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06-04-2008, 02:30
Dwarf Army


Hey Everyone, Im getting ready to start a New Dwarf Army that I am aquiring. Can anyone give me some good ideas of a strong and fun Army List for 2000 pts. Any suggestions, tactics or fun ideas to try will be appreciated.


Kasrkin 666
06-04-2008, 02:45
Well...do you know EXACTLY what kind you wanna play? Because fun and powerful varies with people. What do you think is fun and strong?


06-04-2008, 03:00
I do not know exactly what I want to run, just something different and fun. I have already seen a Gunline, and a Slayer army. i do not want to go that route. Just looking for some interesting ideas, and Rune combinations. And Tactics.

Dux Ducis
06-04-2008, 07:44
Miners + rangers and engineers + gyrocopters.

Play a Dwarf scouting / expedition army.

06-04-2008, 11:07
Try the steamroller approach. Lots of blocks of tough infantry slowly rolling forward and grinding everything in front of them to paste.

06-04-2008, 12:10
I run:

bugman's rangers
drunken beardlings riding miner lorries (count as DOW ironguts)
and some basic other stuff

I almost always manage to suprise the opponent in some form due to the unexpected (comparatively speaking) amount of mobility for a dwarf army, even if he has played against that army before. 2 scouting units, 2 miner units, the anvil and a unit that has more than 6" march move (though they can't be anviled) drastically change the preconception most people have about dwarfs.
I know it has an SC, but most people don't seem to mind him and I had fun converting a model for him.

06-04-2008, 20:15
Hammerers is a must (or at least according to me they are) as you don´t want slayer hordes or gunlines I think you are left with Balanced (part combat part shooting all comers list), Offensive (minimum shooting and strollaz rune) or special theme of you´r choice (mining expedition, scouting expedition, Thorgrims personal guard, Dwarfs that lives in the empire the possibilities are endless in this one). The only thing I would have in any dwarf army is regardless of theme is hammerers. If you decide in what type of dwarf army you want I can help you further but without that knowledge it is hard.

06-04-2008, 20:56
A balance between shooting and combat is needed.

I played with several solid blocks of infantry, backed up with the very hard Ironbreakers. I fielded enough firepower to force the enemy into coming towards me, where I kept up the pounding firepower to thin down their numbers or take out any major threat they had. Then then break against the Shields of the Dwarf Infantry which would win the game.

Think I've only lost 1 game out of 6 with my balanced Dwarf list below.

2,000 pts Dwarf Army.

Dwarf Lord, Oathstone, Shield, Master Rune of Spite, Rune of Stone, 2 Runes of Cleaving. (leads the Iron Breakers)

Dwarf Thane, Army Battle Standard, Master Rune of Valaya. (leads a Dwarf Warrior unit)

Runesmith, Shield, Rune of Stone, Master Rune of Balance. (leads a Dwarf Warrior unit)

19 Dwarf Warriors, Shield, Full Command

19 Dwarf Warriors, Shield, Full Command

10 Thunderers

20 Iron Breakers, Full Command, Rune of Courage.

Cannon, Rune of Forging

Bolt Thrower Rune of Penetrating

Grudge Thrower, Rune of Accuracy

Organ Gun

Flame Cannon

Total 1,997pts.

07-04-2008, 01:29
I like dwarfs for one reason. Best Core infantry in the game.

Ws4 T4 3+ armor save. Small infantry base. 9 points.

Im interested in seeing 4-5 blocks of these guys with a BSB with +1res points to all around him.

07-04-2008, 12:17
How about an underground relief force- 2/3 big blocks of ironbreakers,few units of xbowmen, miner units and a couple of organ guns.
Always thought lots of ironbreakers would be incredibly effective =]
Check out the army list section lots of examples of lists.
Good luck

07-04-2008, 13:40
Strange, I have yet to see anybody mention Slayers. Any unbreakable unit that hits that hard and doesn't disolve due to combat resolution should have a place in an army list.

The tactics that unbreakable units allow you are limitless. You can anchor a flank, tie upp super units, go monster hunting or just scare the hell out of your opponent, you won't be disappointed.

07-04-2008, 13:48
I'm a big fan of dwarf hordes. I like having 3-4 units of 20-25 warriors/longbeards. It's usually enough to annoy and destroy.

I'd say read up at Bugman's brewery, a good dwarf forum.

07-04-2008, 22:19
I have decided to try the Steam Roller attempt. And am going to try and field:

20 X Dwarf Warriors With Shields and Full command

20 X Dwarf Warriors With Shields and Full command

20 X Dwarf Warriors With Shields and Full command
Great Weapons

12 X Thunderers

15 X Hammerers With Shileds and Full Command
Runc Standerd of Courage and Determination

15 X Miners With Full command and blast Charges

15 X Slayers with full command

1 X Gyro Copter

1 X Bolt Thrower with Engineer and Runes of Skwering, Penertration and reloading

Dwarf Lord with Rune of swiftness and Fury weapon
Rune of Challenge
To go with Hammerers

Runesmith with Runes of Spellbreaking X 2

2000 pts.

Any comments are ideas to tweak this kind of list, or better rune combos that would help?

08-04-2008, 00:46
oh, good ol' balanced dwarfs armies! that's what i love!!! :D
i completely agree with stonehorse: his list is not so different from my historical list. i played about 100 games with it and always be satisfied..

to Techpriest i can suggest some stuff:
1) i usually don't like GW on dwarf warriors.. that's because without the anvil it will be hard to charge enemy.. so u really need that 3+ TA in HtH.. u can win combat avoiding wounds, and then using your massive static Cr and wounding him with heroes!
2)consequentely, i ALWAYS give my runesmiths GW and the rune of stone.. a decent 3+ TA even using the 2 S6 attacks is always what you need in units..
3)dwarf Lords can be really sturdy, but the problem is that they can easily be avoided by good opponents.. rune of Challenge is a great add on, another approach is not load him with runes, keep him cheap and invest in something else.. both ways can be effective
if u want my 2 cents, i often use the shield-bearers, also because they look so good, but a good lord equip can be:
Great Weapon -> rune of kragg, rune of fury (or 2)
Gromril armour -> rune of stone
Amulet -> rune of spite
combined with shield bearers this pudgy cutie can resist against almost everything and then release a massive reply.. swapping a rune of fury with the rune of preservation, he surely can resist! Lol :cool:
4) in your list i fear you will go on against the enemy, leaving the warmachine alone.. it means it will probably be destroyed.. so why spending so much points on it?! rune of skewering is good, but maybe in armies with more shooting, where u can easily defend it..
u can also try taking 2 Bt with engineer at the same point.. 2 S6 AB4 bolts look a little elfish, but it's worth more then a 125 pts warmachine which probably will shoot just once..
5) if you spare some points after those changes (uh..if u liked something :p) maybe add the third hero.. i always field at least 3 of them, there's the wonderful VI edition:
THANE-> Bsb, rune of stone, rune of fury, rune of cleaving (4 S5 hits..) wich can be even improved with master rune of swiftness.. nobody will hurt your Bsb :P
it is still very flexible even without the banner.. just some wounds where you need to inflict them..
also another Runesmith (as always with a spellbreaking rune, rune of stone, GW, gromril armour) can be useful against magic based enemies granting you a massive magical defence.
i saw you take slayers.. so why don't try a slayer hero?! u double your unbreakable units, and with a Master rune of Swiftness and some boosting on A and S can easily kill who charges him, leaving nobody to retaliate!

i'm sorry if it sounds overbearing, but i think is my language problem, really sorry!!!
and furthermore, i'm an old longbeard, i must speak in this way :p

10-04-2008, 07:50
take some of what the others have said, but DONT TAKE THE FLAME CANNON! and plz DONT MAKE A GUNNLINE! the flame cannon is the worst weapon to fight against and it is little fun to see loads of troops just burn. And as a good friend of mine says against gunnlines: Gunnline = No-funnline. you just sit there and roll dices. I see from your post nr.13 that you are dropping the flame cannon and dont have a gunnline so; good keep away from that:)

10-04-2008, 10:29
Personally, I usually end up with some variation of 2-3 strong blocks of fighting infantry supported by lord and battle standard bearer, one or two blocks of handguns and crossbows with shields, command, and the numbers to reform to have a rank bonus if need be, and artillery making up the difference. I feel dwarves should avoid leaving even a missile armed unit vulnerable to attack by fast moving but light units, and their missile units are only slightly weaker in a fight than their fighting infantry. Both as a fighting hero with an ordinary battle standard or wielding a hundred points plus runic standard, the Battle standard is invaluable. My favoured units would be the heavily armoured ironbreakers and crossbow armed warriors, which are significantly cheaper than thunderers in the large units I favour. Lastly, don't discount the old fashioned artillery-the bolt thrower and stone thrower both have good qualities over a cannon, and at nearly half the points cost of your other artillery the bolt thrower doesn't take a big chunk out of your infantry allowance.