View Full Version : 6 mosters VC can it be better

05-04-2008, 02:11
right know it may not win me all of my games but just for fun will this even be vialbe???

vampire count @ 580
abyssal terror
lv 3
red fury
dread lance
bands of black gold

vampire @ 340
abyssal terror
infinte hatred
summon gouls
D scroll

vampire @ 330
Abyssal terror
dread knight
infinite hatred
walach hauberk

vampire @ 320
abyssal terror
infinite hatred
Avatar of death
blood drinker

20 zomibes @ 80

20 zomibes @ 80

20 zomibes @ 80

20 zomibes @ 80

vargulf @ 175

vargulf @175

right the idea behind it is (if its not obvious) the mosters get split into two grop 2 vamps and a vargulf in each group they run(fly) up each flank and hopefuly crush my oppent the zombies sit in the middle and take any front charges.

the BSB is there to heal most of my guys so thats why he has summon gouls its not for gouls but for the +1 to cast

the real questions i want to put to the lords of Warseer is are there any better combos for my vamps (im sure there are but i cant see them)

any help would be awesome

05-04-2008, 02:17
I wasnt aware that hero level vampires were allowed to ride abyssal terrors.

05-04-2008, 02:34
ahh crap

fair point i was reading the manfred entry my bad lol

never mind then thanks for the notice