View Full Version : My first list, please help me make it my first and best.

06-04-2008, 13:08
ok so I've spent to day working on it and its finished so please take a look at tell me what you think...

Warboss- 120
Bigged’s kick’ boots-30
Basha’s blood axe-50

goblin big boss- 35
Shaga’s screamin sword-50
Giantic spider-40

*Night goblin shaman-50
Skull wand of kaloth-40

**Orc big boss-70
BSB- 25
Nogg’s bannerof butchery-25
Guzzla’s battle brew-15

**Orc Boyz *15- 75
Big un’s- 60
Full com- 30
Add choppa -30

* Night goblins *20- 60
Fanatics *3- 25
Full com-20
Spears -20

Wolf riders *10- 120
Bows- 10
Full com-30

Forest goblin spider riders- *10- 130
Ful com-30

Forest goblins spider riders-*10-130
Full com-30

Giant- 205

Black Orcs-*30-390
Full com-38


*/**- hero join unit

06-04-2008, 14:27
It depends what you want really, on a competative standpoint -

You need to drop those Spiders and Wolves to 5-6 models each and only take a Musician.

Get rid of the Skull Wand and take a Staff on Sneaky Stealing.

I'd drop the Battle Standard and put the Banner of Butchery on your Blacl Orcs.

With that hero choice I'd get another Gob Shaman with the Staff od Sorcery and maybe the Itty Ring. That should give you enough magic defense and some offense against magically weak armies.

The Night Gobbos should be 30 strong and the Orcs at least 20 [you'll have the points from cutting down on your Fast Cav]. They should also have Hand Weapon and Shields rather than Spears.

Give your Black Orcs Shields, I'd drop them down to 20-25 models too, they are too expensive points wise for that many models. The Banenr of Butchery will make up for it.

Hope that helps.

06-04-2008, 18:03
yerr thanks, I'll make some changes and re-post it. thanks again.

06-04-2008, 19:40
Wasnt clear on one point there, i meant Night Gobs should have hand weapon and shields. 2 Choppas are great on normal Orcs.