View Full Version : The call of the Council(1000point Skaven)

Lord Obsidianus
05-04-2008, 18:55
Finnick's expeditionary force. 1000point Skaven Army List

Finnick, Skyre Adept
Warplock Engineer - 115
Warp Blades, Condensor, Accumulator
Storm Daemon

Hakrod, Skyre Apprentice
Warplock Engineer - 105
Warp Blades
Warpstone Charm
Death Globes

30 Clanrats 175
Full command

30 Clanrats 175
Full command

Ratling Gun 60

21 Giant Rats with 3 packmasters 90

20 Slaves 44

20 Slaves 44

5 Gutter Runners 90
Tunneling Team
Throwing Stars

Warp Lightning Cannon 100

Model Count: 133
PD: 5 + Storm Daemon
DD: 4
Total: 998

Expected Opponents: Bettonians, Dark Elves, Ogre Kingdoms

The gameplan for this army is to march my slaves and clanrats up the centre while firing lightning bolts out of the characters, the slaves will act to redirect things so that the ratling gun can let rip(into the slaves if they don't break).

I've never had success with the lightning cannon but am going to keep trying, especially with the potential of ogres on the plate.

The tunneling team is there because I am expecting trebuchets from the bret players and the Dark elves will inevitably have wizards or bolt throwers to take down.

What do you all think? any modifications you'd recommend? and what would you add to this army if it was increased to 1500?