View Full Version : VC 2250 REAL elite army!

Jack of Blades
05-04-2008, 12:49
Lords & Heroes - 1035 Points

Vampire Count Magneqrox the Dragonkin, Herald of the Draconids - 440 Points

Black Periapt
Hand of Dust
Crown of the Damned
Forbidden Lore; Lore of Fire
Red Fury
Lvl 3 Wizard

Vampire Countess Finelle the Glutton - 190 Points

Rod of Flaming Death
Supernatural Horror

Vampire Thraak'ann - 180 Points

Biting Blade
2 Power Stones
Forbidden Lore; Lore of Heavens

Wight King BSB Igor - 225 Points

Drakenhof Banner

Core Units - 360 Points

10 Ghouls - 80 Points

12 Ghouls - 96 Points

13 Ghouls - 104 Points

5 Dire Wolves - 40 Points

5 Dire Wolves - 40 Points

Special Units - 200 Points

5 Fell Bats - 100 Points

5 Fell Bats - 100 Points

Rare Units - 655 Points

5 Blood Knights - 340 Points

Standard Bearer
Royal Standard of Strigos

5 Blood Knights - 315 Points

Standard Bearer
Banner of Hellfire

2250 Points

The BSB and the Count go in the unit of 10 Ghouls. The other two characters go in the other units of Ghouls. The Fell Bats will screen the Blood Knights, while the Dire Wolves will do what's needed of them at the moment. The Blood Knights... well, I guess you'll guess what they'll do!

I'm planning to use the Refused Flank tactic, deploying my Count's unit on the ''exposed'' flank of the Blood Knights. I'll then have my other two units of Ghouls stay a little behind to cover up. I hope the Ghoulkin will make me able to to not get too far behind.

The main focus is to get people to overestimate the Blood Knights and ignore the two Comets, the monster Count and the double-panic test (walk up to cause Terror, then use the Rod in the Magic Phase).

I'll try to get Portent of Far off on the Count's unit. This will likely help the Ghouls and the Wight King a lot too, but most of all, it allows me to re-roll any 1s with the Count. Combine that with Red Fury, Flaming Sword of Rhuin, a 4+ Ward save, Regeneration, the Hand of Dust, and that this unit takes up a lot of points which means that my enemy almost must come for it, gives me an adamantium-hard unit. Stupidity is a risk, but on LD 10? of course it will happen, but the chance is low and lowered further because I want my Count in combat and Ghoulkin helps with that, too.

The plan with the 2 Power Stones is as I said before, to cast 2 Comets, draining off any scrolls the enemy might have before I attempt to cast my FSoR with 4 dice. I think I've got a pretty decent chance of getting it off, but certainly not guaranteed. If there's no scrolls, well... one Comet can be quite effective, but when you've got two, that changes things!

The fluff for the army will be coming soon, too, along with a continuation of the Count's personal story. I'll link part one of it.