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11-10-2005, 22:10
Okay, so here's my first attempt at an utterly fast moving and tactically good, but difficult to use well army.

Rather than explain all my motivations behind everything, I'd rather just answer any questions as they arise.

SO...Let's get started shall we?

Wild Rider Kindred, Great Stag,
Annoyance of Netlings, Spear of Twilight, Helm of the Hunt, Merciw's Locus

Glamour Weave Kindred, Unicorn
deepwood sphere, dispell Scroll

War Dancer Kindred,
Blades of Loec

Way Watcher,
Cluster of Radiants

5 Glade Riders w/Horse Master, Muscian (138)

8 Dryads w/Branch Nymph (108)

8 Dryads w/ Branch Nymph (108)

8 Dryads w/Branch Nymph (108)

10 Wardancers w/Blade Singer, Muscian (201)

3 Warhawk Riders w/Wind Rider (140)

5 Wild Riders w/Standard Bearer, Champion, Banner of Dwindling (216)

6 Waywatchers w/Shadow Sentinel (152)

Great Eagle (50)

Total: 1,996

Alright, let it have...it...

12-10-2005, 00:33
I like the heavy forest spirit aspect to the army - I assume that's why you've glamourweaved your spellsinger, for example. Rare is the army without a treeman, but I don't think that'll weaken it.

Fast and combat oriented, the only thing I'm curious about is your spellsinger being L2. To me, there's little point in the upgrade, as a single L2 will pretty much never get a spell off. That said... *shrug* I'm not sure where you'd put the 35 points anyways.

You're noble can't have Cluster of Radiants, only a Branchwraith or Treeman Ancient can use that.

Given your army, I'd drop the waywatcher noble, the L2 upgrade on your 'singer; and take a L1 branchwraith with Cluster of Radiants. You'll end up with 4 power dice and 5 dispel dice - a solid magic defense (5 is MUCH better than 4 dispel dice, BTW, it gets you a 3 and a 2 die dispel) and enough dice to cast treesinging twice. You probably still won't get them off, but you'll be able to give it a try anyways :) The branchwraith can run with your Dryads, giving them a small boost to their combat ability too. Maybe give her Murder of Spites as well - it's only S2, but those extra D6 poison attacks can be really helpful.

I realise that the Branchwraith is perhaps not entirely worth it's points, but that doesn't make it bad, and given the theme of this army I think it would be well suited. You're vulnerable to magic, so that added magic defense would be very handy. A second L1 singer would be able to provide more scrolls, but only one instead of two dispel dice.

You'll probably still have a bunch of points left to better flesh out your existing units too - maybe add a few extra dryads about as "abalative armour" for the unit :)

12-10-2005, 06:03
You're not allowed to have the Helm of the Hunt on your Highborn. With the Wild Rider Kindred you're only allowed to buy a magic spear or light armour.

12-10-2005, 07:57
i personally like the moonstone on wardancer nobles, very good item to get your wardancers up the field....might suit your armys style of play.

have you considered making your waywatcher noble cause terror? that always seemed a good combo for me

12-10-2005, 16:54
I don't think either of the large mounts for WE are worth it, especially the Great Stag. It can be targetted even if the Highborn is in a unit, so you may very well find your General walking across the battlefield. An Elven steed allows him the chance of getting to the enemy unscathed and still mounted. The Unicorn is slightly better if you were going to put your mage in a combat unit (though this would be an odd choice) as it upps their Magic Resistance to (2) and its fighting power makes up for the mediocre mage. Still I don't think it's worth the points cost, and makes your spellsinger an easy target. If the plan is to run the spellsinger on her own using high movement and the deepwood sphere offenisvely, I think that not only is this an overrated idea but you could do it just as well on an elven steed.

Mericew's Locus is a pretty awful magic item, have a look on the Asrai tactics thread to see a debate on its uses - we couldn't come up with any.

The Horse Master for the Glade Riders and the Shadow Sentinel for the Waywatchers could probably be pruned, I'm of the opinion that +1BS on champions is never worth the points. I also don't think the champion on the warhawks is a good idea. If you're using them for mage hunting you open yourself up to one of the unit being challenged out either to stop him fighting the wizard, or by the wizard you're trying to kill because taking on one champion is safer than 2 warhawk riders. The banner of Dwindling isn't great IMO either.

This is all nitpicking really, the army will I think perform fine. I must say when I read the title of the thread I was expecting a much faster army. This army will be quick over the ground because it more or less can't be marchblocked or tied down, but it is mostly M5. If you really wanted a fast army you could exchange the wardancers for more Wild Riders, though Wardancers are very tasty.

Oh, I approve of the Blades of Loec over the moonstone. I think a wardancer character with this item turns into a real beast, whereas I think the moonstone is something opponents will soon learn to expect.

Crazy Harborc
12-10-2005, 19:20
Field the army, enjoy the thrill of battle!! While doing all that, get your hands on a couple of extra boxes of Dryads (don't tell opponents about them).

8 Dryads per unit can work. 12 per unit and four units works even better. Especially if you don't let opponents know you're going to use 24 more until "there they are!!"

I strongly recommend the Hail of Doom Arrow. 3D6 at S4 can wipeout a good chunk of an opponent's prime cav or foot unit. Sadly, you won't roll three 6's everytime you use it.

Lord Anathir
12-10-2005, 19:50
If you really want a fast army take a dragon, a unit of warhawks, two units of waywatchers, 2 units of wild riders, 4 units of glade riders and a 10 strong unit of wardancers with the moonstone. At the end of ur first turn, all ur infantry will be in his deployment zone, ur flyers will be half way there and ur cav will be in charging distance. ....

12-10-2005, 23:35
i personally like the moonstone on wardancer nobles, very good item to get your wardancers up the field....might suit your armys style of play.

have you considered making your waywatcher noble cause terror? that always seemed a good combo for me

Lots of points, though. The waywatcher upgrade is really expensive, and having a character (who cannot wear armour, and in this case likely won't have a CC weapon either) specifically to cause terror is a little fiddly. I'd sooner take a normal noble on an eagle with terror - he's more mobile, so he can get to more of the opposing army and he's much harder to pin down. Even then, I think putting that many points into something who's only job is Terror - and thus may not be useful at all against a large number of armies - isn't a very good use of points.

However, while we're playing with that idea, you could make a eagle riding/waywatcher highborn and give him Blight of Terrors and the Wraithstone... -1 ld when your in his terror range.

I think I'll do that once for kicks vs. a horde army, or empire army, or some such... *snicker*

12-10-2005, 23:56
The moonstone is neat, but of limited use. Often, there won't be a suitable forest to teleport *to* - in which case it's just wasted points. Now, maybe you play on battlefields with a lot of forests, where it's going to be more useful, but in my experience it's really pretty much 50/50 if you'll even have a suitable forest to teleport to.... and even if you do, there's no certainty that your opponent will move in ways that will make that forest a good destination. Meh.

13-10-2005, 07:41
Elves cannot take the DD spite. Only FS.