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05-04-2008, 11:45
the rules are no doubling of rares, only 1 bolt thrower worth taking?
no more than 2 of the same special not a huge problem.
no special char. also not a huge problem
no more than 15 power dice and 10 dispel dice, very nice
so is what i have is

prince on star dragon with lance and dragon armor
w/ enchanted shield and vamb braces of defense
lvl 2 mage scroll of dispel high magic
lvl 2 mage scroll of dispel high magic

20 spearmen with standard
14 seaguard with shields

6 dragon princes with standard and banner of ellyrion
6 dragon princes with standard
12 SM with standard
12 WL with standard

1 bolt thrower
1 eagle
with a few points to spare
please rip apart and tell me what you would change!!!

05-04-2008, 13:57
In my personal experience, if you are only allowed to take one RBT, I wouldn't even bother with it. I would take off the LSG's shields and 2 of em. This gives you a total of 138 pts. Enough to field 8 swordmasters and move 2 from your current existing into this new unit. Then you would have 2 units of swordmasters. With 18 pts left I would consider giving one of your mages Jewel of Dusks. This gives him a total of 3 PDs which gives him more flexibility to be offensive or defensive. Besides, it could be useful when you need that extra dice to dispel in play spells.

Just my thoughts

05-04-2008, 14:47
thanks i was thinking about droping it and yes two units of swordmasters would be good the white lions will take the front to get the arrows. a few more comments and ill up date my list on this post

05-04-2008, 17:08
I suggest adding the amulet of light on your Lord. With the amount of VC players out and about these days you're bound to run into them and see some ethereal units in your games. Why no musicians? I guess I can see why you didn't bother with champions, but musicians are a bargain and a must imo, especially for an elite army such as High Elves where you'll want to choose your fights and flee from certain things.

I guess the seaguard are ok, but imho they're a waste of points. I would drop them entirely for a unit of 10 archers so you'll have more points to get more white lions and swordmasters, especially sword masters as they'll more than likely to be the first target from enemy shooting. Or better yet, add another great eagle. Hope this has helped, and best of luck to you.

06-04-2008, 06:20
That no repeating of Rare choices sucks pretty hard, particularly given that so many for other armies are 2for1. I might talk to the organizer about the odd set-up of the Elf book where the choices are doubled rather than 2for1 and see if he can sneak you in 2.

06-04-2008, 07:46
so everyone can agree that one bolt thrower isn't worth it? i still think im going to take one eagle due to the fact there are going to be korne players. and i'd love to have korne chosen knights run off the table and keep them out of battle!

-my friend told about the power dice but his german is very bad it's actualy no more than 9 powerdice with power stones counting as one.

-no more than 5 dispel dice and scrolls counting as one.

so im droping down to one lvl one mage and 2 scrolls on him.

that will free up some points im revising the list and it will be updated shortly
once again thanks for all the help!

06-04-2008, 07:49
No, the bolt thrower is a must. Eagly is only good agianst unit with franzy but can't deal with a crew of a dwarf machine!
And I would use PG, they are the best shock infantry in the whole game!

06-04-2008, 15:13
so im droping down to one lvl one mage and 2 scrolls on him.

that will free up some points im revising the list and it will be updated shortly
once again thanks for all the help!

In my personal opinion, I'm a very offensive/aggressive player. I reason, if I keep my opponent defensive the entire game, I would be forcing him/her to fight on my terms and on my choosing, which is where HEs excel at. Therefore, I would choose to just drop 1 dispel scroll to meet the restriction on the 5 dispel dices as maximum.

I think Eagles are worth keeping, I'm a big fan of them. And yes, I agree with Machiavelli's statement about PGs being the best shock infantry. I took an OK charge head on with their Lord in it with a block of 16 PG. I ended up winning CR by 4. That 4+ ward save is very useful and as stated by someone else, due to the increase in VC players, the fear is not an issue for PGs and amulet of light is worth considering.

07-04-2008, 01:54
Here's what my list would look like if I were you.

Prince - Star Dragon, Shield, Lance, Armour of Caledor, Vambraces of Defence, Amulet of Light ( the popular combo) = 624

Mage - lv 2, dispel scroll x2, silver wand = 185
Mage - lv 2, sacred incense, dispel scroll = 185

Lothern Sea Guard - 14, musician = 187

Spearmen - 15, full command = 160

Swordmasters - 18, full command = 300

Dragon Princes - 6, full command = 230

Dragon Princes - 6, full command = 230

RBT = 100

Great Eagle = 50

It's 2251 points but it's just 1 pt. It's a pretty solid list and I think it would work in your tourny.

07-04-2008, 02:15
No need for a shield there, White Knight, Armor of Caledor's save is not improvable beyond 2+. Dropping it gets him under the limit. Only thing I might quibble with is giving the Amulet to one of the unit champions, none of whom are using their points allowance for items. Typically you want your Dragon to be a back-breaker, not wasted on hunting down pesky ethereal units that might otherwise bog down your troops. I would assume you'd be placing the Sacred Incense mage with the Swordmasters, and the other with the Seaguard? The only other thing that seems odd about that is that you end up with 19 in your Swordmaster unit, which creates real ambiguity as to how you want to deploy, unless you are going for 7x2 with a bare minimum 5 in the third rank, but you lose the +1 CR bonus for that rank if even one Swordmaster dies to shooting. Other than that, nice list... would be interesting to test out.

07-04-2008, 21:35
Well you should actually place the SM 6x3 so it would still have a fare amount of combat res but if you get celestial shield with the mage, then a unit with a -1 to hit and a 5+ armor and 4+ ward against shooting unit would stay alive easily.

07-04-2008, 23:13
Lining up 6x3 with a spare in the back does change it from 1 Swordmaster death to 3 before you lose the rank bonus, but you're giving up 2 attacks. Like I said, it's ambiguous as to which is a better setup.

Celestial is pretty good... but I wouldn't want to rely on rolling that up since you don't have Seerstaff to make sure you get it. You're far more likely to be taking High Magic with that mage so that at worst, you default into Shield of Saphery.

08-04-2008, 15:50
ok thanks for the replys i've been doing a lot of thinking.

and yes a charge into ethereal units with a dragon and a prince wouldn't be a bad thing i could always overrun and stay in close combat.

sticking with the dragon lord
prince on star dragon ,armour of caldor, vambraces of defence, and ammy of light 628

as far as core i need something to take out skinks/weaker ranged units so im taking
2 units of ten archers 220

also a standard is my two units of 6 dragon princes standard and champ 440
leadership 9 not to worried about them failing a panic or rally

also a huge fan of small units of SM so i have 2 units of 12 with standard 384

and to keep my SM from being bullet sponges my 18 WL with standard and champ will 294lead the way to put pressure on enemy shooting.

and a bolt thrower to help 100

anti magic will be just one lvl 1 mage with 2 scrolls i just need to keep enemy magic at bay untill i kill a mage or two so that should be pleanty. 140
total 2204
this gives me a banner of ellyrion and a war banner with 9 points i can get music on a unit of archers for a bait and run aswell

so now that i've expaned my plan what do you think and thanks again for all your help

09-04-2008, 03:49
drop the champions from the DP units. They have 2 attacks apiece, don't waste 20 pts for one more attack. With the 40 points, you could get musicians and another War Banner for the SM units. also would consider droping the banners on the dp. running them naked seems to work best. with those 40 pts you could increase unit sizes of other units, or maybe get an Eagle with the other points saved

09-04-2008, 05:56
you can have more than one war banner?

10-04-2008, 23:08
i might have to check on that. common magic item thought you could. don't have rule book at hand though. don't rely on me. but either way, drop the champs and standards and invest in something worthwhile. If you are relying on the banner to win you combat, you shouldnt be there in the first place. run the DP naked and get some combo charges with flanks.