and merely replied, 'Your quarters were more than enough to satisfy my urges for somewhere new.'

Cyro laughed and the three were soon at their rooms. Cyro grabbed the dataslate and smiled, everyone had arrived as he requested.

He quickly made arrangements for everyone to meet in the bar and set off down there, not really changing, just losing his visable weaponary as did Axel. Elana did not care that her Gold and Silver were holstered at her hips and quite visable, to her it was a show of force.

As they entered, Axel diverted and seemed to evaporate. Such was his ways, Cyro mused as Elana quickly challenged him to a few shots to vodka.

People were beginning to enter as he did the shots.

Noticing them, Cyro informed them of the open bar and to amuse themselves while everyone attended.

OoC/Welcome to the usual conference lol. Its a pub so drink up and feel free to comment if you saw Cyro downing shots or not, react as your character would to an Inquisitor doing something so common and not considered. Also, Elana is avaible to chat, but Axel isn't and don't really expect with conversing with this chat.

SO enjoy and meet. I would like early 'allies' and maybe even 'enemies' within the ranks for some entertainment.

Grand Warlord
11-10-2005, 23:10
+Walking into the room he noticed the Inquisitor shooting some back and smiled but said nothing taking a seat closer to Elana but for no reason, sitting his helmet down he looked around and drank from whatever was available.+

"Feels good to be in action again."

11-10-2005, 23:12
Salic Walked into the Bar the only weapon that could be seen was the sword on his back. He spotted the Inqusitor and what he was sure was an Ester Gang member but she also looked familar from something else back on Necromunda. He took a seat at the bar just two seats down from Elana and ordered himself a drink as he listened in on what the two where talking about. When he spoke her name afew times it came to him. there was abounty on her head back home. He was sure she already knew that and with his aliance with the Esters he was not about to try and collect it. He told the bartender to git them both a round on him and held up his glass when they looked at him. "Cheers"

11-10-2005, 23:23
"Get out of my way fool!" Proclaimed Ikarus or KMZ10C as he's now known."you never seen a gun serivitor before?"

The doorman had seen plenty of gun servitors before. Just not one that talks.
"Wha' ya need ta get in thrr for?" The doorman rumbles, "It's not like you can drink."

He leveled his right arm...or the heavy bolter that now occupies his right arm at the doorman.

"I'm here with someone. Someone important! Let me in before I let you get a task of Betty here."

People don't tend to argue with a walking bolter that slightly resembles a human. The door man quickly got out of his way.

"Ah...a bar...." Ikarus looked around,"I remember drinking...I think. What a shame, what a shame."

12-10-2005, 00:06
Gary entered the room he did not have his armour on at the moment but he was still hard to hide that he was a space marine. He only had robe on he would have rather worn it but Cryo suggested that it would be better if he didn't at frist.

Gary walked up to the bar and ordered him self a picther and told the bartender to "keep them comeing" not like he could get drunk anyway but he did like the taste ofr acholo and would have drank it straight be he doubted they had pure stuff behind the counter he would have sat on a stool but he would have broke it form his weight he begun to drink his rounds standing by the counter wacthing the people as they came in

12-10-2005, 12:03
Elana noticed the man beside her and smiled, showing off her pearly white teeth.

'Ah Dante, I remember you,' Elana said with turning her attention back towards the barman. 'Another whiskey and cola, and don't skimp on the whiskey!'

Cyro noticed his Deathwatch marine and approached him.

'Good to have you Brother Gary,' Cyro said with a bow. 'I trust Ulrec was not disappointed I did not request him.' (OoC/You do recall Ulrec the Space Wolf Deathwatch Marine from Traitor Bmaxwell?/OoC)

Cyro waited for the Marine's reply.

Elana contined to drink and noticed an Orlock ganger and shuddered. She hated gangers, especially male ones. If it came to a fight, she would have to play evil.

12-10-2005, 12:34
Gorsometh walked in, and noticed people were looking at him like usual, they seemed uncomfortable. He went to talk to dante, and the lady he was with.
"Dante it is good to see you again." A though changed the settings on the Animus Speculum, dulling his power even more, hoping to make the others slightly more comfortable.

Thane McHammer
12-10-2005, 12:56
Caleb sauntered off the ship, finally glad to be on solid ground. Not that he hated flying, but it was just a tad too cramped for his taste.

His blond hair bounced across his shoulders as he made his way though the hotel. Arriving in the main lobby, he looked around. At the desk was an eldery servant, his crisp black suit and white hair marking him as senior staff. Caleb walked up and cleared his throat, trying to get the mans attention.


The man raised an eyebrow, and went back to his work. Caleb's eyebrows crunched.


He cleared his throat again, this time, a little more forcefully. The staffer raised his head, a look of annoyance on his face.

"What do you want, boy?" He said, not appreciating the interuption.

Caleb looked equally annoyed. "I'm looking for someone, I need directions".

The man rolled his eyes and looked Caleb up and down. "Pish-tah! I don't know what's going on these days. Pretty girls arn't good enough for some people any more, they've debased to boys." He began to smirk.

Caleb didn't know whether to raise an eyebrow or beat the man sensless with the little bell on the counter. The latter was much more appealing, but he decided against it.

"Fortunetly, I am no bum-boy...I am, however, an Inquisitorial servant..."

The man laughed at that. "Ooh, a little playacting, are we?" His tone turned nasty. "Get going before I have the guards throw you out."

Caleb didn't react. He simply reached into his shirt and pulled out a small necklace. It was a fine piece of work, wrought adamantium. He centered the pendant on his chest, and pointed. The man paled. It was an obsidian Inquisitorial symbol, etched with electrum. Only members of an Ordo could wear those, each one personalised.

"Ah..oh...um....uughmm" The man's words were garbled as he tried to keep from fainting.

Caleb simply smiled, though it failed to reach his eyes. "The Inquisitor, if you please?"

The man's hand moved like lightening. Caleb wondered if he had ever moved so fast before. He was pointing towards the bar, finger shaking within it's velvet glove. Caleb nodded, and walked on. Behind him, the man collapsed in a faint.

Pushing open the doors, Caleb made his way to the Inquisitors table, an annoyed look on his face. Skirting around the marine, he pulled up a chair, and, plunking himself down on it, he began to reach for a shot, only to have his hand batted away by Cyro. Caleb gave him a look. Cyro snorted, and picked up the shot himself.

"You're too young to be drinking", he chuckled.

"You know perfectly well I'm not", Caleb mumbled. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a thin cigarette and a lighter. He only got it into his lips when that too was plucked from his grasp.

"Those will kill you, you know" Cyro clucked. Caleb glared at him, and rested his forhead against the cool table.

"No booze, no weed, and not even decent service", he mumbled. Someone's voice floated from across the table.

"Don't worry, kiddo. I'll make sure you get some juice." Caleb's hand raised on it's own accord, and he flipped up his middle finger. Roaring laugher echoed all around.

"Oh yeah...lovely" he mumbled to himself.

(Sorry, Slaz, for the dialogue. It was necessary for character into. Just gives everyone an idea as to how Caleb is to be treated.)

Commander X
12-10-2005, 13:24
"And why exactly am I not allowed to enter this place?"

"There's already one of you metallic persons inside, and one weirdo with weapons is already too much. Now bugger off."

Insulted by the guard's statement, Tunau turned around and thought about using another entrance. After walking around the building for a few minutes, he realised this was the only one, so he got back to the door, where he had to enter. Using Valu to 'distract' the man for a moment, he walked in. He ignored the shouting of the guard behind him, the man wouldn't dare to touch him anyway.

Inside, Tunau just stood there and looked around, searching for the Inquisitor and his company. Although a man at the bar looked like matching the description, the soon-to-be-drunkard couldn't possibly be an Inquisitor...

12-10-2005, 15:31
Jacy had gotten up that morning and bathed and dressed as usual. Her last day here. She went outside into the cool air, then decided that she needed a drink. Some good Wildsnake'll do me, she thought grimly as she stepped into a bar. Her immediate sight was a Guard shouting at someone, but not moving from his path, the Guardsman turned.
"Hang it, missy, you're not allowed in here."
"Tell that to Julie," she said, indicating the four-barrelled shot gun in her easy to pull out holster. The Guardsman looked at her. "Are you going to let me in or is Julie going to start talking instead?"
The Guardsman stood aside, mumbling something about females not being allowed to so much as look at a gun.
Jacy's second surprise was the immediate sight of what appeared to be a woman, younger than herself, but seemed to have an aura of power around her.
"What the..." she shook her head and went to the bar, talking with a Deathwatch Marine. "That can't be Deathwish, can it?" She asked herself, checking her Laspistol before walking over. Her purple plates over her body clanked as she made her way over to the woman.
"Excuse me," said said, slightly breathlessly. "You wouldn't go by the name of Deathwish, would you?"
She held her breath. If this really is Deathwish, I should be hailing the woman!

12-10-2005, 16:36
A young, handsome man entered the bar. He was dressed in rich clothing of a dark red colour, interwoven with gold. His puple hair was bound into a short ponytail and his violet eyes took in everything there was to see in the room. Fastened to his belt was a dueling saber in a richly decorated sheath, bedecked with the heraldry of House Thana of Armageddon.

The young man seated himself at a large unoccupied table, and ordered an amber, sickeningly sweet wine, sipping it listlessly.

Thus Aritheus Thana entered the bar.

Grand Warlord
12-10-2005, 17:51
+Danted waved at those who has spoken to him and made small talk where it was available.+

"How has business been for you Gorsometh?"

Thane McHammer
12-10-2005, 18:25
Caleb sat at the table, ignoring the conversation around him. He was occupying himself by trying to decide how many flavours were in his drink. Non-alcoholic. Someone had tipped off the barman. Grape, guava...some wierd, overly sweet one...

He cast his eyes around, looking for something, anything, interesting. Something red caught his eye. A newcomer, one he had seen a few times, but only briefly. He was sitting alone at a table, delicately sipping out of a small glass. He looked slightly bored, but he took in everything like a predator on the hunt. Caleb noticed how the deep crimson of his clothes matched with his hair, and he found himself tracing the contours of his face. Then he reached the strangers eyes. Vivid violet. Caleb found himself starting into those eyes, eyes that were at once energetic and dead. Suddenly, he looked up, locking his purple orbs onto Caleb's blue ones. His eyes had an intensity that only came from someone who knew the game of predator and prey, someone who knew what it was to be the predator.

Caleb looked down quickly, mollified that he had been caught. Damn He thought He caught me looking... Caleb risked one last glance at the man. Dangerous, he thought, but that's what's attractive about him.

Perhaps it won't be so bad after all he mused to himself, remembering those vivid, dangerous eyes.

He liked those eyes.

Heinrich Jäger
12-10-2005, 18:38
"You cant come in here with those!" The guard at the front door to the bar yelled pointing at the Gas Grenades hooked around his belt.

"You going to stop me?" Heinrich asked speaking through his gas mask. He had to have it with him always because of a lung disorder, which was a wonderful side effect of gene-manipulating. It was an experiment to see if they could make Guardsmen resistant to harmfull chemicals, it worked for ingestion,skin contact and injection of harmfull materials but It severly weakend the lungs. The mask not only filtered out dangerous chemicals that could harm him but also released a chemical into his lungs which kept them in check.

The guard looked at him and backed away, very angry, Heinrich was nearly seven foot tall and about three hundred pounds. He proceeded through the door to see if this assignment was worth taking.

Tanith Ghost
12-10-2005, 20:07
"Don't even start." Mac grumbled at the guard. He carefully placed his sniper rifle in the weapons rack at the entrance, keeping a laspistol and his knife concealed as he handed over his melta bomb. As Mac surveyed the room,
he noticed Cyro at the bar. Great, We have a drunk for a leader.
Then he saw the marine. Holy Sha-moly! No one's that huge unless they're Astartes! If Cyro called for this kind of firepower.... He also weighed carefully the two women at the bar. One looked to be a ganger, the other an acolyte. Women are trouble. Avoid em. Mac picked a table.
The only one there was practicly a kid. "Hey man." He said by way of greeting. "Yo drink man. Bring me an ale, and kepp em rollin every fifteen.
And if the kid wants an alcoholic, get him one for Throne's sake! If he's old enough for an inquisitor to flush his life down the refresher, he's old enough for a real drink." He turned to the boy. "I'll let ya in on a secret, Kid. This mission is probably gonna kill us all. Cyro got himself a space marine."

12-10-2005, 20:15
Salic Noticed another Escher come in and nodded to her as well. well at this rate we might have all of necromunda in here! He thought to himself as finnished his drink and ordered another for himself and one for the other Escher ganger.

Grand Warlord
12-10-2005, 20:24
+Dante nodded to the newcomers but kept talking to his old friend ... fidgeting with his gear he was nervous but when the time came he would show what he was capable of ... assuming he lived long enough to fight. He doubted this would be as simple as Armageddon ... point and fire ... that was the main tactic for his regiment ... but that would be nothing compared this ... he prayed silently to the Emperor.+

12-10-2005, 21:10
Ikraus walked stright to the Inquisitor at the bar.

"Gun servitor KMZ10C reporting for service per your request." He(it) said while holding out a stack of paper using his two plier like "fingers" in his left arm. "You need to sign here and here and here. And I need your initial on all the places marked with the red line."

"Man, Am I glad to be working again." He hands the paper work over." You have no idea what it's like to be stuck in a storage warehouse with two hundred other 'normal' servitor for 7 weeks. Geez, the conversations are horrible"

"This is my girl Betty." He helds up his nicely kept Heavy bolter arm," she's a bit moody sometimes, but if you treat her right, she'll look after ya."

Ikarus broke into a laugh. Or what can be taken as a laugh due to the voice amplifer. "Old habit from the guards"

12-10-2005, 22:22
Elana saw that a man entered and immediately she caught his eye. Time for some fun, seeing his turn away.

Walking over, she sat down real close to the man and she smiled.

'The name is Elana,' she said making her sound cute. She caught the man's eyes and smiled once more with a slight giggle.

"I'll let ya in on a secret, Kid. This mission is probably gonna kill us all. Cyro got himself a space marine."

Elana laughed at this.

'If the Inquisitor as you will call him was ever going to take us on a suicide mission, then there would be more Deathwatch. This is a matter of trust. Cyro keeps his own Deathwatch team and always has one along, always no matter what the mission. You may not see him or even know he's there, but you can gurantee a Marine is about. Now then, if there are more, then its trouble,' Elana said with a sigh.

She shrugged and looked around.

Elana thought of the details she was privy too and shuddered. Only if they knew what the Inquisitor had to do gain this information, organise this and then locate the beast. Now they had to find it or more would come. Deadlier.

12-10-2005, 23:22
"he is curretnly doing a Special Ops but next time I see him I will tell him. now what are we dealing with this time Cryo?" he saw the inquistor downing shots as he allways did

"to bad you feel the effects of the booze my freind; Just tell me you'll walk out of the bar tonight and I won't have to carry you out like last time" Gary gave Cryo a light tap on the back which still if there was beer in his mouth it would have caused cryo to cough it up

"look like we have a different team this time your sure about this men?" he looked over his shoulder they looked rag tag but they hadn;t been through battle yet

Tanith Ghost
13-10-2005, 00:34
"You can call me Mac, or Scope, whichever appeals." Mac said, smiling only slightly. "Thing is, I'm as cynical as they get. When I smell flowers, I look for a coffin. So you'll understand why the idea of a marine caliber mission dosen't exactly fill me with confidence for our survival." He added.
"I was helping my young friend here with the age restriction when you walked over."

Heinrich Jäger
13-10-2005, 03:09
Heinrich was leaning back, in the corner watching his "Team", if you could call them that. The Marine looked like he knew what he was doing, and maybe the inquister would be acceptable, when he is sober, but the rest. They just didn't look like they have been in any type of battle.

Thane McHammer
13-10-2005, 09:40
Caleb ignored the man and Elena.

Let them flirt. At least they'll have some fun before the fighting starts. He thought. He also ignored to drink the man had been so eager to get for him. It was thick and powerful. He knew that he couldn't handle it, but he made a note about the man's thoughtfulness.

Everyone was milling around, enjoying themselves. Cyro was tossing back more shots, unaffected by the alcohol, while talking with a group of mercenaries and the marine. The servitor was stroking it's gun absentmindedly, and everyone else looked uninteresting.

A sudden cold feeling ran down his back. Something....wrong was in the room. He looked around, letting his senses guide him. Then he noticed it, feeling it more than seeing it. In his minds eye it was like something had taken a pair of jagged scissors to the bright fabric of life, leaving a jagged, inky blackness in the tapestry. He felt the blood drain from his cheeks.


With normal eyes, he could barely bring himself to look. The man's head was covered in some arcane device. He knew that it was supposed to damped the effects of his 'conditon', but to Caleb, it was still overpowering. He felt a hand tap him on the shoulder.

"Hey kid...you alright? You don't look too well..." Caleb brushed it off, and stood. A wave of nausea washed over him. The thing's powers were affecting him much worse than normal. Someone moved to steady him, but he stumbled past them. Vision swimming, he forced his way though a pair of doors, finding himself on a balcony looking out over the hive.

The doors swung shut behind him, lessening the effects, but it wasn't enough. Nausea washed over him, and before he could stop himself, he had thrown up. Resting his forhead against the cool stone, he tried to spit out the tast of bile. He hated the taste, the smell.

Sitting down, and resting his back against a pillar, he let the cool air wash over him.

Damn it...I'm better than this...

13-10-2005, 10:19
Jacy looked puzzled. "Space Marines," she grunted. "So much for protectors. I don't see them on Necromunda when the Scavvies or Muties start killin' 'innocents'. So you are not Deathwish?" She asked, slightly scared at having to repeat the bloody question, although she was determined to get a straight answer of yes or no.

Commander X
13-10-2005, 12:16
By now Tunau had noticed most persons weren't allowed in the bar, and he wondered if it was just the population here, or the guard at the door.

It appeared the soon-to-be-drunk was indeed the Inquisitor he was looking for, so he walked over to there. The man was still busy drinking heavily, appearantly competing the woman next to him.

"I'm sorry to bother you in your 'amusement', but you wouldn't be Inquisitor Cyro, would you?"

13-10-2005, 15:53
'Yes, I'm Cyro,' Cyro said extending his hand. 'Ah a Tech Priest. Please ignore my human weaknesses,' Cyro held his drink up, 'but well, its all in the name of the Emperor and believe it or not, I work better intoxicated.'

Obviously Cyro was joking, but well, the Tech Priesthood had no issues with humour, so it would more than likely go amiss.

Cyro walked over to Elana and sat down beside her noticing Caleb's unease.

'Sorry Caleb, forgot to mention I do have an untouchable this time round. He may prove useful against our oppenents if reports are anything to go by,' Cyro explained. 'Anyhow, how you been kid?'

Elana moved closer to Cyro and poured a drink down his throat.

'Elana, you know I want to remain somewhat sober!' exclaimed Cyro as Elana laughed.

'By the end of tonight, only the stiffs will be sober,' Elana said with a wicked grin. 'How long till you call the meeting?'

'In a bit, I know you want a bath,' Cyro said dodging the slap.

Thane McHammer
13-10-2005, 16:32
Caleb had felt a bit better, and once steeling himself, had joined the group. He once again joined Cyro at his table, this time with a glass of cool water in his hand.

He took a gulp of water and answered Cyro.

"I'm alright. Good to be back in the field though. Stuck in that bloody fortress in training was a right bore" He chuckled lightly. "No fun at all", he added, along with a coy grin.

Cyro and Elena looked at him questioningly, but all he did was wink and flash them another smile.

13-10-2005, 16:41
'I don't even want to ask, as I know what grown men do to young boys,' Elana said as the prison planet came back to her mind. Cyro saw her shudder and took her hand under the table, and whispered.

'Its okay, you're never going back,' Cyro said slowly. 'You are a free agent, you know the time you owe me is up and you stay as I can keep you safe.'

She smiled and then went to the bar ranting about needing a real drink and not ****.

Thane McHammer
13-10-2005, 19:09
Caleb made a face.

"Emperor's Thone!" he exclaimed "That's disgusting. Get your mind out of the gutter, woman."

He ducked underneath a swipe, tutting as he did so.

The original effects of the pariah were lessening, thanks to his adjustments. He still couldn't look in it's direction though. Instead, he focused on the purple-haired stranger.

He turned to Cyro. "Who's the 'ganger in the red and purple? Looks highborn to me."

Tanith Ghost
13-10-2005, 19:59
Mac shrugged as everyone in some way or another gravitated over to Cyro's table. Seemed like the kid got over his pariah sickness, but he still looked pale. Elena had gone to the bar again. All in all Mac was content to let sleeping dogs lie. This calm won't last though. Eventualy we're gonna be running, screaming, and dead meat to boot. Mac decided to call it quits with his third drink. Nothing to do now but tilt his chair back on it's back legs and wait for the call to move out.

13-10-2005, 21:58
Gary just wacth and laughed at the secne before him with elana and cryo until she shuddered she and him had worked before he knew what that was.

"cryo i can tell your feeling the drinks i would suggest that you should stop now unless you want to feel like i punched you in the face in the morning"

14-10-2005, 00:11
Salic finished another drink and walked to Cyro's table. "So boss when do we get to work?" He nodded again to Elana but still did not speek to her.

14-10-2005, 10:36
OOC - When reading about Aritheus, best play "Four leary bisquits" by Tiamat in the background.

OOC2 - I'm offline for the weekend. Toy fair, hooray!

OOC3 - If the Shadow is already upon this planet, shouldn't Caleb and Gorsometh feel it's effects?

OOC4 - That's a whole lotta OOC!

Aritheus felt a tingling sensation and looked up. Flashes of ice blue ripped into his soul. Around them, a boy's face, angel hair. Innocence and Experience. The spyrer had thought him a mere plaything when he entered the bar, but there was more to the boy (?man?) than that.
Something about his looks, his demeanor, made Aritheus want to chase him through the twisting corridors of the hive, hunting him down like a fleeing deer. And the boy knew that full well, maybe even encouraged that.
'This might be the prey that catches me.' Aritheus mused. Gone was the boredom of the past weeks, gone the memories of this dull, dull hotel. Invigorated, he drank from his wine again. It tasted much better now.

Caleb brushed it off, and stood. A wave of nausea washed over him. The thing's powers were affecting him much worse than normal. Someone moved to steady him, but he stumbled past them. Vision swimming, he forced his way though a pair of doors, finding himself on a balcony looking out over the hive.

Aritheus noticed the boy's reaction to the stranger with the skull helmet. 'Why the fear, little prey? Have you met that one before'
Sure enough, he felt a certain unease about the other, too. But this outright fear confused him.
The spyrer thought of visiting the balcony, too, but Caleb - someone had called him that when he stumbled out - already returned to the bar, looking slightly more composed.

And thus Aritheus Thana encountered a psyker and a pariah.

Commander X
14-10-2005, 11:20
Tunau shook his head and wandered off. This Inquisitor wouldn't live too long with his habits, they were too damaging for that. The same went for most others around him, all mere humans going on in their self-destructive lives. But that wasn't right, according to Valu there were two persons in the room with an unusual signature in the Warp. One was stronger than the others around him, and one was completely missing.

"Strange..." he thought, as this was something new to him. Deciding this would be worth investigation later on, Tunau made sure to remember who of them it were, and watch out for other strange 'skills' they had.

OOC:The Psyker and Pariah are now both dubbed 'test-subject':p

14-10-2005, 16:26
Jacy, feeling forgotten, walked over to the bar, and after a quick look at the drinks, was disgusted. "No Wildsnake? What's a world coming to when it doesn't have any good ol' Necromundian ale in stock?"
Although her complaints were stopped short by the offer of a free drink, and after tasting the bitter ale, she decided it wasn't worth wanting any more of the stuff.

14-10-2005, 19:03
'Ah fear not Brother-Marine!' laughed Cyro as he downed his pint and looked round, instantly becoming sober unknown to everyone.

+Axel, seal the doors and set-up the security servitors now+ voxxed Cyro as he called everyone to gather round. Instantly the entire bar was empty expect for the new entourage.

Cyro sat ontop the bar and looked at everyone as they gathered, as he slid off, he made a quick bow.

'I am Inquisitor Cyro Opague and my friends these are dangerous times. Even now Chaos fights for Cadia as its tendrils seep forth, the heretics and witches controlling entire planets in this turmoil, foul daemons becoming material form, and even now foul beings are awkening in more numbers,' Cyro said catching everyone's attention as he spoke such information.

'The Emperor Protects,' Cyro roared as he then continued as everyone replied. 'The foul Alien is also out there and even on this planet a Genestealer cult breeds.'

Cyro heard gasps and even some swearing or curses as he spoke the name Genestealer. Every Imperial citzen knew of these beings and their foul ways, their distaste for life and their hatred for the Emperor'y loyals subjects. Now they would have to fight them.

'I have called you forth to stop it. We are to find its Patriarch and kill it. No questions on how though. We are pressed for time as the Shadow approaches. Our psykers still are fine, but they sense it, and it draws closer,' Cyro said with a sense of blackness in his voice. 'Killing the Patriarch will detour the Devourer, in theory.'

Cyro just finished when suddenly Axel came over the vox.

+All power is gone. The generators have also been blown+ Axel said as the lights went out. Suddenly death screams could be heard from outside the doors.

'Axel, whats going on?' roared Cyro as he gave Elana the signal.

'Strap'em up boys!' Elana crowed, 'Time to do the killing! Anyone want to wager I get the highest talley? 50 gets you in!' Elana unslung Gold and Silver and roleld them in her hands as they suddenly stopped with them pointing outwards.

+Unidentified enemy. All sentries down. Coming back to the bar. Enemy approaching in superior numbers. Hostiles.......+ the vox cut out.

Suddenly the doors blasted open and as the smoke cleared, lasfire and autogun shells came through the smoke.

Twenty robed men entered the room, all carrying pistols and a spear, all expect one who had a plasma pistol and a power weapon judging by the way it sliced right through a table with ease.

Cyro grabbed his shotgun and roared, letting off a volley blowing a chunk out of a robed man's gut.

'In the Emperor's Name I condem thee!' roared Cyro.

Elana hopped onto a table and aimed Gold and Silver into the pack. A smile crossed her lips as her tougne gently licked them. Killing time.

Gold and Silver erupted as they fired into the horde. Death screams and yelps could be heard as she blasted into them.

'You heard Cyro! Condem these robed bastards!' roared Elana.

OoC/Right, we have about 17 robed men in the room. Leave the boss alone, he's Cyro's man. Have fun and they are just robed men ok? Nothing special got it? Not cultists, we have no idea what they are. So just stick to robed men!

Also the shadow does not affect your psychic powers. You sense it, but its more like a feeling of darkness, but minute. Also please don't use the quote format when replying to another player. Copy what they say, place it in italics and then respond. Ok?/OoC

14-10-2005, 19:59
Jacy looked up at the first of the Robed men. She brought Julie up, and squeezed the triggor. It was as though a grenade had gone off, it could have, with all the noise the four barrelled shotgun had made. The mess was about the same. Four barrels had all opened up at once, and sprayed a hail of death at the Robed figure, ripping his robes apart, as well as his body.
A couple of the robed men paused, either scared of the shotgun, or praying to whomever they served.
Jacy had no time for second thoughts as she pulled back to foremost handle on the gun, loading up the next set of rounds. She fired again, and Julie roared as another of the Robed men was sent flying backwards into the wall. Jacy spun the shot gun around and aimed again, firing, sending a third of the men sprawling to the ground. By now, though, they'd gotten their wits back from the first shot. The Necromundian, being accustomed to tavern brawls such as this, kicked a table over in the general diraction of the men, and then tossed over another and using it as a sort of shield. Although it wouldn't hold for long. She pulled out her Laspistol and sent a short hail of shots at the robed men, although nothing more than a grunt replied, before they fired back with their own guns.
Jacy heard the table splintering, and rolled quickly to the otherside.
This is going to run out of defensive capability in a few seconds.
"Some help, please?" She asked silently.

14-10-2005, 21:34
as soon as the lights whent out his had drawn both his autopistols and was ready when the door was blasted open and robed men entered. "You want some?! come and get it!" He roared as both pistols came to life. He dropped two men quickly before diving for cover as more returned fire. He took a few more shots at them and filled one of the bastereds with bullets. "HAHA!" He then heard the other Ester ganger call for a little help. He stood and started to giver her cover fire as he moved closer to her position. "Get outa there!"

Grand Warlord
14-10-2005, 21:38
+Dante need no more direction dropping to a knee and opening fire in the direction of the robed figured he was moving towards better cover but didn't stop firing.+

Commander X
15-10-2005, 18:36
'These inferiors are no use at all, they are not worth the time it takes to dispose of them...'

Tunau was very unimpressed by the entering of the robed men - it was to be expected in a place like this - and the same went for the rest of the party, although that could be because he couldn't hear the noise they were making. He turned his back on the fight and walked over to the bar.

"Do you serve anything that won't kill you here?" he calmly asked the man.

"There are over two dozen people in here shooting eachother, and you're asking for a drink?! You're mad." the man shouted at him before fleeing through a door at the back.

'Useless humans...' Tunau thought, before being shot in the back several times. One by one the small metal bullets ricochetted off, and Tunau continued ignoring them. Unless Valu would tell him one came within striking range, he would keep doing so.

Tanith Ghost
15-10-2005, 18:47
"You got a bet, doll!" Mac yelled in Elena's direction, sprinting for the weapon rack. Diving past a robed thug, he grabbed the rifle, rose to a crouch, and dropped a thug with a head shot. "One for me!" He declared, standing and moving toward cover.

Heinrich Jäger
16-10-2005, 02:50
Heinrich stood up when the lights went out and reached for his flamer which was hooked to the tank that was under his trenchcoat, It is a good thing that the Guard was so worried about the ndaes he missed the tank. With a quick flick of a switch the flame on the end came to life. Time to shead a little light on the party.

One robed man turned his attention toward the rather large flame weapon, he fired off a few shots Heinrich's way then was engulfed in flames. He began to writh around flailing and screaming.

16-10-2005, 15:56
Jacy wondered how much of a killing Mac would get for calling Deathwish a 'doll'. She didn't wait to find out, but jumped for cover when the table splintered again. She leveled her laspistol and let out a shot, taking one of the robed men down, although he quickly got back up. Jacy knelt down next to the other Necromundian, then rose, Julie roared as Jacy pulled the trigger of the weapon several times, dropping another of the robed men. 4. And a half. She snapped the weapon open and put fresh ammo-capsules into each barrel, then snapped it back into position and pulled back the forehandle of the gun, came up, and fired it again, dropping one of the robed people she'd wounded. 5. Her breathing was becoming hard, now. She hated combat like this. No long gangwalks to run across to get to the next level in the underhive. Nothing to balence on, or to duck behind and be safe.

16-10-2005, 16:37
Gary with out his personal armour was vunerable but even with out it he was a killing machine.

he ran grabbed 2 of the hooded mens skulls crushing them like a grab fruit he grabbed one of the tables and hurled it at the other men he saw Cryo and jumped in front of him to protect him

"nothing like a bar fight"

Tanith Ghost
16-10-2005, 16:53
One shot. One kill. At this range it was a joke. Then a pattering of bullets came in Mac's direction, and he was forced to seek cover. Pushing over a table, he lined up another shot. Another skull exploded like a dropped melon.
Pulling his trusty zippo lighter, he grabbed a bottle off the floor and lit it. "Grenade!" He bellowed, to warn anyone near the group of robed figures he was aiming for, and lobbed the bottle towards the targets. The glass shattered, splashing burning fuel onto four robed thugs. One dropped, screaming, as his robes were consumed and his skin began to burn like the alcohol that ignited him. One of them only had part of his robes lit, and the other two started trying to extinguish the flames on themsevles. Mac took the chance to dispatch one with a headshot. Mac winched as a a crude knife dinged off his helmet. The table abruptly cracked down the middle.
"Holy ****!" Mac exclaimed, nearly falling on his back. He ran for cover, ducking next to the gangers. "Anyone keeping count? I'm up to six, I think."
Mac risked a look at the fire victims. The worst burnt had stopped moving. Dead. One of the two was on the ground, the fire getting worse, and the other's robes were in charred tatters, ready to fall away any second.
A thrown spear missed by inches, prompting Mac to duck back.
"I wonder how long it'll be til they send in the purestrains to finish us off?"
He wondered out loud, ajusting the shot charge on his laspitol to 150%.

16-10-2005, 21:27
OoC/Tanith they have no visable marking suggesting they are Genestealer and are normal humans in all appearance. Got it?/OoC

Elana shouted, 'I'm at nine darling, three assists,' she said with a wink. The robed men were thinning and it appeared the remaining were attempting a retreat.

Only one remained, the one with a plasma pistol and power sword, their leader.

Cyro landed like a cat in front of the leader and instantly brought both agonisers to the man's chest. The leader quickly deflected the blows with his sword and his pistol. Cyro flashed out with his right weapon and removed the pistol holding hand for good.

The leader bellowed in pain and came back with a serious of clumsy swings. Cyro backed off, dodging the easy blows and then with a final move, rammed his sword deep into the man's chest.

The leader died quickly, as all that remained of the bar was nothing but dead bodies and broken debris. Scant fires were still burning as Cyro motioned for them to move out.

Axel met with them quickly and so did a squad of Abrites armed in full gear.

'I brought assistance,' Axel whispered.

'Thank you, Axel,' Cyro said as he turned to the Abrites. 'I want a full investigation and all information is not to be logged, but sent directly to me. This was a ganger attack and that is all that needs to be recorded. By the decree of the Emperor, I hereby as an Inquisitor of His Realms, mark this an official Inquisitorial case.'

The abrite sargeant nodded and did as requested.

'Right, ladies and gents, we shall retire to my room where we may continue the party for the rest of the night. Feel free to go to bed if you desire. Ammunition and other nessecities have already been accounted for,' Cyro said with a slight bow.

He went to his bedroom which was the size of the bar itself and sat in the lougne. Elana soon knocked and she waltzed in.

'Total of 10 kills, half of the enemies I believe,' Elana said with a laugh. 'Ah it felt good to stretch.'

'You are one strange woman. How was the come down then?' Cyro asked seriously. The drugs could keep her crazy and Cyro knew all about the horriable experiments that were placed on her.

'Its getting easier,' she said quietly.

More people were coming in to join the party.

Grand Warlord
16-10-2005, 23:42
Dante nodded to the Inquisitor and eventually made his way to the room, taking food and drink more than before. He was getting use to it all again.

He made small talk again where it was given trying to figure out the abilities of his team mated awestruck at both Elana and Mac ... perhaps he could learn some of their skill ... being a marksman can only allow you to survive for so long.

17-10-2005, 00:05
Gary wasn;t going to take chances this time he went to his room and donned his armour.

he was quite a sight to see a 8 foot tall black powered armoured marine with a beaker style helmt the Deathwacth shouldar pad and 2 night lord talons on his hands.

"you must understand Cryo i hate to be surpised" he looked around the room and saw that everyone was looking at him he smiled it was good to cause awe in the empoeres subjects. he stood to the side of Cryo he was here to protect him and he would do so or die trying

Tanith Ghost
17-10-2005, 00:16
"That's that then. 6 to ten. Fifty and I'll buy you a drink." Mac said, cleaning off his sniper rifle and surveying the carnage. He made his way over to the bar. No bartender anymore, so he helped himself to a drink. "Fancy anything in particular?" he asked Elena, putting his fifty Imperial currency on the bar.

Thane McHammer
17-10-2005, 08:36
Caleb sat in Cyro's room, curled catlike on a circular couch. He had a mug of hot tea in his hands, from which he took delicate sips. Watching as people filtered in, he mentally noted that no-one had sustained serious injuries...of any kind. Caleb smiled into his cup, enjoying that fact.

17-10-2005, 10:33
OOC - Wait, me, Elena and Mac seemed to kill 21... I killed five, Mac got 6, and Elena got 10... you do the math. Then count all the other kills the others got... this comes up to something like 30 or so. :eek:

IC - Jacy looked at Cyro's room. It was... interesting, to tell the least. "Inquisitor," she said, tentatively. "Is it possible for you to tell us the mission we're being sent on, or is that trapped within the Inquisitorial files on Terra, locked in the box in a basement, then locked in a store cupboard, without any lights and a tiger guarding it?"

17-10-2005, 16:31
When the robed men entered the door, Aritheus retreated into the shadows. He hated to be surprised like that, caught out in the open. The others were doing a good enough job, killing the attackers in droves. His eyes wandered over to where Caleb had sat, but his nominated star of the evening was nowhere to be seen.

+++In Cyro's quarters+++

The lavishly decorated apartment was more to Aritheus' taste than the now ruined bar. The noble had helped himself to some more of the amber wine and lounged on a huge and rather comfortable couch. He raised his glass.
"To those who died in their futile attack against us. May they never rest in peace. But tell me, Inquisitor, will we be safe for the rest of the night? Or will we need to make...preparations?"His soft, dark voice suddenly filled with yearning."And when will we start the hunt?"

And thus Aritheus Thana spoke his first words within the company of the others.

18-10-2005, 00:35
Salic Had changed befor he came to Cyro's room. He nodded to the others in the room and offered his hand to both Elana and Jacy. "Good work out there I know you dont need to hear it from me but seeing as we are all from the same place and all I figured I would spit it out. by the way, names Salic DarkStar."

Commander X
18-10-2005, 11:24
OOC: Darmort, just imagine them being like Horrors, kill one and it becomes two others;)

Although he wasn't going to 'party', Tunau still went to Cyro's room. For him this would be more of an 'experiment', to see how those people would react to all these happenings while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

'Now, which ones were the testsubjects again...' he thought, while watching them continue to poison themselves.

18-10-2005, 17:59
OoC/Not all shots count as kills. Some were minor woundings, some were major etc. Remember Darmort, you don't instantly kill some one with one round sometimes ;). Especially with lack of visability./OoC

Elana perked up and requested a double vodka and some sort fizzy cola.

She stretched a bit before sitting next to Caleb.

'Such a handsome young boy, aren't you?' she teased. 'Its been awhile since we served together. Anything fun on the non-Throne Agent side of life? Any lovely ladies or gents?'

Cyro was keeping his party face on, but was clearly disturbed to the Marine who could read his scent.

'Whats wrong Inquisitor?' asked the Marine.

'Nothing, it just seems odd how they knew who we were and where we were going to be,' Cyro said cursing. 'It looks like this cult is getting braver and that means we will be pressed for time now. Be ready.'

Cyro kept that low and then sat back down near the Tech Priest.

'Master Tunau,' Cyro said looking at the Priest. 'Do you know anything about artificial glands and implants?'

OoC/Commander, its up to you ok?/OoC

Commander X
18-10-2005, 18:40
"I know about those, and can even construct and maintain most. Although I do detest the usage of such devices, as they either try to make up for the body's weaknesses by destroying the mind, or are only a temporary help, and a curse after that."

Tunau didn't yet know what the Inquisitor wanted from him, nobody appeared to be having any form of glands or implants on their body. To be certain, Tunau sent Valu to take a closer look at everybody, just to be sure.

"And why do you ask this, if I may ask?" he continued against Cyro.

18-10-2005, 18:46
Cyro'e eyes glanced over at Elana.

'I will not tell you all until I am sure ok?' Cyro said slowly. 'One of the entourage has had radical implantations of glands and implants placed into them. The effects make them into a killing machine, but it also begins to errode their actual person, making them more of the killing machine than human. I may need you to one day either slow it down or even cure it. Just not right away. I still have a use for them.'

Cyro felt hurt inside, he wanted to help Elana, but he needed her killer's edge or this mission would not succeed.

Commander X
18-10-2005, 19:00
Tunau couldn't believe what he had just heared. This Inquisitor had changed one of the partymembers into a living fatality, yet didn't wish to have the problems ended when it could be done.

"And who exactly is or are this? First you talk about 'one', the next moment it's 'them'. I must object to this practice anyhow, you are weakening the only good thing in a human body, it's mind."

He wasn't happy with this, so Tunau ordered Valu to keep on checking, untill the problem was discovered.

18-10-2005, 19:06
A faint clicking noise was heard as the Inquisitor's hand rested on a concealed one-shot revolver.

'Bring back the skull or there will be trouble,' Cyro said slowly. 'I know what I am doing. I cannot tell you who, and do not fear. The glands have been in them for over ten years as far as I can gather. They seem to have developed a way of controling them, but only preventing rather than curing.'

Cyro sighed. He hated using force.

Commander X
18-10-2005, 19:24
"Are you intending to threaten me with that?" Tunau asked, while already knowing the answer. The small weapon wasn't impressive, although it could be quite potent when used correctly.

"If so, I am afraid I must warn you about the possible complications that will arise if I do not survive this mission. The other Magi will be very displeased about this, and the life of your 'subject' will be endangered without anybody to fulfill the operations."

Although he called Valu towards him, he let her keep on scanning the surrounding persons, being mostly (65%) sure that his arguments would convince the Inquisitor.

Tanith Ghost
18-10-2005, 19:28
Mac took all of the proceedings in with a grim look. "Why didn't I just shoot my foot and stay in the barrracks?" He wondered out loud. "At any rate, Inquisitor, so long as we're sitting on a planet marked by the bugs as 'breakfast, lunch, and dinner', it might help to try to force a first move from the opposition already here. Some good, old fashioned flat footing might be the ticket."

18-10-2005, 20:02
'Mac, I'm not sure these were Genestealer Cultists, it could be something else, which would mean something more,' Cyro said with a sigh. 'They had no markings suggesting they were Cultists, which is odd. Not even a crude effigy of their god or chains, nothing.'

Cyro coughed suddenly and shook it off.

'I wonder what else is going on? This worries me,' Cyro said grunting.

18-10-2005, 20:25
Jacy nodded and grinned at Salic. "Good to meet you, name's Jacy. You're from Necromunda, aren't you? When did you leave? What's happened to the old 'heros', and what about the Spyrers? They still hunting down gangers and Scavvies?"

Grand Warlord
19-10-2005, 00:12
Dante cleared hid throat gently before continuing not wanting to interupt anyones thought.

"Inquisitor sir ... if you believe this is not a Genestealer Cult please tell me what you believe it is. It would be much easier to figure out what I am dealing with than to go into combat blindly ... which I will do no matter what."

19-10-2005, 00:18
'Well thats what all of you are here for!' laughed Cyro. 'Do not fear, we will get our targets. It always happens. Don't fret.'

Cyro breathed out. He did not want to think about it right now, too much on his mind.

19-10-2005, 01:00
Gary saw that cryo was deep in thought he begun to wander around the room were every one was seeing if anyone had the guts to start a conversation with a space marine

Heinrich Jäger
19-10-2005, 06:11
"Cultists or not, we still have to take care of them, we cant have them crashing our party at their whim. I will not join any group that would allow that." Heinrich said to the Inquisiter in his deep raspy voice, "And why is it that since I have met you and this group that we seem to be doing nothing but Bar hopping?"

19-10-2005, 09:55
"What good is sneaking around the underhive, if your enemies come to you anyway, good soldier?" adressed Aritheus the Steel Legion trooper. "From the look of this situation, I'd guess you'll see more action than you could wish for and sooner than you'll expect." Lazily, he waved the inspecting servo-skull away as if it was a giant mishappen fly.
"About those robed men... If that cult you're searching has the least bit of intelligence, they won't assault an Inquisitor and his retinue head on, since they know nothing about who we are and what we are capable of. I'd guess they just paid a small murder cult or dressed up some street thugs in fancy robes just to test our strength. Or someone else doesn't want you here and uses the genestealer cult as a comfortable scapegoat."

And thus Aritheus Thana uttered a grave accusation.

Thane McHammer
19-10-2005, 11:35
Caleb smiled into his drink as he listened to everyone argue. So eager to go and kill, he mused, they should really learn to take a break.

His eyes wandered over everyone, shooting towards Aritheus and Jäger. He listened to the purple-haired man's response, agreeing with it. Those men had nothing to do with the Cultists, but they were a threat non the less.

He cleared his throat, and supprisingly, everyone turned to listen.

"Ladies and gentlemen...as we're all anxious and rather rattled by the recent turn of events, I can understand your need to go out and find the enemy. This, unfortunetly, cannot happen"

He paused.

"The foe we face isn't a salavating monster, not yet at least, but an insiduous and secretive cult that has infiltrated who knows how many levels of society on this planet. They surely control a large pool of resouces, and their dedication to their cause is absolute. This is a game of waiting, of paitence and guile. The enemy know we are here, but for now, here we are safe. The good hunter knows when to rest and take stock of his prey, no?" His eyes danced over Thana's form. "I say we make this our base of operations, and make our next move accordingly".

Someone's voice sounded from the gathering. "You seem to know alot for a mear boy".

Caleb chuckled, drinking down the last of his tea. "I know much more than many of you, that is for sure"

With that, he got up from the couch and opened the door. Throwing a last impish smile over his shoulder, he strode out, making his way to the kitchen. He was feeling peckish.

19-10-2005, 13:12
Cyro looked at everyone and immediately stood up.

'ENOUGH!' roared Cyro.

He then had all eyes on him and he went to his weapon, Elana doing the same.

+Axel, containtment now!+ ordered CYro to his vox-bead. He then looked back at everyone, Xenarch death pistol visable.

'This pistol can fire pure electrical bolts at objects, rendering them shocked by the weapon and being burnt from the inside. No known armour has failed to prevent it from its devastating effects,' Cyro said causually. 'Yes that includes power armour.'

'Now this is my investigation and I require everyone to get some rest and tomorrow we will begin the investigation into this attack on us. I have other operatives in the area and they are doing the work at present. Do think to undermine me, is this clear?'

'I know what I am doing and have been doing it for sometime now, longer than most of you have lived.' Cyro paused to catch his breathe.

'Now comes the option, do your duty to the Throne or be shot dead here for failing to do one's duty. Now clear off and get some sleep!'

As everyone left, Cyro went to his bed and crashed. Things were going to be tough.

Elana was surprised by Cyro's reaction. This case was eating away at him, it was more than these fools realised. The entire sub-sector rested on Cyro's shoulders as if the Tyranids strike then neccassary men for the 13th Crusade would be diverted. Also another interest was here, something not even Cyro nor she knew, only the accursed Xenos knew.

She crawled into bed and fell asleep, gold and silver still holstered to her naked form.

OoC/You heard Cyro. Get some rest and I will forward this tomorrow./OoC

Thane McHammer
19-10-2005, 14:36
Caleb was in the kitchen when he heard Cyro's yelling. He grinned to himself, and tucked back into his snack. He was sitting at a large table in the kitchen, perched on a stool. In front of him was a plate with a large slice of extra-chocolate fudge cake, which he was enjoying immensely. A big, frosted mug was on it's coaster, and he took periodic swings of it, washing down the thick dessert with chilled milk. For the lack of better words, he was enjoying himself immensely.

The head cook was an exceptionally large woman, bouyed up with anti-grav suspensors. She was the one who had served him up the cake and milk, after her had come around and flashed her a smile. Floating over, she refilled his glass, and smiled warmly as he forked down more cake.

"My, I've never seen someone tackle a piece that big before", she said with a chuckle, "Though it'll do you good, boyo. You're nought but skin and bones!"

Caleb gulped more milk, and whiped away the residue that had remained on his lip.

"It's the active life for me, I'm afraid" he answered. "Not very often I get to have something as tasty as this".

The cook tutted, patting him on the head. "I don't know what a sweet boy like you is doing with riff-raff like them" she sniffed. "Hunting heretics and beasties isn't anyplace for a lad".

Caleb shrugged. "Cyro isn't that bad. Takes good care of me. Elana's a good one, that's for sure. Not seen her in a bit though, but all in all, it's like having 2 mothers around" He giggled at the thought.

He finished his cake, and the cook replaced it with another piece, which he attacked with gusto.

"If you don't mind my asking...were are you mam and pap?" The woman's tone was kind, but Caleb flinched at the question.

"I...I don't really know...I don't want to talk about it, if you please." His voice trailed off, but he regained his composure. The woman patted him on the back with a hefty hand.

"If you need anything, boyo, let me know. Cook'll look after you". With a motherly smile, she floated out the door, leaving Caleb to his cake.

When the woman left, Caleb picked at the remainging cake. He was waiting for someone...

19-10-2005, 21:38
Salic grinned, "Ya I am from the hive, I left not to long ago when one of Cyro's agents recruted me and had me sent here. As for heros we keep getting killed every day." he laughed at the fact he just called himself a hero. "The spyiers will all ways hunt, its what those upperhive snobs do. you think they would be content to just make our lives more like hell but then they have to go and make use die like we are nothing more then some creature spawned in the deepest depths of the hive." he shook his head. "Anyway...." his conversation was cut short by Cyro getting upset about something and flashing some xenos weapon around. Salic was not to happy about being questioned about his loyalty but fallowed his orders for the most part. "Hey I bet there is a bar around here and with Inquistorial jurisdicion I bet we could accualy find a 'Nice' place to have a few rounds. on me to boot, whata ya say?"

Tanith Ghost
19-10-2005, 22:07
"That's the end of that argument then. I'm for finding said dive and using the
all-authoritive seal to get drinks on the house." Mac said casualy. "Besides, he said to do our jobs. Checking out the local watering hole fits the bill in that respect."

20-10-2005, 10:33
Aritheus left Cyro's apartment rather worried. Flashing a gun around one's supposed allies was no good sign. It meant that the Inquisitor was either incompetent or worried beyond reason, and the spyrer doubted the former. Nevermind. With some luck he would don his suit tomorrow. That thought brought new life into his eyes. And today wasn't even over yet.
Silent like the night wind he entered the kitchen, closing the door behind him.
"I don't think we have been introduced." he said.

And thus Aritheus Thana was alone with the prey that might be his predator.

20-10-2005, 12:53
Gary didn't need to sleep but instead went to the roof of the building he looked around as he was perched on the pincale of the building much like a raptor ready to strike and kill his foe. he doubted anyone would attack at night but it was possabile he scanned every one that got near the place checking for weapons nothing. he looked at his hands he knew he had to be strong to resist there taint. they had been on a champion of chaos. he had heard there whispers in the middle of the knight but he was stronger then it he would previle

Thane McHammer
20-10-2005, 15:07
Caleb watched as the purple haired man slunk in. He turned to face him, perching on the chair with a catlike pose. His blue eyes looked over the rim of his mug at the newcomer.

"No", he responded, "I dont' believe we have."

The man had that predator look about him, and Caleb smiled.

"Caleb is my name, hunter...what is yours?"

Commander X
21-10-2005, 11:30
Tunau shook his head when he noticed that Cyro had appearantly been yelling to persons. This Inquisitor was no good, far too emotional to think rationally.

'I wonder what happens first, will he crack, or will he get killed by something...'

He went to his quarters, leaving Valu outside of it as he still wanted to know what was going on here. She would find out, and otherwise he would have to do so himself tomorrow. Before he went to sleep, Tunau scribbled down several notes first, they would be important later on.

21-10-2005, 17:28
Jacy nodded. "Sounds good, Orlock," she said. "Now about these drinks... just make sure it's something similiar to Wildsnake. I hate the other stuff they have around this place."
She smirked, and patted Julie, which was back in it's holster. "And don't think I won't blow your head off if you try to get under my shirt," she said, grinning broadly. "It works only when I don't have Julie at my side."

21-10-2005, 17:58
Cyro called everyone to the front entrance of the Hotel, the next morning. Some were hung over and stupid, but that was normal after a drinking session the night before.

'Alright, we are going to the local Precinct where we will be given a guide and then lead into the sewars, where we shall begin the hunt,' Cyro said as he gathered his bag and walked out. He climbed into an Imperial Guard half-track, Axel was already in the driver's seat and Elana was beside him.

'Mount up!' roared Cyro as everyone got into the truck.

The pulled up on the road of the precinct and as they approached, gunshots roared out from the area.

People were firing small arms at the precint as more of them rushed out of the sewars. The rebellion already? It couldn't be!

Axel sped the truck up, as Cyro sent the warning to be ready for combat.

Suddenly the truck came to a complete halt as screams could be heard as it hit people. The team jumped out and imemdaitely happened.

Cyro slashed deeply into one of the rebels and screamed,

'Get to the Precinct!' roared Cyro as he sent information to the Abrites of their arrival.

OoC/Alright, these are the same type of robed men, but with some blemishes. And they look like pale as well. Weapons are small arms and weak hand to hand weapons. Slaughter your way to the Precicnt got it? If you ge tthere help the twenty man Abrites ok?/OoC

Heinrich Jäger
21-10-2005, 23:44
Heinrich pulled out his flamer and started to purge the scum from the streets. He kept a close eye on his comrades and when it seemed all had his back to him he whipped a photon grenade straight up into the air and closed his eye till there was a brillient flash. Many of the robed men scrambled around, blind. Heinrich chose the closest and set him a blaze, the man screamed and ran into his fellow comrades, and soon they were both in flames. Then they dropped to the ground.

Tanith Ghost
22-10-2005, 00:02
"Remind me to order that stuff by the case if we live." Mac said to Jacy, taking pot shots at anyone in the streets who had any level of firepower on them. "Sorry in advance if I barf on your shoes." He added, head hurting like
a Titan had taken up tapdancing on it. He kept moving forward, firing.
"Say your prayers heretics!" He roared, as he hoped over an upturned gorund car for cover. "Say mine too..." He said weakly, feeling terribly nauseous, and glad he skipped breakfast. Note to self- find an apothecary
inside and get painkillers plus something to settle the stomach.
"Mac hear, I got the precinct in sight, making a push on it momentarily."
Mac grabbed a pair of frag grebades from his belt, and pulled the pins. He then threw a rock. Rebels scattered, and the rock came back. The grenades went as the rock cam back, with but a second to spare. The frags went off miliseconds before impact, blasting a bloody path to the front of the preconct house. Mac was up and running, shooting from the hip.

22-10-2005, 11:37
"Thanks, Mac," said Jacy under her breath, Julie in her hands. Having been a Necromundian Ganger, a fight like this wasn't really new to her, but she was uncomfortable with it. She liked the heights of the Underhive, where loosing your footing awas as fatal as any bullet. Here she didn't feel as though she had to be careful. In these streets you could get careless.
Looking over at Mac, she decided to follow him. Better to work as a team. "ORLOCK, COME ON!" She shouted towards the other Necromundian. She moved quickly after Mac, Julie was back in her holster, at this range it would be useless, but her Laspistol was in her hands, and even as she ran, she shot one of the robed people square in the face, dropping him. Another two shots, one missing, another hitting another robed figure as she ran towards Mac. Three down... four down... five down, she counted as her laspistol flashed. Half battery. Damn!
She flung herself to the ground, firing off another three shots, none of which hit, but made one of the robed figures jump to cover.
She fell to the ground harder than she wanted, but her flak-plates took most of the damage. She now wished she had more of them on her body. Not only to protect her, but to hide her curves slightly more.

Commander X
22-10-2005, 13:19
'And why would these men keep trying, they know they failed before. The only advantage they have is that half of us are sick from last night, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem.'

At first Tunau tried to simply wade through the men, but there were simply too many, and he wouldn't get through without a fight.

'Well then, if they insist...' he thought, activating the weapons he had. None were actually meant to be lethal - although they could be if he wanted - so the others would have to do the finishing. First the Flail swept away two in front of him, shocking and stunning them in the progress. Then he 'felt' several bullets ricocheting of his chest and turned to the firer. Using the Graviton Gun, the man was soon stuck to the ground, only to be trampled by his own side.

This way it was going to take forever to get to the Precinct...

22-10-2005, 18:51
gary lept into action his claws left there sheaths and begun to crackle with black lighting. he begun to tear threw the crowd there simple weapons couldn;t but hope to penatrae his armour.

He knew that he could easily get threw the to the preceont but he needed to ger cryo and his men threw it. he just stayed with the other men and took out what ever idot got close enough to him one of them ran strait for him Gary clothslined him with his claw decapating him as well. he sweked a few more with one swipe of his claw. they might not be fully human but they still were no macth for Gary

22-10-2005, 19:40
OOC - I'd love to act out the conversation with Caleb, but that would take another 4 to 5 pages alone. And since everyone is doing the Emperor's work already... :D

--- The night before ---

Aritheus mind was still in turmoil after his visit in the kitchen. He had introduced himself to Caleb and they had made light conversation. Pleasantries had dripped like honey. But all the while his hunting urge had almost been too much to bear. Whatever it was with this boy ('?Boy?'), Aritheus had needed all his guile and courtly training from the spyres of Armageddon to conceal his true nature and remain the sophisticated and soft-spoken noble.
But he had prevailed. After an exhausting but pleasant night of niceties, veiled truths and innuendoes, he had kept the urge in check and hadn't chased Caleb through the corridors of the hotel to kill him in some savage way and take his youthful innocent face as a trophy.
He would do so another day and the anticipation for that day tasted as mead on the noble's tonue.

--- The following day ---

Aritheus donned his suit, feeling it's embrace all over his body, as well as the little stings when the suit made contact with his nervous system. The suit's machine spirit melded with his thoughts and Aritheus welcomed it like an old lover.
After a few minutes of getting used to his suit again, he folded in his wings and donned a flowing robe of bright crimson to conceal his suit from the others. The spyrer joined them in the entrance hall, but talked very little, not daring to make eye contact with Caleb. Doing so now might prove to be disastrous.
Like the others, he climbed onto the half-track, scanning the streets during the ride. When the vehicle finally stopped, Aritheus jumped to it's highes point and stood upright. With a high keening he unfolded his wings, their razor sharp edges shredding the robe from his body.
Several of the robed men looked at him with fear in their eyes. He shot them with his laser gauntlets. With a crystal laugh he rose into the sky, his eyes finally filling with life.

And thus Aritheus Thana revealed what he was.

22-10-2005, 21:12
Elana high kicked a robed man in the chest sending him backwards as Gary shot the man down in mid-fall. The robed men were becoming scattered from the onslaught and Elana knew they would need to prevent them from running.

Elana yelled over the vox:

'This Sprite, I need three or four recruits for a back door job! Gary I expect you to be the first,' ordered Elana. Suddenly Cyro's voice popped over the vox.

+You heard the lady. Prevent their escape!+ voxed Cyro as he ran towards the last line of assaulters before the Precinct.

The remaining view ran through the lines and quickly the Abrites were bolstered as the rest fell to their knees and returned fire.

Cyro did not stop and merely got into a secure position, where he unshouldered his hunting rifle. Searching the scope, he saw a raised man preaching to the cultist. Cyro could hear his voice as the Orator yelled out. Something about the All-Mother has come! Destory the False Prince! Cyro laughed. Too easy.

Suddenly Elana chimed in about cutting off their escape and Cyro's shot rang out. The Orator fell from his stoop and crashed onto his minions. Suddenly what was a controlled horde was now a rampaging mob. They ran anyway, screaming in rage and fury. Cyro's kill had triggered the panic button and now the mob was out of control.

'Elana, they're coming your way,' Cyro said quickly and pulled out his shotgun. He loaded buck-shot rounds and roared to the Abrites and his entourage, 'Move forwards. Leave no one alive!'

As they approached the horde, they seemed to fall like flies as they mowed down the cultists.

Elana was cursing as the mob moved towards them. They shot out, rapidly cutting down the men and women, as they stormed the exit road.

'Gary, we may need you to stem the tide now! Everyone else, open fire and stay out of close combat!' Elana roared as she shot Gold and Silver, making headshots.

Twenty-one, twenty-two.......oh....twenty-eight, that was gory! Elana thought to herself as her guns raged forth. Sighing as she quickly reloaded the guns, one after the other. One gun running out before the other, as she sprayed death.

'Come on boys, keep it up!' yelled Elana. Things were getting messy.

OoC/Okay the three or four who went with Elana, are fighting the rampaging mob as they attempt to leave and the rest are causing them to flee into their guns ok? So don't get confused ok? Gary, you are in the middle of it alright? You are the bigger player. You are on crowd control, or the first line of attack as the rest shoot./OoC

Thane McHammer
22-10-2005, 21:16
OOC: Ah, very true. More, even :p.

--- The night before ---
Caleb smiled to himself as he slid under the silken sheets of his bed. The noble was such an amusing young man. He was good, very good. Not that many people managed to resist his aura of innocence and alure and keep such a straight face. He giggled to himself, remebering the barely contained lust and predatory stare that eminated from those purple eyes.

As he drifted off to sleep, his last thoughts was of a chase down dark corridors, purple and crimson lights dashing after dancing sparks of blue and gold...

--- The next morning ---
Caleb was dressed in a pair of form fitting leather trousers, a skintight white shirt, and an embroidered black and red robe. He finished lacing up his calf high boots, and stood to join the rest of the assembled crowd, flashing smiles here and there. A glint of metal caught his eye, and he saw Aritheus. The man pointedly looked away, and he grinned to himself. So even the predators have their own fears, he thought as he made his way to the transport.

As the fighting broke out, Jena had shoved him behind a ceremite wall, bidding him to stay put and out of trouble. He had rolled his eyes and nodded. A flash of purple and then screams caught his attention, and looking up, he could see Aritheus flying around, letting loose a deadly rain of energy bolts on the cultists. The sight was imposing, but Caleb knew that he had won the first round. The hunter had shown his true colours, but he would keep his hidden until it really mattered....

Tanith Ghost
23-10-2005, 02:37
"I hope one of you has a plan, because I'm fresh out." Mac said to the gangers, taking shots at the rioters from where he was next to the front of the precinct. He was down on one knee, snapping off shots at whatever targets presented themselves. "So," He said, in a conversational tone "Anyone have a good story to pass the time before the mob decides to overrun us?"

23-10-2005, 15:48
Jacy grinned. "No, but I have one think to say."
She indicated the mob of robed men. "They're not trained, they're conscripts, if I know anything. They're a rabble, poorly equiped and unable to actually coordinate an attack. That means they could break under a cross fire. Not sure, but it could be worth it, right, Mac?"

She moved her laspistol over the robed figures, firing rapidly and burning out the power pack. She slipped it out and slammed another one in. She had made a few jump for cover, but no wounds. She pulled Julie from her holster and moved the four barrelled shot gun over the robedmen, firing from her position, she downed one of them, one of the stray bullets splattering his brains into his comrade behind him, and another one was blown off his feet by the weight of the shells slamming into him, or her, and throwing the robed figure to the ground.

Commander X
23-10-2005, 17:20
'And why would it be important not to let them get away? If they do, they would lead us straight to their leader...'

This so-called 'plan' was once more the proof of this Inquisitor's incompetence, and Tunau didn't like this the slightest bit. He positioned himself where most of the men were running to, and although he was against it a lot, started stopping those who tried to pass.

'Why doesn't the fool see why we need them alive' he thought between the shots. Tunau still didn't kill, he left that to the trigger-happy persons around him. Why he had come here to join them all he had forgotten<:eek:>but he did regret it a bit by now...

Tanith Ghost
23-10-2005, 18:11
"Sounds like a plan if I ever heard one. let's do it. An remember to leave one of these mooks alive. Dead men tell no tales." Mac said, standing to hurl a grenade into a cluster of cultists. "Die heretics!" He roared, throwing another grenade into the middle of the mob.

Grand Warlord
23-10-2005, 19:16
Seeming to follow the battle line he would step up or move back depending on the movements of the enemy. Pressing the trigger slowly but accurately cultists would generally fall with holes in their knees or neck so that they could be taken care of by more abled people.

OOC: Sorry bout that was out of time until now.

24-10-2005, 22:34
OoC/sorry about not being able to post grades and what not/OoC

Gary had been waiting for this he jumped over a small car and rolled he crushed a few men underhis weight alone he then landed on his knees cutting legs off at the thighs he spun swinging his claws around cutting 4 men in the thoart. He screamed at the top of his lungs which where then ampilfed by his vox caster


the blood was pumping now. He retracted his claw in on hand grabed a man by his head crushed it then threw the body at the crowd he heard the satifiy crack of bones. he was now carveing him self a path of bodies and blood this was what it meant to be alive all of the bullets that were shot at him just richoated off his armour same with the crude weapons this was a slaugther Gary hoped Cryo had a real purpose for him. besides the slaugther of huamns but if what he said about genestealers was correct then they would need gary just to survie

25-10-2005, 01:19
OOC: Sorry guys for takin so long but after tomarrow I will have the net back at my new apt so I will be able to post regularly!

IC: Salic smiled. "Why my dear lady Ester I am shocked you would think I would do such a thing!" he laughed as they left for a bar. The next morning he was not suprised to see that his fellow necromundians where not hung over but when he saw the spyer he was clearly about to put a few holes in his forhead.

Once the fighting started he fallowed Jacy to cover and used his Lasgun to take out any cultist that so much as looked at them funny. He was used to fighting on the move so his shots still hit with deadly accurisy as he moved. He dove for the cover Jacy and Mac where using and rolled when he hit the ground. "I think ya need to work on your landings m'lady" He smiled and woundered if he should tell her about his sworn alliance to the Ester house but figured that could wait and he would tell her over the last bottle of wildsnake that he had left in his quarters. For now he just stayed with his teammates and took potshots at cultists.

"Good thinkin Girl, I will move out to the right and one of you go left lets give these heritics a good solid necromunda @ss kickin!" He stood and ran for a rubble pile and firing his lasgun at full auto as he did.

Tanith Ghost
25-10-2005, 02:28
"Good shooting!" Mac said to the ganger flanking the cultists with him.
"Gimmie some cover while I knock one of these mooks out." Mac ran forward, lasfire flashingp ast him. The nearest man didn't see him in time, and the heavy sniper rifle connected with a dull thunk. Mac dragged the captive by his robes into the cover, where Jacy was firing from.
"I got one. We make him talk, we find out what in space is going on here."
Leaving the heretic out cold and trussed up securely, Mac ran back to the flanking position, hitting the ground, and hitting a heretic in the chest with a sniper round.

Heinrich Jäger
25-10-2005, 02:57
Heinrich saw that the mob was going to over run the others, so he pulled out 2 of his choke grenades and whipped them infront of the robed men, but not close enough to effect the others. The Gas was still clear enough that it wouldn't block the robbed men from view. Hopefully it would slow them down or make them usless in close combat, if it came to that.

25-10-2005, 12:07
"K', Mac. Orlock, try to take one down as well, the more that can talk the better, then we kill these Emperor defying baskets."
Jacy ducked behind cover as several of the robed men started blasting at her, their weapons missing, but the odd shot actually hitting the defence. The Esher ganger kicked at the ground and sent herself flying, her shot gun roared, blowing one of the Robed men's legs apart, and tearing another's chest to ribbons.
She fired again, the shells shattering a man's face and killed him, just before she hit the ground and cried out in pain. Never do that again! She told herself, forcefully.

25-10-2005, 12:14
Elana was cursing their damned luck. Why on earth did she recruit so few men? The Marine was holding, but surely not for long as more and more dents could be seen on the Marine's armour and what looked like blood exiting a wound on his back. Yet the Marine still fought on, ignoring such wounds.

What a true Warrior, Elana thought to herself as she reholstered Gold and Silver.

'Men of the Emperor! Bring the fight to them!' she roared as then a beastial growl escaped her lips as the drugs flooded her bloodstream. She felt the sudden rush as she pulled out her knife and leapt onto a man, quickly dispatching him as she propeled herself off him taking another few victims as her knife slit throats and other vital bloodways.

She kicked out with her boots, slamming into a victim's jaw as her punches collided with another man's head, busting his nose. She was untouchable as she literally was moving faster than any normal man. Only the Marine matched her in the speed as the drugs kept her going, the other counter-drugs kicking in to prevent the come down and keep her buzzing.

Cyro saw that the horde was now broken completely and only a few remained as they completed the trap. Elana's team was taking the blunt of it, but from what he saw the Marine was doing his job of mass killing.

'Squad A and B, attack! Close in and fight till you reach my team. The rest of you dogs, what you waiting for?' cried Cyro to his entourage as he pulled out his death pistol and sword and completed the charge.

In only ten minutes, did the remaining members live. No prisoners were found as most were brutally killed or so maimed that they would be dead in under ten minutes.

The team had set-up in the Precinct as Cyro was talking to the Marshal. The team were saw to medically and given ammo that could be spared.

Elana laughed as she looked at the team.

'Alright, I got a total of thirty-six kills, possiably thirty-eight,' Elana said looking at the rest. 'Anyone care to compete? Gary you don't count, you're a Marine and something like thirty-eight would be considered pitiful.'

25-10-2005, 15:20
Gary laughed

"Elana I don't count humans at least one such as those there like killing cows. I got around 50 though but then I lost count." gary said as he took his claws off and was polishing them with a small bit of cloth.

"think there might be anything here that i can plug the holes in my armour with? not that i need it but it would be nice"

25-10-2005, 16:33
Elana looked at the Marine and merely grinned.

'Hmm, why? I think that dented power armour makes you look more heoric than before,' Elana said with a laugh. 'What is it like I wonder? To have the strength of ten men, the speed and agility of twenty, and the fearlessness of a Marine?'

Elana sighed and pulled out her pills, quickly taking three before the shakes would kick-in. They were getting worse, but no matter, she was used to them by now.

Quickly cleaning Silver, she sat about to cleaning Gold.

25-10-2005, 16:59
Aritheus spent most of the battle in the air, herding stray insurgents back to the main group, where the others could do the killing. Sometimes, on a whim, he descended onto one such robed man, engaging him in close combat. The excitement he had felt for this hunt quickly faded from his eyes. It was all too easy. These untrained commoners provided no challenge at all.
When the last insurgent fell, the young Thana cicled one last time over the scene, making sure that no one would hide from the righteous justice the Arbites were dealing out.

--- In the precinct ---

Like a bird of prey Aritheus perched on a chair next to the window, peering into the city. Somewhere out there was a more rewarding prey. Lots of it, in fact. But then, there was a more alluring prey in here then he would ever find in this whole city. His eyes flickered to Caleb for a split second, noticing a well-concealed knowing smile on the boy's lips. He also noticed the half-scared, half-murderous looks the three gangers were giving him. The spyrer hoped that they would wait with dealing their primitive hive-'justice' until after the genestealer cult was eradicated. No point in killing the own team when there still is prey to hunt.
"Well, good Lady Elana," he finally said over his shoulder. "I have always preferred quality over quantity. While I concur that we have to clease the streets of this scum, I am simply not interested in how many of these lambs I slay. I will take more pleasure in testing my mettle against these fabled Genestealers. I heard they are quite a terror to those who encounter them."
The spyrer turned to face the group, his wings illuminated by the lights of the city behind him.
"Instead of counting meaningless numbers, let us see who kills the biggest and most dangerous abomination we will find on this world." He smiled. "That is what we spyrers usually do when we go below the wall. What do you say?"

And thus, Aritheus Thana issued his challenge.

25-10-2005, 17:16
Elana quickly reholstered Gold and cracked a grin at the Spyrer.

'Aritheus is it?' Elana said looking at the Spyrer. She quickly drew Gold and Silver before the Spyrer's suit could even detect the motion and she was upon him, Gold at his crotch, Silver at his head. 'Bang...'

Elana then flipped off of him and landed like a cat.

'Yes these robed men are not really a challenge, but I don't think much of your challenge when you cannot even be warned of a little girl's attack like mine?' asked Elana with a short laugh. 'Genestealers are faster than me and can even annhilate the most fearsome of oppenents. I have seen a Genestealer rip right through a Terminator armoured Space Marine and destroy the marine within. They are not the usual big game or the big tough scavvies we used to get at home, these are worse.'

'But I'll take the challenge. I have more chances of killing one than you do,' Elana said with a grin. 'Also one more thing, Genestealers know where you are before you do, they have a killer instinct and will kill you. Their bodies can take our shots and they will come back for more. Gary will be challenged and the rest of you, well, just be lucky if you live with your body and mind intact.'

Elana sat back down.

'And stop calling me a Ganger or Escher,' Elana grumbled. 'I am Elana Sprite, Cyro's bodyguard. I have no gang ties anymore and yes, I am the Sprite, the one who killed a Governor.'

25-10-2005, 17:52
OOC - As far as I know, none of us have actually called Elana a Ganger outloud, only thought it... *confuzzled expression*

IC - Jacy stared at Elana. "Damn... I'm working with a fething..." she stopped short. She was about to say 'hero'. Elana probably wouldn't like being called a hero. Then again, Jacy hating governors, especially any on Necromunda, made her feel that way towards Elana.

Tanith Ghost
25-10-2005, 18:48
"It's called a deathwish. All marines have em." Mac muttered. "No offense brother marine." He added, remembering marine super hearing. "Spill your guts or I spill em for you!" He souted at the dying man he'd knocked out earlier.
"Where is your leader!? Who do you serve? Answer me scum!" The robed man just coughed blood. "great.....arrival...." He whezed, then went cold. Mac swore, kicking the corpse for good mesure. "Sorry boss. I couldn't get him to spill." He said to Elena. "How long do we have before this place is on the nid menu?"

25-10-2005, 19:51
Salic stood in a corner close to Jacy and cleaned his weapons and took some extra ammo for them. He was eyeballing the spyer and was clearly ready to start shotting the man but knew even if he killed him cyro would most likely have him shot. Salic turned to Jacy after Elana made it known about her reputation. "I knew it. We are workin with a livin legend!" He smiled at the thought.

Tanith Ghost
25-10-2005, 20:02
Mac scowled at the Spyrer. "I don't like the cut of your jib, hiver. And if Salic and Jacy think you're bad news, you probably are." He went and stood over by the gangers. He lowered his voice to a whisper. "So tell me the yarns. What makes Elena over there such a ledgend?"

25-10-2005, 21:01
"You wouldn't be able to understand it," said Jacy. "Us hivers have grown up with several things on our minds; to beware the Spyrers, to know the Heros, one of them being Elana, and to join a Gang. Being able to live is optional, one that both me and Salic have obviously learnt from Gang fights.
"Now some of these Heros are considered more important than others, as such, Kal Jerico, a Bounty Hunter, is the idol for most gun-slingers, whereas Elana is... let's just say I admire her very much."

26-10-2005, 00:06
"that may be true Elana but Those Genestealers will find and chink i have and tear it open. and i have a feeling if you were not a woman you would have become a marine for I too was Recurited form Hive world" Gary paused

"I was a ganger once but those days are gone i Barely rember them now"

Grand Warlord
26-10-2005, 00:35
There was nothing he could say ... he had been a Inquisitor Storm trooper for far too long to remmeber his life... so he just listed and nodded occaisioanlly.

26-10-2005, 02:47
'I doubt I would have been a Marine. As to your answer Mac, my rep comes from being a hired killer, killing for money and food, then it became for fun and i fell into insanity. I brutally murdered entire villages in a stolen rogue trader ship. For three days we wrecked havoc, before our fleet grew. Once I had enough, I caught word of a lazy Governor and thought the Emperor's work was not being done. I killed him to say the least,' Elana said remembering her past.

'I am a cold blood killer. I take lives without judgement and being honest, I don't care. I have no actual feelings, just extremes of one intense feeling than others.'

Elana became quiet and reloaded her weapons.

'I am the Sprite, a living legend. A mass killer without even taking a wound, faster than a shadow and able to kill a Scavy mutant with only a knife. Its all because of....' Elana stopped. 'We should be ready. The Inquisitor will have use of us soon.'

Elana had changed the subject as she did not like mentioning her past. She was now Cyro's bodyguard in the enternal servitude of the Throne.

Grand Warlord
26-10-2005, 03:34
He smiled and spoke breifly...

"Glad she's on our side ... no matter her past."

Turning to Jacy.

"Could you tell me more of the ganger life? To be honest my work hardly takes me down there..."

He wasn't trying to be rude he was just a matter of fact person, hopefully no one would get mad at him.

26-10-2005, 14:00
Jacy winked at Mac. "Now you know why she's a legend to Hive-worlders like me?"

She turned to the person that had just spoken to her, and replied, without any emotion. "You rise early, or you don't rise at all. You sleep late, or you don't sleep at all. You kill without thinking, because in the Under-Hive, it's your enemy or you. When you have peace, most Gangers drink and have pleasures. The others just go deeper Under-Hive and become Outlaws, growing larger Gangs than the others just to live, and killing caravans full of Archeotech from the Domes. No more. I can't bring myself to talk about what I may or may not have done."

Tanith Ghost
26-10-2005, 18:56
Mac looked impressed. "Wow. So there is a level of hell past the Schola Progenum." He thought for a second. "Only ledgend I had to look up to was the joker who hit a visiting Inquisitor in the back of the head with a water baloon. Wouldv'e been shot right there if the other two inquisitors hadn't
been in stiches and persuaded him to just laugh it off as the joke it was."

Thane McHammer
26-10-2005, 21:03
Caleb was lying on a stone bench, listening to the after battle banter. As he listened, he began to chuckle.

"You're all so damned morbid", he comented as he sat up and shook his hair out. "If all I have to look forward to when I'm as old as you lot is squabbling and bragging over kills, I'm content staying young". He grinned as the purple haired figure in the shimmering suit gave him a look. "And good looking", he added, before bounding up and making his way to where Cyro was.

27-10-2005, 09:38
Salic noticed that it bothered Elana to talk about her past but figured he would say something from it that involved himself. "Elana, you know.... about that governor..I was aprotched by a man who wanted me to hunt you down and kill you for that. Well he didn't know I have sworn my life to the house you once belonged to so I shot the guy in the face." he grinned for a second. "but at anyrate If a fellow necromundian can ever do somethin for ya other then watch your back just ask." he looked over at Jacy. "same goes for you too ya know."

27-10-2005, 12:42
Elana looked at the Orlock and shook her head.

'I doubt there is anything you could provide that the Inquisitor does not have already,' Elana said with a laugh to show she was teasing. 'As for the contract, I had plenty of those on my head and every bounty hunter that crossed my path was either killed, maimed, or seriously fragged up. I really tried not to kill them, but some just had it coming.'

Cyro approached the group, Caleb in tow.

'Ah is Elana sharing war stories again?' Cyro asked with a laugh. He looked round the room and then motioned for everyone to follow him into the conference room which had been reserved for them.

'Okay what we just prevented is happening all over the planet. Some Arbite Preceincts have been leveled, some still being fought for and some like this one, still in the control of Imperials, for now. The rebellion was not a big push like the usual type and this worries me. The robed men did not take the Precinct, rather they killed all inside and left it, looted of course,' Cyro said as he clicked a button on a remote that showed pic-slates of the post-looting. The Precinct was empty and there was no bodies, nothing, as if all was taken.

'I fear we are dealing with a very intelligent oppenent, something unsual for the Tyranids, but this could be a new strain. Now I do have our next destination and I hope you guys like it,' Cyro said as he paused.

'We are heading out to the toxic desert. Neccassary gear is now available for you, so head to the armoury to collect your masks, breathing equipment, and googles. If you have any of these, please use your own as usual. Once you have geared up, head to the half-track that is waiting outside.'

Cyro then motioned for everyone to do as requested and Cyro entered the armoury with Elana and the two geared up.

'I hate this stuff,' groaned Elana as she tugged on the mask, trying to make it loose.

'It will come in handy, trust me,' Cyro said as he then recieved a vox from Axel.

+Inquisitor, the transportation has been checked over and it is now safe. Also we have about five tanks worth of extra gasoline. Axel out+ Axel voxed.

'Good, you wait here for the rest of the team. I have bussiness to attend to,' Cyro said before disappearing into the declining daylight. Night time was approaching.

OoC/Gear up and meet by the truck. Only Elana is there as the Inquisitor has gone off somewhere. (He does that from time to time.)

27-10-2005, 15:32
Gary was the frist out he hadn't found anything to plug the holes in his armour but he had a feeling that they still didn;t know where the Nest of genestealers.

"well hello Elana what does the inquistor have planned for us on this little adventure?" gary looked around not seeing Cryo

"which by the way where is he?"

27-10-2005, 15:37
Elana looked at the Marine and shook her head.

'Inquisitor Cyro is away on bussiness. What he is doing is between him and his Ordo,' Elana said with a sigh. 'I wish I could have gone with him, hate leaving him unprotected.'

Elana closed her eyes and punched a wall.

'As to the nature of our adventure, I know as much as you do,' Elana said looking at her hand which was bleeding from the knuckles.

Tanith Ghost
27-10-2005, 16:56
"No point having blood drawn before we're even on the transport." Mac said to Elena with a disarming grin. "Save it for the bad guys." He tossed her a roll
of gauze. "Speaking of which, I put two and a half dozen away last time."
Mac eschewed the mask offered in favor of the cadian-pattern rebreather
that matched his helmet. He carefuly atached the medalion crimson to his chest before putting on the armor plate. The bionic leg, mememto of his babtism by fire, was secured tightly before being concealed again by his uniform and armor. When he finished, he stood at an impressive 6' "1. Not impressive at all with the marine to compare to but by human standards, Mac looked set for anything. He prepared his weapons just as carefuly.
"Weapon of the Emperor's holy wrath. With it I single my foes out for death."
He whispered. The melta charge, a belt of grenades, a laspistol, and a wickedly shaped combat knife. "Certain death, here I come." He said.

Commander X
27-10-2005, 17:09
When Tunau saw Elana intentionally attack a wall, he felt it would be a good time to say what he thought about this. He walked up to the pair of them, and spoke.

"Why do you humans always seek to hurt other beings, even yourself as is obvious from you? This irrational behaviour can endanger all of us, and there is no need for it. Therefor I would like you to stop with it, ganger."

He felt confident this speech would have the wanted effect on her, and awaited her response. In the meantime he had Valu float around a bit, looking for anything that might be sneaking up on them already.

'I hope she understands, that's better for all of us...' Tunau thought while waiting, in the small chance of her responding negatively, there would be problems.

27-10-2005, 17:25
Elana looked at the Tech Priest and held back some of her intial anger.

'Perhaps your memory files are not as accessable as you thought, as I distinctly remember not wanting to be called a ganger!' Elana shouted at the Tech Priest. 'As to me hitting the wall, its called anger and rage. I act out when irratated or angered. Is that too human for you, wrench-boy?'

Commander X
27-10-2005, 17:32
"It is indeed, and there is nothing wrong with my memory. In fact, it has most likely been better than yours for the past 9127 days. But incase you haven't noted yet, which is appearant, I can't hear, and so if you're not with your face where I or Valu can see it when you talk, I won't know."

This was what Tunau had feared would happen, the woman didn't respond as expected, and was trying to get into another session of violence. He wouldn't respond as such, not yet.

"And would you mind controlling your so-called 'anger and rage', as there is no real reason to be irritated or angered around here."

27-10-2005, 17:35
'For one that does not understand one single thing about me, I suggest you keep your suggestions to yourself grease spot or you might be meeting Gold and Silver,' Elana said with a knife edge tone.

'Now if you don't mind, shut up and go switch off or something.'

Elana had made damn sure the Tech boy could hear her.

Tanith Ghost
27-10-2005, 17:36
"Shouldn't you be praying to the waffle iron?" Mac shot over at the tech preist. "I'd watch how you talk to her, or you'll be observing a lot more 'anger and rage' at point blank range." He flexed a fist, popping his knuckles.

Commander X
27-10-2005, 17:47
Tunau wasn't impressed or angered by the threats, but merely raised his left hand. Together with the metal gauntlet it outsized that of the humans by a good amount.

"As you might see, your threats are no use and in vain. I will not retract my statements as they are the truth, and there is no possible way for you to use your fists to break armour."

He let this statement sink in for a moment, then continued.

"More importantly, I do know a lot of things about you, about all of you even, as Valu here has been so good to report any anomalies and changes in your being. Now, are you both going to put away the 'anger and rage' syndroms, or not?"

Grand Warlord
27-10-2005, 17:51
Dante nodded to Elana as he entered and sat in the corner trying to stay away from whatever load of grox dung was about to hit the fan ... even the Stormtroopers of the Inquisition knew when to turn a blind eye. Nevertheless he turned the safety on his hellgun to the 'off' position and held his blade gently in his hand.

"Excuse me Miss Elana ... when are we to be deployed?"

Tanith Ghost
27-10-2005, 17:54
Mac shrugged. "Forget him, Elena. That talking toaster ain't worth getting mad at." The other trooper asked about deployment. Mac nodded in agreement with the question.

27-10-2005, 17:54
Elana snarled at the threat the grease stain was making.

'Look spanner grox, I am asking you nicely to either shut up or I will personally blast that floating skull out of the air and feed its remains to you piece by piece!' Elana said through gritting teeth. Something about this Tech Priest just jibe at every piece of her living body.

Turning to Dante, Elana sighed.

'The Toxic Desert is all I know. I am afraid you boys are as in the dark as I am,' Elana replied looking at Mac with a small grin. 'Now soldier, no need to insult the toaster, it does do a good job when its told to do.'

Commander X
27-10-2005, 18:08
"That depends on what the objective is. I for one cannot toast any bread..."

The humans were getting more irrational and offending every moment, and this didn't look like it would end in a good way. Tunau was already thinking of a pre-emptive strike against either of them, as to greatly reduce the chance of suddenly being attacked.

"It would be unwise to attack Valu. Not only would it not have a great chance of succes, if it succeeded, we would lose one of our only ways of notifying us from dangers before they get to us. All with all, I remain with my statement, it is best for you to calm down at once."

27-10-2005, 18:12
Elana looked at the floating skull and quickly whipped Silver out, drawing a bead on it.

'Oh do we actually need this?' Elana asked as she then shot at the skull, purposefully missing. 'Oops, guess my human error got in the way. As for detecting things, we got Axel and you can bet your sweet mechandrites that Cyro has more than one way to detect for enemies.'

Elana kept Silver out.

Tanith Ghost
27-10-2005, 18:22
Mac grinned. The walking junkyard had indeed been put in his place. "Listen, she'd got a temper. A bad one. So, why don't you and the flying skull take a walk down to the hangar and prep the transport? Surely the machine spirit is better company than a bunch of irrational humans like us?" He smirked. "One more thing- threaten Elena for any reason at all, and I'll clamp a melta bomb on your fat metal head before you can say 'walking junkyard'."

Commander X
27-10-2005, 18:23
Tunau was getting annoyed. This femal was appearantly thinking she could get away with shooting Valu. He snapped his fingers and the Servo-Slull floated over to them. If rationality didn't work in discussions with humans, emotionality usually did.

"Seeing your actions, I think you need to know this is Valu, my former female assistant."

Although this might seem strange, the main idea was that with her target being less machine, and more a female like herself, she wouldn't be as willing to destroy it.

'I will ask her one more time, otherwise it is time for protective actions.' Tunau decided while looking at Elana. He didn't trust the current situation, but wanted to know her response first.

27-10-2005, 18:30
'Thanks Mac, but this lady can handle herself, better than your attempts to protect me will,' Elana said looking at Mac and then turned to the grease stain.

'You tech junkies are all sick bastards! Using your female assistant's skull for whatever purpose is a sick and cruel joke. A body should be buried with all of its componnets.'

Elana reholstered Silver and snarled.

'The half-track is ready. All it needs is one Inquisitor,' Elana growled. Wish he would hurry up!

Commander X
27-10-2005, 18:37
Tunau was pleased to see this had worked out fine. There were no more appearant problems left as the woman had clearly conceded any attempts of harming Valu or himself.

"Good to see you understand now, let us not keep bothering ourselves with it and get on with the mission. Strange that your Inquisitor seems to have disappeared in the meantime..."

Thane McHammer
27-10-2005, 19:53
Caleb came up behind Elena and put his hand on her shoulder. She tried to shrug him off, but he held on, and brought his head to her ear. His lips moved silently as he whispered into her ear, and Elena's angry demenor sofened as he spoke. He continued like this for a few moments, untill Elena patted him on the hand and nodded. Calmed down, she walked away from the rest of the group, arms wrapped around herself.

He turned to the rest of the group and gave them all an almost sad and disappointed look. Snapping on his goggles, he sat on the tail-gate of the half-track, head in hands.

27-10-2005, 20:55
Salic came to the armory and geared up with what he was told though he looked around for any new weapons that might come in handy. Then the Tech priest and Elana started up and he had his hands on his pistols. He was ready to take the "toaster down but things cooled off. He saw Caleb speek with and saw its effect so he walked to Caleb as he put on his goggles.

"So kid your a wyrd right? I dont mean any offence or anything but thats just what we call people with your gifts back home." He looked over at Elana then back to Caleb. "She's gona be ok right?"

Thane McHammer
27-10-2005, 21:00
Caleb gave a small half-shrug and a smile.

"I'm as wyrd as they come", he said, before nodding his chin towards the direction Elena went.

"She'll be fine..she's just got...lots on her mind at the moment"...he gave another smile. "But don't worry. Everythings going to be fine".

27-10-2005, 23:15
Elana looked at Caleb and shivered. He knew the right words to say and his child-like innocence helped more than he knew. Hold up. What did he know? Had he learned of her childhood, her feelings, everything?

'Caleb, next time ask,' she said quietly.

Her eyes darted around the place and quickly she withdrew Gold and Silver, Gary too was getting ready for combat. Something was off.

+Axel and Elana, Operation Alpha-Echo, immediately!+ crackled the vox.

'Sacred Emperor!' boomed Elana shocked at the orders. 'Everyone weapons ready. Heavy weapons and gunners take a step back, close combat hitters take the front.'

As everyone performed the action, sewars blew open as grenades were thrown out of them. Elana immediately turned and saw them rise out. Grotesque humans, hybrids of humanity and Xenos, the abomination.

'Kill them!' roared Elana as twenty of them bursted from the sewars and other underground passages. The Arbites were already there, guns ready and waiting for targets. Cyro must have contacted them as well.

She began to blast away as suddenly Cyro appeared beside her on one knee, needle rifle on semi-auto.

'Whats going on Cyro?' growled Elana.

'The usual,' Cyro said with a grin. 'I stirred up a nest.'

OoC/Right twenty enemies. About six will be killed by Arbites. And these fraggers are difficult to kill. So don't expect to be killing them with simple shots. They can take a beating ok?/OoC

28-10-2005, 12:06
OOC - Moving fast again... :rolleyes:

IC - Jacy had barely snapped on the gear she'd been told to before Cyro came back, and the enemy were attacking. "Drat," she said, and pulled out her Laspistol, keeping Julie in her holster. "Just what I need, more enemies," she grinned. "Salic, get over here, would ya?!" She said, letting a burst of Lasfire rip towards one of the enemy. It didn't even feel the blasts entering it's leg, instead, it kept walking forwards. Jacy cried out in terror.
"Mutant skavvies! Feth it!"
She snapped off another shot, taking the same thing in the head. It still moved forwards. After exhausting her las-pack, all shots dead-on into the being, she holstered her laspistol, and pulled Julie out. She pulled the triggor, letting the shot gun fire again and again, and emptied the shot-gun of it's shells. Only then did the thing die.
"Fething Emperor's Will!" She cursed, now having no ammo in either gun, she reloaded quickly.

Tanith Ghost
28-10-2005, 18:39
"This is what I was afraid of." Mac explained to the two gangers, taking up a sniping position with them. "First the robed thugs. Now the extra arms and ugly mugs. Soon we'll be up to our ears in purestrains." The sniper rifle cracked. Chest hit. The enemy didn't die though. Emperor's markmanship range! That thing's insides should be soup from that shot!
Mac took a bead and fired again. The hybrid dropped, most of it's head blown away. "Aim for the head! Go for head shots!" He shouted, reloading the sniper rifle.

28-10-2005, 20:03
Salic grabbed the first gun that was closest to him, an arbites shotgun. It was fully loaded and he charged up to Jacy covered her right side as he sent a exucutioner round into ones shoulder. it kept comin and he pumped another shell into its right knee. it fell as its leg was blown off but crawled forword until the third shell reduced its head to a red mist. More poored in at them and he turn just in time to blast on in the face as it jumped at Jacy it flew backwords in the air and landed on on of its fellow hybrids. "Hurry up Girl and get those guns loaded!" He fired again at the closest target.

28-10-2005, 22:45
"I do," said Jacy, letting her laspistol fire several bursts of fire into a mutant thing's face, although most went wide, one hit it squarely in the eye. "Just these things are tougher than what my guns can actually damage! (laspistol; Strength 3, Muties, Toughness 4... even her shot gun is only Strength 4 and AP 6! (rules wise, a four barrelled shotgun should be more powerful than an ordinary one...))"
Jacy let off another burst of fire, setting the laspistol to the high setting. She flashed off another shot, but it went wide and hit another in the foot, and melted it to the ground. The Mutant broke it's foot off and continued walking forwards. Jacy wretched at the sight of it, and fired again, attempting to kill the thing before it got any closer.

Commander X
29-10-2005, 11:16
'Oh great, I suppose this is one of the Inquisitor's ideas again...'

Seeing these creatures running - or rather, leaping - at them, Tunau once more confirmed this was his worst idea ever. He couldn't exactly hurt these things from a distance, and he certainly didn't want them any closer. The only good thing was that unlike with the others, his shots would have an instant effect on the creatures.(Mini-Graviton Gun: Auto-'Pinned' for 2D6-S turns.)

At first he missed several shots as the creatures were so fast - creating strange effects where the shots hit the ground - but then he caught one of them straight in the chest when it was jumping at them. It slammed into the ground, suddenly unable to move an inch due to the disrupted gravity.

Hoping someone else would be smart enough to finish the creature before the effect ended, Tunau turned to the next target.

29-10-2005, 16:59
GAry leapt at a creature and met it in mid air. he stabed it in the gut and twisted cause the legs to seperate form the toroso. Gary hit the ground and went to move to his next target but the creature grabed hold on his leg. though it do not slow him down he was quite surpised that it was still alive gary swung his foot in front of him which cause the creature's head to be under his boot. gary just set his foot down and made brain shake out of his head.

Cryo had really stired something up this time.

Gary concetraed on just slowing or incapaateing the half humans the long range weapons could finsih them off.

he had just cut one of them in half at the chest and got trackled to the ground by two of the creatures then begun to tear at his armour and he was surpised they were acauttly takeing chunks out. he grabed then and smashed there 2 heads together and droped them to the ground.

"Cryo what did you do this time might be a wise idea to take me next time" gary laughed even thought he was bleeding form that last attack. he didn;t even feel it

Tanith Ghost
29-10-2005, 18:30
Mac let the crosshairs drift onto the wounded mutant. "In the name of the thorne..." He whispered, and squeezed the trigger. THe mutant's head snapped back, and it fell, writhing. "Jacy, you ok?" He asked, lining up another shot. His scope went blurry. He put his rifle down andp ulled up the laspistol in time to hit the hybrid, cripling a clawed arm. The beast barreled over the block and knocked him down. "Get this....thing off me!" He grated,
trying to hold back the snarling hybrid and get a hand free long enough to go for his knife.

29-10-2005, 18:56
Gary heard Mac cry of help and he was close enough he grabed the freak by the shirt it wore he slamed it to the ground and stabed it in the face with the claws. He got up and offered a gaulanted hand to Mac

"you okay?"

29-10-2005, 20:58
Jacy moved back towards Mac. "MARINE! YOU GET KILLING THOSE THINGS, WHERE YOUR SKILLS WILL BE MORE USEFUL, I'LL TAKE CARE OF MAC!" She shouted, firing her Shotgun at the nearest mutant, blasting half it's head off, and sheering an arm away. It carried on moving and the Esher ganger fired again, and again, finally dropping it after seven or eight shots. She needed to reload. Again.

29-10-2005, 21:17
Gary hearded the Ganger she was right. That was one thing all his training still hadn't gotten rid of. He was still far to human.

he spun faster then could be seen by a normal human eye and tore the next freak into three peices. He moved over trying to protect the abrtiers. they were not used to haveing to face creatures like this none of them where.

OoC/i think by now most of the half human half genestealers should be dead just me though/OoC

Tanith Ghost
30-10-2005, 00:15
The marine was there and gone too quickly to say much. Mac took the offered hand, a little surprised at the strength in Jacy's wiry arm. "We're not dead yet. I figure we might win this brawl." He said, covering Jacy as she reloaded the mighty shotgun she carried. By this point, Mac's carapace armor was covered in blood, as well as a few dents left by near misses and close in grenade impacts.

30-10-2005, 12:37
Salic stayed close to Jacy as she moved to Mac and also helped provide cover fire. He was about to reload when one creature seamed to come out of no where. he had enough time to hit it in the face by using the arbites shotgun like a club but the creature responeded by slashing his chest then backhanding him in the temple. the impaced of the hit sent him to the ground dazed and bleeding from his head and chest. the creature advanced to finnish him off.

Thane McHammer
30-10-2005, 14:04
As the creatures advanced, and the small party began to fall one by one, Cyro fended off a slash and whirled around. They would need heavier firepower to deal with this latest threat, and though he was loath to use it now, there was no choice.

"Caleb!" He roared, "We need you!"

From his hiding place, Caleb took a deep breath, and stepped into the middle of the fighting. Shrugging off his coat, he hung his hands at his side, and let his head drop forwards. Under his breath, he began to mumble...

"Unlock...code number...emperor one four six three nine. Raising power level...omega level...lock power level..."

As he spoke, he raised his arms, and with the last word, stopped. The area suddenly got very cold, and then very warm, before returning to normal. A number of the creatures surounded him, assessing the new threat.

The creatures surrounding him began to pace back and forth, anxious. One of them growled and lept to strike, but as it flew through the air, Caleb moved. Whirling around, he kicked up a stone, one about the size of his fist. It hovered in the air for a split second, and then, with a whip of his wrist, flew out towards the flying creature. It struck it in the chest, bone snapping with an audiable crack, and then came out the other side in a shower of gore and ichor. The thing dropped, and tried to get up, but Caleb spun again and made a pulling motion, causing the stone to whip around and come flying back, striking the creature in the back of the neck. The resounding impact took off it's head, and it dropped dead. The rest of them charged, and Caleb met them head on. He dodged each of their attacks with ease, moving like an exotic dancer, and with each flick of his wrists, the stone flew back and forth, slicing through flesh and bone with ease. Soon, the three of the creatures were dead, and another two were oozing blood from dozens of punctures. Clapping his hands, the rock split mid-air, and with a swing of his arms, Caleb directed them towards his remaining targets. The stone pieces hit, and the impact carried their bodies into the wall behind them, before they crumpled and fell inert.

As the fighting moved in the groups favour, they renewed their attack.

In the center of the area, surrounded by the fallen creatures, Caleb wavered. He was panting hard, and he tugged off his goggles. Blinking, he knew that he had overdone it. He didn't need that much power to finish off five.It had hurt dearly, and still was. Elena came running over, fireing off a few shots to cover her run. Shaking his head again, he suddenly felt heady, and could feel a warm feeling down his neck and chin. Bring his fingers to his lips, they came away red. He was bleeding from his nose, and judging from the warmth down his back, from his ears as well. He must have really overdone it....

He began to tip forwards, and was only stopped by Elena grabbing the back of his shirt and dragging him behind her as she moved. The last things he heard before he blacked out was her angry mutterings, and he caught the words "showoff" and "idiot". Then everything went grey, and then black.

Tanith Ghost
30-10-2005, 21:58
Mac jumped onto the creature's back from behind and jammed the knife into
the crature's spine. Then the neck. Then the eye. The beast fell over at last,
twitching. "Salic, hang in there man, we got ya covered." He said, picking up his sniper rifle to cover the wounded man. "Keep your mind on the case of booze we're gonna drink when we win."

30-10-2005, 23:36
Salic spit out a mouthful of blood and started to pull himself into a sitting position and reload the shotgun with the few exiqutioner rounds he had left. "Sure thing Mac but this time 'your' buyin!" He winched from the pain in his chest after speeking. this was goin to leave a nasty scar.

31-10-2005, 09:48
OoC/Hey Thane can you lay off using Elana in your posts like that. She is not really a comforting person, nor could she give a feth about anyone on the field of battle. When the drugs are in effect, (anytime her adrenaline starts to pump), Elana is a warrior, a cold blood killer without a single care for anyone. Its who she is. I may deviate a little with Cyro, but thats has a reason ;)/OoC

Elana dragged Caleb's prone form closer to the team and Elana could see that the hybrids were all dead or in the process of being killed. She cursed.

'Move over, these are mine!' she roared as Elana reholstered both guns and took out her fighting knives. 'What out boys and girls, time to see how the Sprite does things.'

Elana threw herself into combat and suddenly the world came to a halt. Her breathing was faster, she could see moves before they were done and she felt powerful. Three hybrids charged her as Elana jumped into the air, doing the splits as both legs kicked two of them in the chest. The hybrids fell backwards as the third one attempted to club her with its mace, Elana dodged the attack, her knife burying deep within the beast's forearm as her left knife buried itself into the beast's throat, blue blood coating her as the wound coughed blood.

Elana roared as suddenly as a sharp pain screamed from her back. Elana turned her head and saw the hybrid she had kicked holding an autopistol in its third arm.

'You bastard!' shouted Elana as ran towards him, pulling a reverseve sommersault as her boots connected with its jaw as she landed, the hybrid was screaming in pain from the broken jaw and Elana showed no mercy. She quickly pulled out Gold and pumped six shells right into its skull as she nimbly dodged a swing from the last hybrid.

Elana spun to meet her enemy, Gold deflecting its attack aimed for her head. Realising all she had left was Gold and Silver, she reached down and grabbed Silver when the hybird tackled her to the floor, both Gold and Silver flying from her hands.

Cursing as Elana sprang to her legs, the hybrid launched a series of attacks and Elana barely dodged them, the drugs reaching their climax as suddenly one hit her in the face, knocking her backwards to the floor. The hybird threw itself at her, Elana's hand quickly found something and without even thinking she threw it.

The hybrid suddenly screamed as it fell to the floor, a small hand axe sticking in its skull. It was then that the fight was over.

Elana stood to her full height, coated in blood as she screamed her triumph to the Gods. Her eyes were a deep red as she looked round searching for more enemies, when she caught sight of the team. Quickly gaining momentuem she charged at them.

Suddenly she fell to the floor, a small dart sticking in her leg as Cyro slung his needle rifle around his back. He shook his head and got on the vox.

'Marshall, we need some medics,' ordered Cyro as suddenly an arbite medic came running and soon more came.

They found themselves back in the precinct and things were looking grim.

Cyro sat down and lit a smoke.

OoC/Right, re-arm yourselves and get medical aide if you need it. This will all be explained soon enough and as for the constant action, there is a purpose Darmort/OoC

31-10-2005, 12:26
Salic walked into the room cyro was in. he had been patched up rearmed with plenty of ammo for his new shotgun and a carapace armor chest plate. "Well Boss I dont know what ya had to do to **** those things off but it was one hell of a fight and I am happy to have fought it for ya!" He reached into a pocket and pulled out a pack of smokes aswell and lit one. "Looks like I am the first outa sickbay. Hows Elana by the way? she took a good beatin back there."

31-10-2005, 15:59
Gary felt good he felt like he was needed. there had been to many time where he had been called for by a inqustior where a well trained guardsmen would have done just fine.

Gary walked up to cryo

"Cryo I would wish to lead the search for the Genestealers nest. your Team may have been able to handle these half breeds but purestrain. well..... Even I will have trouble with them. but as allways i just offer my advice you have the final word"

Gary was starting to get worried he knew what that many half breeds meant. and he knew that somewhere on this planet there was a nest and for all he knew there might even be a Broodlord which if that was so. this planet might allready be doomed and if it was he hoped Cryo would utter the one word


31-10-2005, 16:12
Cyro looked at Salic and shrugged.

'She'll be fine,' Cyro said quickly, 'At the worse of times, her bloodlust gets the best of her. As for the fighting, well, she's the one who threw herself into combat like that. It was one fine show if you saw the fight. I think even Gary would have been proud.'

It after mentioning his name the Deathwatch Marine entered the room, and approached Cyro. Cyro listened to him and took a long drag on his ciggerrette before he spoke.

'Gary, I am full aware of the situation and of my crew. I have chosen them because I know of tight this mission is going to be. As for the sudden arrival of the hybrids, that would be my fault,' Cyro said as he looked at everyone present.

'I left you guys to check out the tunnels that run throughout this city and as I began to map them, I was caught by a fragging cultist. I killed him, but his death scream had caused an alarm to go off. As I got out of there, the hybrids followed,' Cyro explained. 'What I don't understand is that they had no fear of revealing themselves. I think we need to rally the PDF forces and the Arbites as I feel the Genestealer cultists are getting extremely brave. We shall be stopping by the Governor's Palace before we venture into the toxic desert.'

Cyro saw Salic's eyes light up.

'Don't worry, it will be an informal meeting and kept extremely low key,' Cyro said as he brushed aside his long hair.

Commander X
31-10-2005, 16:30
'Valu, report on anomalies during the last encounter.'

Tunau had been too busy with not getting himself killed to check how all the others were acting now, so he had left Valu to that task. Before he would go to see the others again himself, Tunau listened to Valu reporting on them.

Most of it wasn't interesting, if not boring, as almost everyone was acting like normal humans. The only unusual thing was Cyro shooting down Elana in the end. This wasn't a very good sign, as it meant one of them wasn't too mentally stable...

Thane McHammer
31-10-2005, 17:05
OOC: Sorry 'bout that, Slaz. I fixed it so that it's better../OOC

Caleb was hunched over, trying to stem the bleeding from his nose. An ice compress was bound to his head, and bloody rags surrounded him. He knew perfectly well this would happen, but he knew that he shouldn't have done it. He was ment for protection and defence, not killing, but even then, a little pain was worth the saving of the crew.

Grand Warlord
31-10-2005, 23:07
OOC: Many apologies to you all ... I had a sinus infection that spread into my lungs and have been unable to post due to my medications until now. Please forgive me.

The stormtrooper had account a few kills mostly knee and groin shots so that those in the thick of the fighting could have an easier time of thier jobs. He stood ready with a freshly loaded hellgun. He sat a few seats down from Cyron his helmet on the table ... a fresh scar on his lower right cheek where a blade had gotten lucky.

"Glad to see that you are safe lord."

Dante didnt speak much and he hated it.

Tanith Ghost
31-10-2005, 23:24
"We done it." Mac said grimly, kicking a dead hybrid for good measure.
Jacy, Salic, fancy some booze? I'm buying this time." He said to the two gangers. "I gotta get me some more of this 'wildsnake' stuff."

01-11-2005, 12:19
"I hate urban fighting," Jacy muttered, before turning to Mac.
"Drink sounds good, but first, I want some ammo for these bloody guns before I'm out."
Jacy met Salic and Mac a while later, after having filled her Shotgun and Laspistol with ammo, as well as her belt pouches.
"Not started without me, have you?" She asked.

01-11-2005, 14:11
Gary hoped that The Cryo knew what he was doing.

gary walkd back out and wanted to take a look at the hybrids during a battle its hard to see how bad a gentic taint is. he picked up and looked around at some of the bodies. none of them regestried to have any pyshic powers which was good. only a few had more then 2 arms but even thouht where normal human arms and hands with claws on the ends.

most just had some chitin on different parts of there bodies. so it couldn;t be that bad

Tanith Ghost
01-11-2005, 20:09
"Who, me?" Mac laughed. He poured the ganger a stein of wildsnake. "Tense battle back there. At the rate we're going, we might just kill enough to bug'll be pissed off when they get here. Just ignore my doomsaying though. Cynical
and gloomy is my second job since I've been in the guard. Helps ease my nerve to say just how dead everyone is."

01-11-2005, 20:16
"Oh sure, I get indoctrinated into a mission where I'm told I'll be paid well and then someone I'm working with tells me I'm not going to be paid because I'm not going to be around to use the money," she said sarcastically, sipping the Wildsnake slowly. "Now what of you? Are you going to live so you can spread your dooms every where else, now?"

01-11-2005, 21:54
Cyro glanced up and cursed Mac.

'Mac, no drinking from here on in, unless I have one got it?' Cyro said as he took a shot. 'Now we are even. No more understand me trooper?'

Cyro was not sounding harsh, but more like a friendly man giving strong advice, but still he knew Mac would listen to him as he was loyal.

Cyro went outside and saw Gary looking outwards. The marine was different from his brother marines, which was more than likely the same reason he was sent to the Deathwatch, but this difference made him stronger. Something deep and thoughtful came from this marine as if Gary was not just the run-of-the mill grunt, he was a leader of men, a hero.

'Gary, don't think too much into this,' Cyro said with a sigh. 'There is more at stake here than this planet. This planet is corrupt beyond belief Gary, and I believe the Emperor has forsken them. I am here to do as my Ordo commanded and leave them to their fate. As shameful as it may seem, you will see why as we make haste. You will even hate me for knowing the truth.'

Cyro sighed and looked down. He walked away and went inside the Precinct.

Elana was up and she was saying something about missing Gold and Silver. Cyro chuckled as he passed her the mastercrafted autopistols.

'Thanks Cyro,' she said with a smile like a child finding their favourite toy after believing it lost. She quickly reholstered them and looked at Cyro.

'Did I go,' she paused and got real quiet, 'psycho again?'

Cyro looked into her eyes and sighed deeply. He hated saying the truth when he knew it hurt her, but she knew it already, she just needed him to say it.

'Yes,' Cyro said queitly. 'I had to shoot the dart.'

'Oh,' Elana said and then backed off. She then walked off and went towards Mac.

'Damn good killing out there,' Elana said with a laugh as she sat down.

Cyro took a seat and awaited the others.

01-11-2005, 22:05
"I do not doubt you in the slightest Cryo. But I do not like being kept in the dark but I do understand that knowing something can be deadly" Gary him self had to kill loyal Servants of the empoer just for what they had seen. those days still haunted him to this day.

"If the Planet is so courrpt why do we not leave it for the trynids or destory this place. what are you looking for Cryo why are you here." Gary decied that it would be better for him to stop now then to press the issuse further

"Im am sorry my lord I steped out of line" Gary said as he gave Cryo a deep bow.

01-11-2005, 22:45
Cyro walked out to Gary and saw the Marine was still not easy. His worries were there and Gary hated being kept in the dark, but Cyro knew it was important.

'Do not worry Gary,' Cyro said with a grin. 'There is something here and its not just the fate of this planet, its the fate of others. This planet will be destroyed, but this something must be confirmed as destroyed no matter the cost. That is why.'

01-11-2005, 22:56
Gary nodded He liked Cryo he was down to earth he had known some Inquistor that would have mind scubed or kille dhim for just saying such things

Tanith Ghost
02-11-2005, 10:21
"Not really me spreading doom, it's more me being doomed and letting everyone else know it." Mac said. "Spoilsport." He said once Cyro was out of earshot. "I'll be glad if I live to see twenty five." He said, finishing off his drink and picking up the conversation where he left off. "That said, when everything goes to hell, stay with me. I'll look after you. Not saying you can't fend for yourself, but you live a lot longer with someone watching your back."

Thane McHammer
02-11-2005, 11:15
Caleb sat in one corner, playing with a few scraps of metal and spent shell casings. His face was clean, as someone had tossed him a canteen of water, and his hair tied back in a neat horsetail.

He began to concentrate, and the bits rose from the ground and hovered above his hand. Shifting his concentration, he began to spin them in the air, weaving them in and out, forming shapes and patterns. It was part amusment, part practice. The pressure began to build in his head, and he let go. The metal scraps clattered to the floor, and he sighed. It was barely 2 weeks since he had left the training halls of the fortress...his real tastes of action. He knew how to control it, but there was still so much there that he needed to mould and shape to his control.

Concentrating again on the metal, he brought them up, swirling again. Practice makes perfect....

Commander X
02-11-2005, 17:00
Finally - after having concluded that both subjects had to be investigated further (that is Cyro and Elana for those who forgot) - Tunau went to the new briefing, not to pay much attention to it, but rather hoping to catch more hints of which of them - if not both - were the ones with problems.

'This might prove interesting.' he thought to himself, thinking about what would happen in case one of them would have another 'attack' of strange behaviour.

03-11-2005, 18:41
Inquisitor Cyro and his team were soon mounted in a large Imperial half-track as they made their way to the Governor's Palace. Already PDF and Arbite forces could be seen about the city, securing key locations and awaiting any activity.

Cyro knew some of their forces more than likely already contained Genestealer sympathisers, but he was not here for them. The war was bound to happen and the people of this planet would suffer for their crimes against the Emperor.

As they pulled up to the Imperial Palace, they got out and were shown inside hastily.

When they entered, the Governor met them half-way, surrounded by five men.

+Gary and Axel, be ready. I don't like the look of this,+ Cyro voxed quickly as the Governor stepped forward.

'Inquisitor Cyro, nice to meet you. Shame you must die,' the Governor said as suddenly the five men pulled out their weapons and took aim. The men were holding elborate lasguns that looked as if they were fired, the guns would kill their users instead of their target.

Suddenly the hallway became a killing zone as the lasguns opened up. Both Mac and Elana were hit as they fell to the ground. Mac, who only suffered a minor arm graze continued to fire back.

Cyro knew this was a killing zone and the only way to stop it was to get into close combat. Quickly charging forth, Cyro led his men into the five armed grunts.

As the guards fell more came at them, as the team was trapped on both ends, but it no longer mattered.

'For the Emperor!' roared Cyro as his sword went deep into a grunt's throat.

OoC/Its a hallway. So we are literally surrounded and there is no way out for now. So fight and take minor damage at most, but it is expected you will get hurt, if not I will deliver it./OoC

Elana cursed as she checked herself. A chest wound, but luckily the drugs had kicked in and the pain was gone. She got up and fired her autopistols into the enemy. Only by killing could she feel anything.

Commander X
03-11-2005, 19:35
'And another thing that could have been easily avoided had that Inquisitor been paying attention...'

Tunau - or rather, Valu - had seen this coming, but Cyro wouldn't listen anyhow. Instead, he had lead the team into a simple trap, which - although simple - could prove disastrous to all of them.

As it was his fault - or so Tunau would claim - Tunau took cover behind the charging Cyro to avoid being shot down immediatly. The only problem was that this cover wasn't quite up to his size, nor any use against fire from the other side. And thus it wasn't long before he was struck in the chest by several Lasbolts.

Tunau looked at the molten metal and scorched flesh where he was hit. Although he didn't feel anything, it looked quite serious and would have to be attended to later. For now he would just have to get himself a bit closer to avoid getting shot before the enemy would eventually kill themselves.

Tanith Ghost
03-11-2005, 20:38
"Emperor's ironic plot twists!" Mac roared, firing the laspistol like a gunslinger as the dove toward the wall. He took out his knife and threw it, taking a traitor in the neck. He took the chance to unlimber the rifle and fire from the hip. A grunt taking a bead on jacy fell, a hole in his chest. A return shot took Mac on the shoulder, knocking him onto his back.

03-11-2005, 21:49
Jacy cursed, and brought up Julie, slamming herself into the wall and firing at the enemy. One shot, two shots, three shots, four shots, five shots, six shots, seven shots, eight shots... out, and three smoking bodies.
She quickly dropped to start reloading, but suddenly looked down. Her arm had been hit. By what, she couldn't think, but it stung. A lot. She cried out in pain and pulled her laspistol from it's holster, dropping her shotgun and firing randomly at the enemy, or so she thought, since she was blind with pain.

Thane McHammer
04-11-2005, 11:29
Caleb winced as everyone was hit by the barrage of fire. They were pinned down, with Caleb huddled behind an outcrop with Marc and Jacy on either side of him. Both of them fell with a cry of pain, Marc being hit on the shoulder, and Jacy on the arm.

Caleb sat down and concentrated. His mind felt out toward the cultists, probing them. The guns they were carrying were of archaic design, with simple clips and triggers. He narrowed his focus, on the ignition, and thought hard. There were three screams, and then three small exposions, as the guns exploded in the men's hands.

As the team began to move forward, there was movment at the end of the hall. Three cultists were struggling with something large and tube-like. It was a missile launcher, but a very old one. Someone fired, and took down one of the loaders, but the carrier was able to take a bead on their position, and pull the trigger. Caleb acted. As the missile spiralled towards them, he vaulted towards it. Halfway down the hallway, he lept, and took the missile full in the chest. The detonating mechanism failed to ignite immediatly, and the force propelling it lifted him up and carried him over everyone.

They flew through the air for another moment, as everyone ran for cover, before hitting the back wall. In an great eruption, the missile exploded. The flash was enough to momentarily blind everyone, and when the smoke cleared, they could see that there was nothing left of the missile, or Caleb. The wall had collapsed, and so had the roof above it, preventing them from going back. The cultists had fled, pulling back, and there was nothing to be heard of save for the creaking of damaged supports and the groaning of the wounded.

((Is he dead?! Is he gone?! Who knows...*cue theatrical music))

04-11-2005, 15:29
Cyro knew they were all dead. Only Gary was truly keeping them from being overwhelmed and the Marine seemed near tyring. It was madness as Cyro watched Caleb disappear in a haze of smoke, numerous of his followers take wounds, yet they all fought on.

Would this be his last stand? Not if he had anything to say about it.

+Axel, awaken him,+ Cyro voxed knowing the Assassin was itching for something to do. No one knew where he was, but Cyro knew. Axel had remained aboard the ship as it could in handy if this mission went upside down as it now had. They only had one chance and it all came down to timing.

+Everyone fight on! Help is on the way!+ Cyro voxed to everyone as he rammed his sword deep into the gut of a grunt. They were in a tight circle with those who could not fight in the centre as the ones capable of hand to hand fought the grunts close and personal.

Elana snarled as pain flared up from her right arm. Already she had lost her left pinkie, a few broken ribs and numerous knife wounds, but she was not beaten. This was what she lived for as her knife quickly found the sweet spot on some one's neck, right in the spinal column as her small axe went straight into a grunt's chest as she carved upwards, burying it deep within his flesh.

Howling in ectasy, Elana jumped into the air and quickly pulled out Gold and Silver in one fluid motion and shot into the grunts as she landed on one, Gold sticking right into his left eye. She fired as blood and gore drenched her. She rolled off of him and rammed Silver into the jaw of a grunt as Gold fired point blank into his chest.

She could not keep this up and already the glands were working overtime. Sooner or later, she would lose her grip on reality and become a bloodlusting daemon of hell. In one small part of her mind, she did not care.

OoC/keep up the combat and we shall be having our special guest (another NPC) arriving soonish. So fight like you are about to die/OoC

Tanith Ghost
04-11-2005, 20:31
Mac was glad the carapace had stopped the shot, and it'd been the impact that pitched him over. "Salic, cover me!" He shouted to the other ganger, as he scrambled to help Jacy. The rubblel eft by this missile impact might give some cover. "I gotta get you into some cover til I can get an idea of how bad it is." He said, pitching a grenade at the thugs in front of them, then helping his wounded comrade into cover behind the rubble. He grabbed the big shotgun and handed it to her. "We need that firepower back in the game or we've had it." He said, setting up his sniper rifle on the rubble for a shot
at a particularly loudmouthed cultist.

05-11-2005, 03:33
Gary sprung into action it was hard to tell freind and foe apart but lucky he was able to tell at least who was on cryos team apart form the rest. Gary kept his claws in this time not meaning to cause any unnesscary damage. Gary still was more then a macth for these fools.

Grand Warlord
05-11-2005, 21:30
Dante was screaming with each shot .

"Die you chaos scum!!"

He was pretty much unable to miss at this range ... he even was sticking his intended target with his bayonet before opening fire with pretty much full auto. He knew he would never match the gangers in combat ability but he knew how to kill with his weapons.

"For the Emperor!"

Suddenly the world seemed much lighter as a back hand knocked him momentarily senseless.

07-11-2005, 05:24
Salic was at home here. he drew his sword and started ducking and weaving until he got into combat with 2 of thier attackers. the first had no time to react as his sword cut deep into the mans neck. the second man blocked his strike. they clashed for a few seconds befor Salic finnished him. He saw Jacy take a hit and start firing blindly. "holy feth!" he dove for cover as he was grazed by one of her shots. it was nothing really it just burned. what really hurt was the kick to his ribs from another attacker.

Commander X
07-11-2005, 16:53
When Tunau had decided for himself the injuries were negligible, he had almost reached the guards - and was still using Cyro as 'cover'. He still didn't think all this was a good idea, but he didn't really have a choice to begin with.

Reaching the enemies, the mechanical tentacles forming the Flail sprung to live, and lashed about like snakes - snakes with a current on them that is. As the guards were only armed with their strange guns, it wasn't hard to hit and stun them, leaving the trigger-happy members of the team to finish them.

'They never do it the easy way. Why won't they just accept they have no chance and just give up...'

Thane McHammer
08-11-2005, 08:32
OOC: Alright...seems I left some things open that needed closing.

Caleb is currently knocked out under a couple tonns of stone and metal. However, he's not dead. He'll pop back up later, when he comes 'round. So please, continue.


08-11-2005, 11:03
Cyro was cursing over and over as he killed another grunt. How many were there? Planetary Governor's could have anywhere from 20,000 to a million plus troopers, but these were not just mere grunts. These were genestealer cultists, not just the ordinary run of the mill grunts.

This planet was doomed already and he cursed the reasons for even forming a team and coming to this planet. Suddenly a knife pierced his chest and he bellowed in rage. It was impossiable, even the Marine was harmed in multiple places.

Suddenly mass screams could be heard from behind as bodies were flying in the air, torched and maimed as a solitary firgure literally cut a massive path through the massed bodies of grunts, as fires exploded from the ground. A dark laugh could be heard as the figure approached Cyro and the team.

He instantly turned his attention to the rest of the grunts that the Marine was holding back.

'Shall I, Inquisitor?' asked the figure. It was fully robed and a massive hood hiding all features. Whatever this figure was, its identity was completely hidden.

'Don't get cocky,' growled Cyro.

The figure spun round, another laugh coming from the figure as suddenly the massed bodies all exploded. Without cause or purpose, three hundred men and women exploded.

The attack was over and they were alive.

Cyro got up and pressed himself against the wall, still bleeding. He knew it was bad and so was most of the team.

The figure approached Cyro and removed his hood. His face was handsome, with cold steel blue eyes, close cropped blonde hair and a spider tatoo on his left cheek. The man looked at Cyro and brought his left hand to the wound. Suddenly the wound began to knit together and Cyro felt all pain flow away. Without seconds it was gone.

'Shall I heal the rest of your meatshields?' asked the man with a smile.

'Yes,' Cyro said as he called to the rest of the team. Everyone was alive and Caleb was found under some rumble as the robed man began to heal everyone. Everyone was confused as this robed man healed them right before their eyes and were wary of it, but Cyro had said the robed man was safe.

Elana locked eyes with the robed man. She knew who he was and what he was. As he neared her, Elana snarled as he healed her chest and left leg wound.

'Thats the last time you touch me, psyker,' snarled Elana at the robed man.

'Ah still sore after that beating I gave you,' the robed man said with a grin.

'Quiet psyker or I will have your head,' cursed Elana. The robed man bowed and went back to Cyro.

'Everyone is healed. Shall I assume you have woken me for a valid reason then?' asked the robed man.

'Yes, we have a Genestealer Infestation and this entire planet is set for destruction,' Cyro said with a deep sigh. 'Read my mind for the rest as I cannot say it allowed.'

The robed man placed his hand on Cyro's head and suddenly took it away.

'I am glad you woke me up! I would have killed you if I missed this,' said the robed man. 'Now are you going to introduce them to me or shall I?'

'Lose the robes then and I shall,' laughed Cyro. As he looked at the team, Cyro got up.

'This is Adam Jenkins,' Cyro said as Jenkins turned round, his robes now off. He was wearing an Imperial Guard uniform, with an unknown regiment isignia and looked really skinny, but muclse could be seen. A needle rifle could be seen on his back and two small handaxes were visiable as well.

Jenkins grinned at them.

'What Cyro fails to tell you is that I am an Alpha psyker,' Jenkins said with a laugh. 'Now Inquisitor, your Governor is attempting to run into the toxic desert.'

'Good, as was predicted,' Cyro said with a sigh. 'Alright team, get your gear and lets leave this palace. We did as was expected of us. We flushed the Governor out and into the open. Now we shall serve the Emperor and kill the Xenos heretic.'

Cyro looked around and sighed.

'But we can hold here for a few minutes,' Cyro said shaking his head.

OoC/Fight is over and we now have Adam Jenkins, an alpha psyker, and who will be extremely useful. So there we go, chill out and relax ok?/OoC

Thane McHammer
08-11-2005, 16:45
Caleb sniffed as someone hauled him from under the rubble. Note to self...never intercept a missile again....but it seems that everyone else is still alive...good....

Then his nose caught a wiff of something...he knew that smell. It smelt and tasted metallic in his mouth and nose...power. He opened his eyes, focusing on the source, and found himself looking at a mirror image...but one much older, and with shorter hair...and a strange spider tattoo. Electric blue met ice blue, and suddenly, there was understanding.

Alpha level he thought, A true master.... Where once flew thoughts of red and purple now were filled with white and blue.

He passed out again.

Commander X
08-11-2005, 17:32
'Hmm, a temporal new ally. Another one of those persons that does not possess a correct soul. Another 'Insignificant' research project I suppose.'

He didn't take much interest in the man and what he was doing, but refused to let him touch his chest. After all, what good could the help of someone who isn't even right in mind possibly be at the repairing of perfection?

It got worse when he saw Cyro speak <yes, saw speak> about what was exactly happening down here. He couldn't believe what he read, the Inquisitor had actually brought them to a planet that was to be destroyed. This wasn't a very good place to be then, and more importantly, why would he bother hunting something to kill it, if it would be destroyed along with the entire planet anyway? Finding this an inacceptable circumstance, he walked up to the Inquisitor to interrupt.

"And why exactly are we hunting down something when this planet is to be destroyed? Can't you just let it die and have us all live on our lives on a planet where we won't be blown up?" he spoke annoyed.

08-11-2005, 20:00
Jenkins instantly turned to the Tech Priest.

'Ah hello Tunau,' Jenkins said with a crack. 'Now then, why don't you forget what you heard?'

Jenkins rose his hand and Cyro stopped him.

'No Jenkins, I do need to tell them the truth,' Cyro said humbly. 'It is why I summoned them.'

Cyro stood in the middle of everyone and spoke aloud.

'I have summoned you all here because we need to kill the Patriarch of this Genestealer Cult. We need to make sure it is killed or it could lead to a possiable strand of the future we don't want,' Cyro said with a sigh. 'Yes this planet is to be destroyed, but I want to make sure the kill is confirmed. This planet has been under Genestealer infiltration for over five years. I have been watching this cult for sometime now and have linked it to a Patriarch I thought I killed fifteen years ago. It lived and now I want it destroyed.'

Cyro sighed to himself as he looked at everyone.

'The planet was beyond redemption. I found the cult too late, but it no longer mattered as now this planet is food for the Tyranids as our fleets now move into position to destroy the Tyranid fleet as it feasts on the planet,' Cyro said and then shook his head. 'Fifteen minutes before we leave.'

08-11-2005, 21:38
Gary's worse fears were confirmed.

"Cryo If I let me leave ahead of the team to at least weakan the cult, if it is so deep they know there comeing and I will at least had a chance to take out this creature of flith"

Gary wasn't used to pleading but in this case he would

"At your word I go Cryo"

09-11-2005, 18:19
"I am not a meatshield," growled Jacy, reloading her weapons as she let herself be healed. She looked at the Space Marine, and asked. "You wish to die just to save us? Is that what all Marines want?"

Commander X
09-11-2005, 19:29
After 'reading' out Cyro's story, Tunau wasn't suprised. The fact that this man had brought them all here to be most likely die just because he had failed to accomplish his earlier tasks, perfectly fitted the image he had formed of him by now.

"And why exactly are we needed for that? You are perfectly able to get yourself consumed by the Hivemind without needing to take us with you."

Tunau wasn't feeling like staying here any longer than was absolutely neccesary. Staying on a planet that was going to be destroyed by three different causes at the same time was suicide, and that wasn't how he wanted to end...

Tanith Ghost
09-11-2005, 19:57
Mac was numb. For once the calamities his cynical mind dreamed up and the reality of situation matched up perfectly. Me and my big gakking mouth.
"If the marine goes out there, I'm going with him. Sorry big guy, but if we're all gonna die, I'm not letting you hog all the glory. And I'll be damned if I let someone go out there to die alone."

Grand Warlord
09-11-2005, 23:53
He doubted it would help morale.... but.

"Good luck everyone ... if we are to die today ... it was a honor fighting beside you all."

10-11-2005, 02:50
Gary looked at the men around him these were true men. Men of vaulor, for unlike Gary they had not been trained to fight the horrors of the xenos but they were still ready to fight and die for the empoeror

"Cryo we are waiting for you order, Speak and we shall go"

10-11-2005, 12:04
Cyro sighed and looked at them.

'We will not be doing any more suicide missions,' Cyro said with a smile. 'Alright heres the plan. By attacking here, we have forced the cult to make itself known. I have no idea how many loyalists there are and I fear there may not be any. Even the Arbites and PDF can and more than likely are infected. This I have no illusions of.'

'The next courses of action for the cult is to strike back at us, however, we are believed dead thanks to Jenkins and his powers,' Cyro said nodding to Jenkins. 'This gives us an upper hand as we are now dead, therefore ghosts. The underground cult seems to stem from the toxic desert. The Governor is also heading that way, so we can safely assume this is the lair. The plan at the moment is to head towards their lair, deploy and find another entrance to it, or go in the hard way.'

Cyro let a sigh and then looked at everyone.

'This is going to be a tough mission, but we do have Jenkins and Gary, two of our biggest weapons as well as each of the rest with your own unique traits that I require of this mission, even if it is just hired muscle,' laughed Cyro with a grin. 'Lets move out.'

Within twenty minutes they were heading towards the toxic desert. Everyone was seated within the Imperial half-trak and soon chatter began.

Elana looked at Cyro and sighed.

'I know this is bad, he's awake now,' Elana said after sometime. 'After we spent two years hunting and tracking him, two years after we placed him, willingly I add, into cryo-sleep and you wake him up for this. Whats really happening? What did....?'

'Quiet Elana, the Tech Adept can lip-read,' Cyro said in High Gothic.

'Yes Inquisior,' she replied her feelings hurt.

Jenkins sat beside Caleb and looked at the psyker.

'Youth is something we can hang onto,' Jenkins said with a smile. 'I look 23, but I am really 3 centuries old. Privaledge of my psychic powers, may the Emperor bless me for them.'

OoC/Okay a little to digest, but alas, when is it not with my big posts? Okay just chatter as we travel towards the toxic desert./OoC

Thane McHammer
10-11-2005, 13:31
Caleb chuckled and nodded.

"Yes...it's always good to be young. Though three centuries..." he trailed off.
"I don't know how old I really am...though I get snippits of the past...I remember a time, hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago...a great golden light..." He fiddled with a scrap of cloth. "It's like I can't remember...every hundred and fifty or so years, I black out for a month, and when I wake up, it's like I'm a young child." He stared into the distance. "I could be eons old, but I'll only ever remember a hundred years, and then it's gone..."

The cloth in his hand rose up and began to spin as he exerted his power, twisting it into various shapes. It folded and unfolded in on itself, untill it was in the shape of a bird, a crane. He blew gently, and it took off from his palm, flying off into the distance as the wind caught it.

He turned to Jenkins, an appologetic look on his face. "I'm sorry...I don't know why I told you that..."

10-11-2005, 13:32
Gary was Pleased he was glad that there were going to take out the Paritarch, Prehaps not in the way he would like but better then not acting.

He did like Cryo, might be not quite as seroius as He thought a Inquistor should be but, he could work with people something that most Inqistors could not do.

Gary walked up to Jenkins

"well sounds like you and me are going to be leading the assault. I assume that you Can take care of your self?" there was nothing worse then going into battle not knowing who you be fighting right along side you

10-11-2005, 13:55
Jenkins listened to Caleb and nodded.

'Maybe its your powers? I can remember the times when the Primarchs walked the stars and the Emperor was alive, but I did not live it. The memories are there, printed on the warp, like a living tide of memories, emotions and raw untapped energy,' Jenkins said as his eyes quickly lit up then went back to cold blue. 'Try cryo-sleep, that really frags you up.'

It was then Gary spoke and Jenkins merely sighed.

'Oh poor me, in the face of such a superhuman, how can I defend myself?' Jenkins replied with a smirk. 'Sorry, couldn't resist. I destroyed all those men and saved the entourage and you couldn't handle them yourself. I think I can handle this Patriarch. Wait and see, Marine. Also remember I am on your side.'

It was then Jenkins felt the beginnings of the shakes and silently cursed. Quickly taking out a small vial of human blood, he drank it, not caring who saw him. To everyone else, it looked like a vial of nutrients and other fluids.

Thane McHammer
10-11-2005, 14:36
To everyone else, it might have been a vial of nutrients, but to those that could see the ebb and flow of life, it was immediatly apparent. Caleb raised an eyebrow Jenkin's way as he drank down the vial. He had heard of psykers needing alternate forms of energy to sustain themselves, but he never encounted one. Well, couldn't remember encountering one.

As he listened to Jenkins and the marine argue, he crosses his arms and mumbled, not loudly, but just enough so that they could here it, "Big deal...I took a krak missile to the chest, saving your asses, and I don't hear anything for it...."

He knew that he was above such juvenille acts, but hey, he looked like a teenager, might as well get used to acting like one.

10-11-2005, 16:05
'A krak missile to the chest you say?' Jenkins asked with an eyebrow raised. 'Try fighting a Carnifex or two, then you can talk trash.'

Jenkins closed his eyes and muttered something completely indecypherable.

He was beginning to miss cryo-sleep as he was allowed to swim the Warp and just be in bliss, but now he was awake and he was still cursed.

'Caleb, remember one thing, keep pushing yourself to the limit,' Jenkins said with a wink.

Commander X
10-11-2005, 16:09
Tunau hadn't quite understood what Elana was talking about - he didn't get a clear view, and he was getting distracted by Jenkins and the Marine. He figured it was all not that important, so wouldn't bother thinking about it too much.

The discussion between the two Psykers was more interesting at the least. He decided to watch that for a while, untill something would happen that needed their attention.

Tanith Ghost
10-11-2005, 19:43
Mac checked over the sniper rifle. All in order. "So long as we're boasting here, if I have anything to do with it that patriarch is gonna get his from a hotshot lasround between the eyes." He dug out a bottle of wildsnake. "Last one." He said, taking a swig, and passing Salic the bottle. "If we do have to but it out here, let's make sure we give the nids a kick in the shins they'll remember for years."

10-11-2005, 19:49
Jenkins laughed quickly.

'Oh a man like you is going to kill a Patriarch? How effective is that toy compared to a Hive Tyrant or the new Genestealer breed, called a Broodlord? Like a mosquito bite on a grox's rear end, more of an annoyance than anything else,' laughed Jenkins again as he unslung his needle rifle.

'This is the weapon you want. A mastercrafted needle rifle, with infra red scope, nightvision and witchsight. It fires both on automatic thus becoming effectively a needler, the pistol format or single shot for a single round. These needles are tipped with a biological virus, once it hits Tyranid flesh, it causes muscle fatigue and other nasties,' Jenkins said with a sigh. 'However I don't need it that much. Nothing my psychic abilities can manage. Trust me, you'll see.'

Jenkins could feel the urges rising once more. The inner rage, the will to kill, the taste of blood, the urge to feast on flesh once more. He quickly silenced the voices as he drank another vial.

Thane McHammer
10-11-2005, 21:22
Caleb rolled his eyes. If anything, Jenkins was definetly arrogant, but he seemed alright. But as he tossed back another vial, Caleb knew that he had something wrong with him. Emotions washed off all of them like waves, some of them fear, others, anger. From Jenkins, it was...fury, and hunger. Thoughts of blood and flesh. Caleb began to think...where had he heard of this before. Then he knew what it was. Jenkins had a sanguinary complex. He had read of it in an inquisitorial report about the Blood Angels chapter, but that was a genetic deficiency...and Jenkins certainly didn't look like a Space Marine...

The more Caleb observed him, the more he began to wonder...is this what the road of power leads to?

10-11-2005, 21:30
It would be wise not to ponder such questions, Jenkins's voice echoed in Caleb's mind. I was once possessed by a daemon, a vampyric one. It feasted on blood and flesh. I am free of taint and a warrior of the Inquisition, but still he is there, or particles of his destroyed prescence.

Jenkins looked back at Caleb.

Don't ask any more questions or well, I might remove some memories, mainly the ones I just told you and some random things, important things, Jenkins said with a threatening tone.

Thane McHammer
10-11-2005, 21:35
You know, you've really got to get over yourself. I'm inquisitive, not stupid. Besides, YOU started telling me about yourself, I didn't ask you anything. And besides...quit pandering in my mind. It's not polite....

Caleb sniffed and began practicing levitation finess. If he wasn't so uptight, I might ask for some lessons...but he dismissed the thought immediatly.

Tanith Ghost
10-11-2005, 22:04
"Fancy gadgets and big names are nice foe show and tell, psyker. But this little honey here is the bread and butter on imperial sniping capability." Mac said, checking his weapon again. "She may not be nobility, but she definitely has class."

11-11-2005, 00:10
Jenkins merely winked at Caleb.

No you didn't ask, but you wanted to know, Jenkins replied. As for intruding, push me out and then I'll leave. Also isn't that technique difficult in the back of a truck? I mean you could accidently fall out.

Jenkins then heard Mac make a retort about his weapon.

'Yes that is the workhorse sniper rifle, it does the job,' Jenkins said with a grin. 'Adam Jenkins, ex-sniper of the Killerian 'Deathwatchers' among other titles. I upgraded to a needle rifle when I worked for an Inquisitor, which lead to a whole brew of trouble. Don't get captured by Dark Eldar, cruel and viscious bastards.'

Jenkins cleared his mind and then relaxed again. He wanted combat and could not wait to get to really push himself. Two years of cryo-sleep and all that energy wasted, he wanted to vent it. To become the beast once more.

Feeling Caleb attempts at poking around in his head, Jenkins forced him back and rested a piece of his mind there, watching him constantly. It was amusing to watch the young boy push him out, but no matter what, Jenkins would not budge.

You're stronger than this, come on, Jenkins taunted. Oh am I too heavy? Here let me make it easier for the poor little boy.

Elana was busy cleaning Silver and keeping Gold by her side in case Jenkins betrayed them all. She hated that damned psyker and wanted him dead more than anything. Yet she had shot him fifteen times in the head and still the bastard lived. Granted he was unconscious, but he lived. It was unnatural and horrifying for her.

'Damned psykers, they all need to go to hell,' she spat.

11-11-2005, 03:15
Gary took what the Pysker said with a grain of salt he was a smart ass but he knew Jekins could back it up.

"True Jekins but not even a Primearch could survie on a Planet hit by a Cyclone missle, Rember that there is allways something bigger, Badder, and much more evil then you will ever be" with that Gary walked off.

Tanith Ghost
11-11-2005, 06:15
"Yeah. What he said." Mac added. "Nothing personal, but I'm with her. You mind fraggers are one of those 'untrustworthy til proven otherwise by a lot' types.' And that's putting it politely." He looked over at Elena. "On the off chance the impossible happens and we survive this, I'll buy you a drink."

Thane McHammer
11-11-2005, 10:14
Caleb was getting angry. Jenkins was beginning to get on his bad side, and very, very few people ever got there.

You're stronger than this, come on. Oh am I too heavy? Here let me make it easier for the poor little boy.

The pressure when on and off, and Caleb could feel Jenkins mind on his own. It was like a slick oil on the surface of his essence...he might not have the sheer raw power that Jenkins possessed, but he had something he knew Jenkins was lacking: control.

As the transport moved along the road, Caleb's mind sneaked out and flew over it. There. A stone. With a flick of his mind, he moved it into the path of the transport. It was just large enough so that when the rear wheel went over it, causing the rear end to buck. The rifle on Jenkin's lap bounced up, and struck him in the chin. With a grunt of supprise, his head went back, and hit the side of the transport. Caleb felt the pressure ease as Jenkin's concentration was thrown, and he let loose. With a surge of power, he sent a ball of energy down the mental link just before he severed the connection, but not before plucking out the bit of himself that Jenkins had left behind.

The energy wasn't enough to kill, or even hurt, but when it hit Jenkins, his blond hair suddenly frizzled and stood on end, as if he had been shocked. Rubbing the back of his head, Jenkins looked at him in mild amusement.

Caleb felt his anger abate, and stared at him evenly. "You forgot. Just because I'm stuck in youth, it doesn't mean I'm helpless".

Not waiting for a response, he shifted seats, and moved to sit next to Elena and Mac. Elena gave him a cold look, and Mac shook his head and looked away. Caleb sighed and shifted course, sitting back down next to Jenkins. Shoulders slumped, he let his head fall into his hands, and he closed his eyes. Suddenly, it felt like someone was waiting to be let into his mind. Caleb sighed and let the barriers down, but just a bit.

Alright, kid...you've made your point. But if you do that again, I'm going to really get pissed.... Jenkin's voice reverberated around his mind. Caleb snorted. Sure...whatever. Thanks to you, I'm just another 'mind fragger'.

That's the life we live, boy. At least you know who's really your friend or not.

What? You're suddenly my friend?

I never said that. Just us 'mind fraggers'...we're all we got. Not that I need you.


Then he closed the link, and put up his barriers. It would be a long ride to the desert...

(OOC: Slaz, if you wanna change any of the dialogue, just say what. /OOC)

11-11-2005, 11:12
Jenkins was amused by Caleb. Little did the fool know, he allowed him this moment of truimph, just so when he decieded to do it again, he would make Caleb work harder. Till then, he would enjoy the road trip, but not after annoying Elana.

'Whats the matter Elana? Still sore you're skills and awareness could not overpower me?' asked Jenkins with a grin. 'As for the rest of you, be grateful I'm here. I took out more of those damned cultists than your marine and I didn't break a sweat. So as for proving myself, I have already saved your lives once. The second usually isn't free.'

Elana merely ignored him and glanced at Mac.

'Oh we will live, the real question is going to be, will we be in any state to drink?' Elana replied. 'After dealing with a whole genestealer cult and whatever else we face, trust me, its going to be dangerous, especially since Jenkins was awoken. He may be an *******, but he is true to form, an alpha psyker, one of the rarest, strongest psykers out there.'

11-11-2005, 12:03
"Wyrds," said Jacy, muttering darkly, "always messing with things that they shouldn't."

She turned to Mac and scowled. "None for me? Git," she smirked, and winked slyly.

Thane McHammer
11-11-2005, 12:05
Caleb was confused. Trapped in a teenagers body, he was subjected to the constant imbalances and mood swings that acompanied it. He had been taught that overused phrase,with great power, comes great responsability, but he never saw it in action. There was always people with power abusing it, and using it for their own good. What good was restraint when you could do anything you wanted?

He looked down at his hands, with their long, delicate fingers. Hands that had never had to be raised to hurt another being, hands that were used for what he believed to be good. What was good?

And then there was Jenkins. Jenkins who had shown up and eclipsed everything Caleb thought he was good at. His taunts and his jibs hit Caleb in all the right spots, and when he had forced him out, Caleb had been somewhat supprised. Did he really have that kind of power? He knew he did. He could do everythign Jenkins did and more...but would he? Would he risk the pain and suffering that came with the power? What price would he have to pay to prove to himself, and to anyone who mattered, that he was really a truly powerful psyker...

What lengths would he go to...

Commander X
11-11-2005, 12:20
'Their discussion was partly in another dimension, interesting, although it is quite annoying not to know what it was about. I could just ask, but that wouldn't be a very good idea considering their kind...'

Tunau had decided the newly arrived person was not that insignificant, but rather another threat to their lives. He had managed to get rid of the traitors, but that didn't mean he wasn't one of them himself. This was someone to look out for, and certainly not to be trusted by anyone. The same went for the other Psyker, but atleast he was a lot weaker and no real threat to them.

"And what are we supposed to be doing here?" he spoke up when he noticed that they had been here doing nothing for quite some time now, "If we have to be here that bad, we might as well hurry up with it and get it over, that's a lot healthier for all of us."

Tanith Ghost
11-11-2005, 23:14
"Two women fighting over me. How bout them apples? Too bad I probably won't live to enjoy it." Mac laughed returning Jacy's smile. "Cool your mechanical heels, tech boy. I for one am in no hurry to fight a nest of stealers." He said over his shoulder to the tech adept.

12-11-2005, 12:01
Salic made sure his new gun was fully loaded with plently of extra ammo for what was to come. He took the bottle of wildsnake from Mac when he offered it to him and took a few chugs. "ahh now that hits the spot" He passed the bottle to who ever wanted a drink. He smiled at mac's comment "well my friend back home we never say we are dead until it happens. I for one am suppost to have been killed but had it not been for house Ester I would be." He paid not mind to the things Jenkins was saying about how powerful he was. Salic would just take his word for it and stay out of the wyrd's way

14-11-2005, 13:15
As they traveled, Cyro was growing uneasy by the moment. He knew they were going into the worse case scenerio, but it had to be done, for the Imperium that Patriarch had to be destroyed or all would be lost.

Suddenly the tracking device started to blip and Cyro grinned. Good, his tracker dart had successfully dug into the Governor. As they got closer, a massive moutain range revealed a small network of caves and Cyro ordered the truck to stop.

As they got out and looked around the desert lands that ended against this rockface.

Suddenly Jenkins froze. He could feel the minds of the enemy watching them, waiting for them to reach a particular spot.

Cyro, this is a trap,Jenkins said telepathically.

Cyro paused and immediately gave a hand signal for everyone to be ready as they headed towards the main cave.

Suddenly cultists ran out from numerous other cave entrances, taking up firing positions quickly as the weapons were trained on Cyro and his party. They all stopped. It was a trap, but Cyro seemed to be completely calm, as if he had an ace up his sleave.

Purestrains then surfaced from the main cave entrance as the Governor came with them.

'Ah Inquisitor you suirvived then. This time you will die,' the Governor said as the cultists opened fire. Suddenly a massive shield formed around the unit, the shots bouncing off.

'Open fire!' roared Cyro as Jenkins stood in the center of the group, his face was one of concentration as the shield became harder and harder to maintain. 'Concentrate on the fire-teams!'

It was pandomenium as the cultists fired and fired, the Governor and his entourage of Purestrains disappearing from view. Cyro gave a small prayer of thanks as suddenly Jenkins roared in defiance.

Suddenly the shield was set alight as psychic fire warped off the shield, and massive of fireballs were sent in all directions roasting the fire-teams.

The Governor stopped as he watched his loyal minions roast before him.

He did not order the purestrains to advance, they did it on their own accord as they ran towards Cyro and his men. The cultists dealt with.

Elana and Cyro both swore loudly.

'PURESTRAINS!' roared Elana as she opened fire with her autopistols as six of them charged at the party.

OoC/Right six purestrain genestealers. Double-team and using each other is the only way to kill one, but Gary can grapple with one, and win, but this is going to be a difficult fight got it?

Now then, fight you fools!/OoC

14-11-2005, 13:23
"Orlock, you'd better know what you're doing," said Jacy, stepping towards the other Hive Worlder. She raised her shotgun as the Genestealer Beast came closer, and she fired, letting the shots repeatedly hit the creature. It moved closer, prowling like a beast, before it jumped...
Jacy moved out of the war just in time, but still ended up with a claw in her left arm. She cried in pain and kicked the thing away, but no effect in that, other than a broken foot as well.

Tanith Ghost
14-11-2005, 17:18
Mac zeroed in on a scampering purestrain, and fired. He swore softly as the shot only slowed down the alien beast, burning a hole in it's leg. Jacy was down as a stealer clawed at her. Enraged by this, Mac forgot how scared he was. He dropped his sniper rifle and tried to tackle the beast. His combat knife flashed as he stabbed the 'stealer in the neck over and over, roaring like a commisar. The thing's claws lashed out at him, taking slices from his armor and drawing blood. If the stealer had been able to reach him fully, he'd have been shredded. A killer slice almost did land, and would have been fatal if not for Mac's bionic leg. The combatants fell over, Mac finaly forcing his knife into the skull of the stealer. "That's for my friend." He said, stabbing the twitching corpse again for good mesure, and holding a slash on his chest from bleeeding too much.

Grand Warlord
15-11-2005, 00:06
Luthor took aim again for the knee joints doing the best he could grabbing his blade and getting close to Elana the hero ... better safe than sorry.

15-11-2005, 03:48
Gary Dove at a gene stealer smashing it to the ground as he rolled with it. it screamed at him but he did not care. This was what he did. Gary moved and grabed the genestealers arms and ripped them out of there sockets he then kicked the creature off him as he got back onto his feet in a low crouch he begun to circle the creature then he threw his arms behind him and his claws came out with a crackle and a slight smell of ozone.

at the same moment they leapt at each other. They met mid air but neither slowed down Gary landed on one knee with both his arms behind him the genestealer hit the ground with his head and torso in tow peices. Gary got back up and looked at the next genestealers he dived at it and begun to grapple with it.

15-11-2005, 21:59
Salic was pumping shot after shot at the commin foe but it seemed to do little other then slow a few down. He saw Jacy take a hit and brake her foot by kicking at one that got past him. Mac was able to take it out but one was almost on him from behind "AHHHHH!!!!!!" He fired four shots into the things head at pointblank range and it went limp. "Without there heads they are powerless!" he laughed but was cut short as a genestealer punched him in the side of the head and grabbed him with two arms and through him back and he slammed into the transport thay had arived in. he landed on his hands and knees his shotgun was on the ground where the genestealer had punched him and his vision was blury and he could barly hear the battle going on before him. He could however makeout a blurry figure(genestealer) rushing at him.