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05-04-2008, 21:09
Yes Yes I got a tactical Question:

what is bether use for an empire army pistoliers or outriders?
also write down why ofcourse :)
it's alway's nice to discust people's tactic's :P

Regards, Bas

05-04-2008, 21:18
They're both good, they just have completely different uses.

Outriders are a more manevourable version of handgunners. Good as artillery guards thanks to the 360 degree shooting.

Pistoliers are fast cavalry and can move and shoot making them better for holding down your flanks, going off and marchblocking things/ hunting warmachines/ being a nuisance.

Outriders are defensive, pistoliers are offensive.

For general use, I'd go with pistoliers, since a lot of the units in the empire army are defensive and it's nice to have something fast and shooty to play with in the movement phase.

Danger Rat
05-04-2008, 21:20
Pistoliers because they can move and shoot and outriders can't if i remember rightly

The Red Scourge
05-04-2008, 21:44
Pistoliers are the ultimate fast cavalry. Great for drawing out those blood knights, running off and reforming to fire another volley. The one unit I envy the empire.

Warp Spider
06-04-2008, 09:39
I would have to say that Outriders are much better than pistoliers as they have 3 strength 4 hits each instead of 2 and at a much better range, also if a unit of knights attacks you once you have stand-and-shoot at them there won't be many left in their saddles.

Jack of Blades
06-04-2008, 09:42
Outriders have beards. Ergo, Pistoliers are better imo.
Plus I love offensive, cavalry-mounted blackpowder men. It's just so nice :D

06-04-2008, 18:13
Get a squad of 5-7 Outriders, give them a musician (just in case) and a Champion with a Hochland Long Rifle. During deployment play them on one of the flanks where your opponent has no shooters or cav. Your first turn march them full foward and line them up to so all of them can shoot the nearest enemy big unit. Next turn you will get 15-21 shots that hit on 4's and a Hochland that can hit almost any character on at least a 4 (BS5 minus one for over half distance and another for targeting an individual).

Private Jon

06-04-2008, 18:43
so it's just how you want to play whit them?

06-04-2008, 19:25
Outriders have beards. Ergo, Pistoliers are better imo.

Beards makes you better look at the dwarfs.

06-04-2008, 21:13
Pistoliers. I'd never take outriders when I had the options to take the pistoliers. Fast cavalry that can't move and shoot? Sounds like a waste of points to me. But then again, having said that, Outriders could be a pretty good main line blackpowder unit with the option to redeploy quickly. At the end of the day Pistoliers are Very Good at what they do, whereas Outriders provide a unique role that i don't think IIRC any other unit in the game can do. I just wouldn't buy 5 outriders instead of 16-odd handgunners.

06-04-2008, 22:09
It depends what you're looking for.

Pistoliers are agressive. Their weapons are short ranged and work when on the move. IMHO they are best employed as march blockers. They can quickly flank enemy battlelines and can pour shot into enemy units while slowing them down allowing more time in which to wear enemy units down with other shooting.

Outriders are defencive. They are better being held back with the rest of your battleline and using their superior range and BS to hit enemy units at range. Their horses are there primeraly to get them out of trouble and to get them into good firing positions.

All in all I prefer Pistoliers as they work perfectly as light, cheap, harassing units that can cause your opponants real headaches. In most games it's the Pistoliers who die first as my opponant can't run the risk of them getting behind his lines and causeing chaos. They are also pretty good at taking on and beating other light cavalry. A march move and 10 plus strength 4 armour piercing shots can quickly drive off all but the toughest units. I usualy run two units of five and use them to cover one another. That's 20 strength 4 shots every turn into a single unit.

The min thing to remember is to not be afraid to flee. Combat will quickly wear down the unit as they only have a 5+ save. Stand and shoot + attacks + horse attacks might seem a lot but it won't be enough to stop most units from quickly overrunning you. It's important to buy a musicain to add that all important +1 to the rally check. I'd also have magical assistance at the ready as well. The Silver Horn is an awesome buy IMO and really helps when you have bait and flee units like Pistoliers.