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Mad Doc Grotsnik
05-04-2008, 00:02
Come on, we've all done it.

I honestly do not believe there is a single gamer who has spunked a game thanks to 'Bond Villain Syndrome'

You know what I mean. You have them. Nothing can possibly go wrong. You explain your evil plan, laugh semi-menacingly, gather your droogs, and retreat to you other Evil Lab to watch their demise. Only, when you get there, they've broken out your trap, stuffed up your plan, called in their allies, and before you know it, you're suffering some incredibly convenient and highly poetic demise.

I did it just today. You see, I have a regular opponent who is known as Gummer (actually his surname, first name Ben). Thursday night, I thrashed him royally at Warhammer. 2,000 point game, I lost a single Chariot, and he was left with 12 weedy Gobbos. So, knowing I've been on Holiday this week, he asks me for a re-match. No trouble I said, after all, Gummer has never ever beaten me.

Starts off quite well really. Stuff went more or less to plan, and then, it all fell apart. 2 Chariots were left floundering in front of 2 enemy units, I managed to forget about my Manticore for two turns, out of 36 shots over two turns, my Repeater Bolt Throwers kill all of 4 Orcs (in Thursdays game, the first shot killed his Big Boss, and gave his Wyvern Stupidity...) and things generally went from bad to worse.

Perhaps, had I not forgotten about my Manticore, it could have arranged a joint charge with the Dark Riders. If I had done that, perhaps the Dark Riders wouldn't have fluffed their attacks. This would have taken care of a Shaman and a sizeable Orc unit. Then again, had my Manticore managed to actually eat the Shaman (4 attacks, 4 hits....1 ******* wound) it wouldn't have been so bad....

Sometimes, I really hate this game! ;)

Bretonnian Lord
05-04-2008, 00:09
1,000 point game vs High Elves (Last edition).

I've wiped the board clean of all his forces. I've got two lances of 9 Knights of the Realm (With a Paladin and Paladin BSB) and 3 Pegasus Knights. The Elves have 7 Silver Helms and a Commander BSB.

My Pegasus Knights are too far away, so my two lances get a joint charge on his unit. I fluff most of my attacks, only scoring two wounds. Still, he returns none and I win with combat resolution 5.

Then, he reveals that his BSB has the Battle Banner and promptly rolls a 6 for combat resolution. I lose by 1, and both of my units get run down.

My Pegasus Knights do a desperate charge against him but they never really stood a chance. So that battle completely flipped around against me and I lost the game because of that measly Battle Banner. :(

Ever since then I've always tried to kill off his BSB ASAP. I'm mortally afraid of the Battle Banner, since my friend ALWAYS rolls a 5 or 6 on it. :o

05-04-2008, 01:50
In just a single turn, it all fell apart ...

The Aspiring Hero of Khorne and his retinue of Khornate Knights trampled a unit of Skeleton Warriors into the dust and destroyed the Tomb Prince leading them. Curse? Ha! We're not afraid on some stinking old curse!

They failed their leadership test ...

The dice demanded six wounds ...

Exactly one for each remaining Knights and Aspiring Champion ...

And the last one randomised on ... exactly, the Aspiring Champion, killing him as well :cries:

Meanwhile on the other flank an Undivided Aspiring Hero had cornered a unit of Charioteers. He took the charge without any problems and started swinging his mighty great sword for some strength 7 auto-kill goodness ... and promptly rolled three 1's to wound, auto-broke himself and got run over. :cries:

So instead of having the two victorious flanking forces meet in the centre to finish the massacre ... I had no flanking forces left and just managed a draw.


05-04-2008, 02:24
Mmh, I don't remember the specifics, but I remember a battle against undead, where it was going rather well (I can't wasy I was winning yet, but it was going on the right track, at least), and, and... I turned my big troll unit, the one in the middle of my army, the one with my general to charge some black knights, totally oblivious that I was offering my own flank to a fat unit of zombies by doing so. I don't think I need to tell what followed, esepcially when my general disappeared and, with him, his Ld bonus (a weedy Ld7, but still better than 5 or 6, right?), leaving a bunch of gobbos against fear and terror causing undead...

05-04-2008, 03:43
It wasn't going to be some glorious victory anyways, but...

Last turn of Lizardmen vs. Empire. My Kroxigor have waded their way around the entire board and finally just make it into the rear of 10 Empire Knights with BSB and General. Both Characters are out of combat, so I figure I have this....

Then I decide to send in a lone remaining Skink as well, remnants of a squad that met the business end of a #6 Misfire on a Helblaster.

I figure, "What's the worst that could happen?".

Kroxigor kill 3 Knights. Below average, but could have been worse.

2 Knights and 2 Horses striking back deals 1 wound to the Kroxigor....and the Knight on the flank kills the Skink.

I have 3 kills and 2 for the rear charge. They have 1 Kroxigor wound, outnumber, a Battle Standard, a normal Standard.....and 1 Skink kill.

My Kroxigor lose to the Musician, break, flee, and are run down.

Never charge Skinks in combat ever.

05-04-2008, 03:46
This only happens to me with women, never in Warhammer. Sad, but true.

05-04-2008, 05:05
This was horrible... Turn 4 or something with my Tk's vs a bunch of greenies. Everything was going shiny with a pretty solid win heading my way. My High Liche Priest had just flown over to incant Ushabti into some black orc boys who got the green kicked out of them. Then all of a sudden my opponent rolls a Gork's Warpath and I respond with 3 1's to dispel (saved all my dice for that nasty). First he targets my HLP and kills him outright casing half my army to crumble, then stomps all over my Dark Emissary. Over 600pts gone to one lousy spell. Needless to say I lost spectacularly. Moral? Don't cry when it happens again.

Lord Lucifer
05-04-2008, 05:39
We had the enemy on the ropes, we had the upper hand, we even had a steam tank.
Then we stopped trying, started joking, sent our praises to Ceiling Cat, and the enemy consequently won.
It was entertaining nonetheless

That's the thing about Warhammer, it's the game of dramatic comebacks, and frequently you're on the receiving end of it :p

05-04-2008, 11:01
This was horrible... Turn 4 or something with my Tk's vs a bunch of greenies. Everything was going shiny with a pretty solid win heading my way. My High Liche Priest had just flown over to incant Ushabti into some black orc boys who got the green kicked out of them. Then all of a sudden my opponent rolls a Gork's Warpath and I respond with 3 1's to dispel (saved all my dice for that nasty). First he targets my HLP and kills him outright casing half my army to crumble, then stomps all over my Dark Emissary. Over 600pts gone to one lousy spell. Needless to say I lost spectacularly. Moral? Don't cry when it happens again.

Then again, you needn't be ashamed, that's not a tactical mistake, that's just bad luck. Can happen to everybody, even the ones who never make mistake (I doubt there's anybody like that, but...)

R Man
05-04-2008, 12:51
Mine happened in 40K. My CSM overran 2 storm trooper squads. Every thing was looking good. Then things went bad. My chaos Lord got wacked by a death cult, my Berserkers got pullped by a unit of GK with a Grandmaster. However the worst was fighting the Inquisitor. I managed to get 3 wounds on him but my opponent rolled 3 sixes for the invulnerable save. He proceded to pound a whole squad and my Socceror into the ground. I kept throwing power attacks at him but consistently failed to do anything.

The Inqusition certainly earns it's pay!

Tzeentch Loyalist
05-04-2008, 13:18
Beast of Chaos vs Tomb Kings, I was playing BoC. I had my opponent on the ropes, I had 6 charges to make to finish him off. A couple flank charges and I would have crumbled the skeletons into dust. And just when I thought I had victory in my grasp, every single unit failed their fear test (one being a terror test and promptly fled off the board), leaving my units to be charged by him. I ended up losing the game because of that. I hate fear tests. It is impressive how many double 1's you role when you run away from combat...

05-04-2008, 13:46
Then again, you needn't be ashamed, that's not a tactical mistake, that's just bad luck. Can happen to everybody, even the ones who never make mistake (I doubt there's anybody like that, but...)

Actually sounds like made a hige tactical error, in keeping a major character by himself when you know your opponent has a spell that can hit him (Can't rely on dispel dice). Combined with taking a cheeseball Dark Emissary that can't join undead units to overload the magic phase, sounds like Milamber learnt a valuable lesson ;)

Here's another TK anecdote that really does illustrate bad luck costing me the game. Good back and forth between my Lahmians and Tomb Kings, but it looked pretty decided when my Vamp's unit broke through the Ushabti into the flank of a Tomb Prince's unit. Next turn my Countess struck out and smashed the Prince down, victory! Except that I then failed my leadership test on a roll of 10, my Count took the full 6 wounds and died, crumbling the rest of my army in short order. That's what I get for outplaying my opponent, lining up flank charges and overruns- disaster :D

The funny thing was I'd toned down my list from a Vampire Lord to a Vampire Count. If I'd kept the Lord, I'd have passed the leadership test and won the game! Now that is how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! :D

05-04-2008, 16:22
this wasnt a snatch of defeat from the grasp of victory but it was very close,

I was playing my skaven vs a tomb king player 2500pts, and i was soundly on the way of getting a massacre by wiping out all of his models off the table, i ended up killing his casket with 5 gutter runners, killed his liche high priest with a str 2 wlc shot, he failed his ward and look out sir then i hit him with 5 wounds.

Then bottom of turn 5 comes around i decide sure why not ill cast plague on his tomb guard again and shave off a rank or 2, well it succeeded then i rolled a 1 for the spread, and it hit my clanrat unit that was in combat with them, then i rolled again, and i rolled a 2, spreading my plague to another friendly unit of slaves, But then When i go to see what happens, IT SPREADS again another 1, onto another clanrat unit that was on the flank of a chariot unit, then i was thinkin ok i just lost 50 models its skaven this is bound to happen and he still only has 10 tomb guard and 2 chariots 1 tomb swarm left on the table so im not worried, then it spreads to another slave unit, For a total of 4 Unwanted spreads onto my units losing 65 models in one spell cast. needless to say i didnt cast any spells after that. And to add insult to injury the rest of his army died that turn minus the 1 tomb swarm which charged my grey seers unit, did 3 wounds to the lowly seer, and i failed all 3 4+ regeneration saves killing my seer, the swarm died to crumbling and i wiped out the whole tomb king army, but the bitter taste of killing like 60 models in one turn will always be remembered!

05-04-2008, 16:26
This only happens to me with women, never in Warhammer. Sad, but true.

join the club!

05-04-2008, 16:35
I had eternal guard in some soft cover (a wood to be precise). Dark Elf warriors shot at them and killed 3, needing 5's to hit I didn't expect so many would hit, wound and me fail their armor. What happens? They panic. Not just that turn, but each subsequent turn there after. I was so mad, this led them to almost be flank charged by executioners.

Another time they break and going running against ogres. For turns they didn't rally and when the gorger came in and then subsequently charged the next turn, he overran them.

Lesson? I'm sticking with Wardancers.

Rioghan Murchadha
05-04-2008, 18:27
Can't recall the last time it happened to me.. (oh wait.. yes I can..) It was actually a metagame decision. I was playing a friend who much like Mad Doc's scenario, had never beaten me. He was playing high elves, I was running DoW. I thought.. gee.. I don't want to go upstairs and get my other case of stuff, so I'll just run a list with 40 crossbowmen, some duellists, a few heavy cav, and a cannon.

Let's just say that, while longbows suck against armoured targets, unarmoured BS3 humans shooting it out at 30" with BS4 elf archers supplemented by 3 RBTs makes for a short game.. ;)

On the other hand I have a friend who plays DE, Lizards, and VC who constantly undermines himself during the game, and regularly snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. He has no self confidence, and constantly tells himself that he's going to lose.

Grom Wronghand
05-04-2008, 19:11
One game I had was a 3 way 500 pt battle, my dwarfs vs woodies and high elves. My cannon blows itself up first turn, but I still manage to smash up and run down a unit of silver helms and spearmen with my warriors. The woodies lose the ability to cast tree singing and had their unit of dryads beaten and overran by my quarellers even when they flank charged me. At that point it just my quarellers, thane and warriors against his glade guard. His glade guard manage to shoot my quarrelers to death somehow without losing even a single model to return fire and do the same to the warriors who close in. I suppose that was just lucky dice rolls, but I should have won anyway.

05-04-2008, 19:27
I heroically grasped victory today against the High King of the Dwarves.

My army was on the ropes, the only enemy units left were the high king and 25 ironbreakers making quick work of everything.

My two WLC's hit nothing all game, turn FIVE they both manage to roll over 20" and Str8 hitting the king in the face. He fails his two saves, fails two ward saves, I proceed to roll two four's causing 8 wounds on the 7 wound monstrosity! The first time anyone in GW has managed to kill him, it was so funny.

My fear causing (BSB) unit of 35 stormvermin and 12 gutter runners in the flank then broke the ironbreakers and victory was to the skaven! After killing the High King it was a convincing victory although I was very lucky to actually kill him. He even killed Warlord Queek himself causing my Clan Mors to cry alot. With no magic and only the only shooting was the two cannons, I thought I was behind from the start but it worked out well in the end!

05-04-2008, 20:48
"Looks at whole thread"

My understanding was that the thread was about silly tactical mistakes that turned a sure victory into a baleful defeat, not that it was about lack of luck on the dice rolls?

06-04-2008, 04:54
Well, it did actually happen to me in almost exactly James Bond movie like fashion. I was playing in a tournament, and my daemon prince had flown over my opponent's block of chosen chaos warriors that contained his general. My flesh hounds and bloodletters were prepared for a frontal assault, and I think I had chaos furies on a flank unopposed. Then my opponent correctly made a guess about my psychology. His chaos lord stepped out of the unit and he said that the chaos gods would probably appreciate a man to man combat to decide the battle.

I knew what I should do, but I figured that he was right. I charged in, my blade of ether making a mockery of his lord's armour. The lord survived the round with one wound and struck back, taking all but one of my wounds. The next round, my lord contemptuously slew his feeble general, and my army rejoiced for the battle was surely won. I laughed maniacly because I knew that a successful casting of drain life would restore my wounds, and deny the half victory points. Weeell...

I miscast, was annihilated by the subsequent explosion, got a draw, and the rest is history. Next time Mr. Bond, next time...

06-04-2008, 07:17
Playing against Orcs and Gobbos with my High Elves in the final round of a tournament. I blow through his entire battle line so fast that by turn 3 I'm at his board edge facing the wrong way with almost everything. Miraculously one of my units gets held up by a Spear Chukka that somehow doesn't break which basically stops me from turning around. At this point I have probably 1800 of 2000 pts left on the board, and he has about 700, which is 2 Shamans, a Wyvern Warboss and a Giant. Well, in my shooting phase on turn 4, I miss 3 shots hitting on 2's with my bolt throwers into his Wyvern....yes this is bad. Then in his turn he IF's Gork'll Fix It on my Phoenix Guard, which have managed to turn around to face his Giant, after it has charged him. The Wyvern smashes into the back of my Swordsmasters, who completely fluff despite the fact that even from the rear I had 7 of the stupid things attacking him, I did one wound. They break, and panic another unit that heads off the board. Then the Phoenix Guard fight the Giant (which had 2 wounds left), score 5 hits, and roll 4 6s and a 5 to wound....Kills it right? Nope! Gork Fixed it and I broke and ran, which carried my other 2 units off the board after 2 more 11's on panic tests. He ends up with a Crushing Victory, despite actually KILLING only like 10 of my models.

06-04-2008, 11:05
Last night I played 2250 game as VC vs HE. I lost a Varghulf, small cavalry and both units of Fell Bats, as well as a unit of Banshees, but he lost his Lion Chariot, his main Dragon Princes cavalry with BSB, size 10, went to size 3, and a Prince on Star Dragon was left on 1 wound. It was turn 6, my magic phase, with my 13 casting dice against his 3 dispell dice. I had my Grave Guard with Banner of Barrows and great weapons in front of his Prince (they already captured his 2 banners), and a casty lord with rerollable Vanhels and Crown of commandment near by. All I needed was to cast vanhels three times with 3 dice on each casting, and he was doomed. Of course, i miscast on first spell but the worse part is I rolled 8 on miscast chart and phase ended. He charged me next turn, killed grave guard, took back his banners and stole mine and completely turned the tide of battle, making a solid victory for him.