View Full Version : Help Me?!! Looking for substitute for flesh hounds and nurgling models

06-04-2008, 10:35
Im thinking of starting a slaaneshi warband for the new DoC. In order to get a little bit more variety im going to use non-slaanesh units, but i want them to still look slaaneshi. Im thinking i will use the Dark Eldar warp beasts as my flesh hounds, even tho the models are crummy. I have no idea what i will use instead of nurglings, i was thinking some warmaster daemonettes as a swarm, but forgot they were in those annoying rows so they aren't much good to me.

Help me?!!

I need ideas for a substitute for;


Come on you warseer smart cookies out there!

06-04-2008, 11:09
Well, for the hounds, you can try and get the OLD slaneesh beasts. They're about teh same as theones to be released soo, but in much smaller. I have one standing right there, it's the right size, made for cavalry base and so on. Are the epic troops the same deal as the warmaster ones?

edit: yeah, they're worse. Still, looking at the "horde of slaanesh" unit from warmaster, I thnk it'd work ok.