View Full Version : Mobile WE list 2k

05-04-2008, 17:44
This list is suppose to be very very fast, the only thing I'm a little undecided on is the charcters but ill put all that at the end.


Highborn: Alter, GW, LA, Shield, AoN, HotH, and SotCM 267
Spellsinger: lvl 1, 2 scrolls 140
Spellsinger: lvl, 1 2 scrolls 140 (or I could swap for the DD battery branchwraith)


10 GG 120
3x5 GR w/ musc. 129
2x8 Dryads 96


2x6 WR w/ musc. 156
2x7 WD w/ musc. 133


5 WW 120
GE 50

PD: 4
DD: 4 plus 4 scrolls (or 5 and scrolls but i think the extra scrolls is better)

The highborn is suppose to take out charcters when there are those nasty VC lords or chaos champs on the field, or if there is none he can just kill things. The singers are there for magic defense.

The GR are there to marchblock, harass, and warmachine hunt. because I have so many they can easily be sacrificed too. The dryads are for CC to combine with the WD and WR, and the gg are to help take out my opponents harass units. The WW are to kill warmachines, as I feel this army is fragile but with so many mobile bow shots I should be ok. The GE is pretty easy to figure out.

The other option I was going for was to use a lvl 4 spellweaver with 4 scrolls and mounted, plus a standard alter or one with AoN instead of HoDA. that will give me some magic options but with still the S6 attacks. The alter highborn is cool but I think that maybe the second option is more efficent.

Any comments?