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06-04-2008, 17:08
After two wins, two losses and a draw I decided to upgrade my army by a few hundred points. Due to lack of funds I was still shy of 1500 but a mate of mine who had unearthed his old Beastman army challenged me to as big a game as I could manage. Having never really played Beastmen before I lept at the chance and managed to get together 1400 points worth of stuff (borowing some models from a mate and nearly maxing out on magic items). So the scene was set for a bloody struggle.


Captain + Pegasus, full plate, lance, Doomfire ring and Enchanted shield
Battle Wizard (metal) + Rod of power, Power stone and extra level
Battle Wizard (heavens) + Dispel magic scroll and extra level

20 Swordsmen + FC
+ 8 Handgunners
10 Handgunners
10 Crossbowmen
6 Knights + FC
5 Pistoliers + musician
5 Pistoliers + musician
1 Cannon

Beastmen (from memory)

Beastlord (hero) + Sword of Might
Shaman + extra level and 2 dispel scrolls
Shaman + extra level and staff that gave him an extra spell

Beastman herd (10 Gors, 10 Ungors IIRC) + FC
Beastman herd (10 Gors, 10 Ungors) + FC
Beastman herd (10 Gors, 10 Ungors) + FC
Beastman chariot
Beastman chariot
Beastman chariot
Beastman chariot
4 Minotaur
5 Hounds


We decided to roll for our spells first. The beastman player rolled a 2 and a 3 for the first Shaman (Lore of Beasts) getting The Oxen stands and The Crow's Feast. His second Shaman then rolled a 3 and a 4 on the same table getting The Crow's Feast and The Beast Cowers.

My Metal Wizard rolled a 3 and a 5 which gave me Transmutation of Lead and Law of Gold. For my Heavens Wizard I rolled a 4 and a 6 but decided to drop The Comet of Casandora giving me Portent of Far and Forked Lightning and was fairly happy with what I'd rolled.

The board.

The board was set up with numerous woods and a ruined abbey. We diced off for tabel edges. The Beastman player won and decided to take the edge of the table that had the most woods. We decided that I was holding the ruined abbey against the Beastmen which added an element of interest into the game. Looking from my side of the table (when I say left it's his right) the Beastman player had a wood in his left and right deployment zone along with a small ruined building on the far left. In the center there was a large wood. In my left deployment zone there was a small wood and in the center of my deployment zone there was the ruined abbey. On my right there was another small wood.Determined not to allow the foul beasts to defile the holy ground we moved onto deployment.


Typicaly I lost the roll to deployment and was forced to start deploying first. I placed my Swordsmen down in the center with my small handgunner detachment to their left. I then dropped down a Handgunner unit to the left of them infront of the abbey. On my left flank I deployed a unit of Pistoliers behind the small wood with the knights behind them. To the right of the Swordsmen I placed down my HBVG and the other unit of Pistoliers. On my right flank I dropped down the cannon next to the centeral Pistoliers. My Crossbowmen anchored the right of my line. Finaly I placed my characters. The Metal Wizard joined the handgunners, the Heavens Wizard joined the Crossbowmen and my Captain deployed behind the Crossbowmen.

My opponant announced he was ambusing with a Beastman unit. His Minotaurs went down opposite my Swordsmen, his first Beastman herd (with general and shaman) went down oposite my handgunners, a chariot went down next to the ruined building opposite my Pistoliers and Knights. His last herd (with Shaman) went down in the middle opposite the large wood supported by his second chariot. on my right (his left) he deployed his hounds and his last two chariots.

Overall the depoloyment phase went well for me. I was worried about his two chariots facing down my Crossbowmen, Captain and cannon but I felt I had the initial advantage. We rolled to see who went first and predictably I lost.

Beastmen - Turn one.

His battleline surges foward. Everything moves up. His only tactical ploy is to screen the chariots with his hounds so my cannon can't see them (just means I'll have to kill the hounds first). His beastmen herds are unruly but it doesn't mean much so we move onto the magic phase.

He tries to cast The Crow's Feast onto my Handgunners but fails to get it off. He then casts the same spell with his other Shaman onto the Crossbow unit but I dispel. Finaly he casts The Beast Cowers on my Pegasus. I let it through as I only have a single DD left and I don't want to use my scroll yet. I save my final DD in the Rod of Power.

No combat yet so we move onto my first turn.

Empire - Turn one

I decide to deal with his hounds. My central Pistoliers move up so they can see the hounds (while still leaving LOS from the cannon to a chariot). My left hand pistoliers move up and flank the left hand Beastman herd exposing their flank to his chariot. My knights move up to cover them.

Magic sees me start by casting Portent of Far on the Crossbowmen. I then cast Forked Lightning onto the Hounds killing two (they pass their panic check). I then cast Law of Gold onto the Beastlord nulifying his Sword of Might for a turn.

Shooting sees the cannon able to see a chariot (thanks to the two dead hounds in the magic phase). The guess is good but a 10 on the artillery dice sees the ball just overshoot the chariot. The HBVG opens up on the Minotaurs but the first shot misfires and the war machines explodes (damn). I'm upset and decide to take down the Minotaurs using my handgunner detachment and handgunners which manage to knock off a couple of wounds. The left hand Pistoliers shoot into the Beastman herd killing an Ungor. The combined shooting of my second Pistolier unit and the Crossbowmen wipe out the hound unit.

No combat so onto turn two.

Beatsmen - Turn two

My opponant declares some charges. The lefthand Beastman herd and the chariot charge the Pistoliers. I decide to flee and end up running off the table. On the right a chariot charges my second unit of Pistoliers. I flee and easily get away. The ambusing unit turns up but ends up appearing on my opponants deployment zone on my right (behind the two chariots) and I sigh with relief (he wanted to bring them on behind my lines which could have caused real problems). His Minotaurs move up and prepare to charge next turn. His central beastheard moves into the central wood. The second right hand chariot moves up to charge the Crossbowmen next turn.

Magic phase sees my opponant miscast with his first spell. His roll on the miscast table allows me to cast a spell for free. I go for Law of Gold on the Beastlord again. This time his Sword of Might is drained for the rest of the game (woohoo). My opponant tries to cast the spell from his staff but fails, he also fails to cast The Beast Cowers on my Pegasus. I store 2 DD in the Rod.

No close combat so onto my go.

Empire - Turn two

I try to rally my remaining unit of Pistoiliers but fail and they flee from the field. I declare a charge with my Knights into his chariot (big mistake as I'll explain later). He flees and I don't catch him but now I can be charged in the flank by his Beastherd. My Captain flies out to gain LOS to the two chariots and the central Beastherd. The rest of my army holds firm.

Magic sees quite a lot of failure. Despite plenty of dice the only spell that I get through is Transmutation of Lead on the Minotaurs. The rest either fails or is dispeled.

Shooting sees me desperate to get rid of the two chariots on the right flank. My cannon hits one easily smashing it to pieces while a heroic effort from the Crossbowmen see the chariot facing them reduced to a single wound. The Handgunners concentrate their firepower on the Minotaurs killing two of the brutes and forcing a panic check which they pass.

No combat still so onto turn three.

06-04-2008, 17:56
Beastmen - Turn three

The left hand chariot fails to rally and flees from the board. My opponant declares some charges. The left hand Beast herd charges the flank of the knights (I can't afford to flee as I'll leave the table so I hold). The Minotaurs charge my Swordsmen (who hold). The detachment of Handgunners stand and shoot knocking a couple of wounds off. The central chariot (which has been moving up behind his Minotaurs) finaly moves out to charge the Handgunners. I stand and shoot hitting a total of five times. I get four wounds and the chariot is destroyed. Finaly the last of the right hand chariots charges the Crossbowmen. They stand and shoot dealing a single wound. My opponant needs to make a 5+ save. He fails and the last chariot is destroyed. The central and right hand beastmen units move up.

Magic phase is a dud. Everything fails to go off or is countered.

Combat. The Minotaurs hit the Swordman unit. Thanks to Transmutation of Lead and generaly poor rolling (along with me making armour saves) only a single Swordsman is killed. The attacks back cause a wound which finnishes off a Minotaur. The last remaining one flees but is easily caught by the Swordsmen and is hacked to pieces.

The second combat demonstrated how broken the Beastman mob rules were. Basicaly only four Ungor were within charge range of my Knights) but due to the way that the beastherds fought I somehow ended up fighting against Gors and the General (who was on the oposite side of the unit when they charged and yet still ended up in the front rank having somehow moved 20 inches plus in a single charge). All of his attacks bouce as do mine. I lose to combat by two and flee off the table (oh dear). The beastherd holds rather than pursuing off the table)

Empire - Turn three

Things are now looking pretty bad. I've lost all my cavalry and there are still three big herds of beastmen out there that are virtualy untouched. I start off by wheeling my Swordsmen to face the beastman unit that just chased off my Knights. My captain flies up behind the centeral Beastherd hoping for them to be unruly and go after him pulling them away from my battleline.

Magic is pretty meh. Forked Lightning goes off on the center beastherd but does nothing (2 hits, no wounds). The Doomfire ring hits the center beastherd, burning three but they pass their panic check.. My other spells get dispel scrolled (I think my opponant was fed up of me dominating the magic phase)

Shooting see the cannon able to grapeshot the center beastherd (they're that close to my lines) killing a couple. The crossbowmen fluff they're shooting and the Handgunners kill a single Ungor from the left hand beastherd.

No combat so onto turn four

Beastman - Turn four

The center beastherd charges my Crossbowmen. I flee (as I can't stand and shoot as they are too close) and easily get away leaving the herd stranded in front of the cannon to get grapeshoted again. The right hand herd moves up but is obviously too far away to have much impact on the game now. The left hand beastherd moves up the table but stays away from the Swordsmen.

Magic see nothing happen again but I'm forced to use my Dispel scroll to prevent him using the staff to charge my fleeing Crossbowmen.

Again there is no combat

Empire - Turn four

My Crossbowmen rally. My Captain flies up to try to force the center beastherd to charge him. My Swordsmen move up slightly to goad the left hand Beastherd into charging.

Magic sees most of my efforts dispeled. I do manage to get Law of Gold off on the Shamans staff but it only stops it for a turn.

Shooting is disapointing and only sees a couple of Ungor fall to the Handgunner.

Onto turn five

Beastmen - Turn five

My opponant refuese to move towards the Swordsmen and hugs the left flank as he moves down the table. The central Beastherd charges the cannon crew (oh dear) who stand and prepare to sell their lives dearly. The right hand herd decides to retreat up the table and hold a table quarter for the remainder of the game.

Magic sees nothing happen

Combat is joined around the cannon. The beastmen throw a ton of attacks at the crew but only kill a single one. The crew strike back and cut down a Gor. They lose the combat but hold firm (my opponant couldn't believe it).

Empire - Turn five

The captain flies up to charge the beastherd that's attacking the cannon crew (in hindsight I should have charged that go but for some reason I got distracted and didn't declare a charge with him). The Swordsmen wheel slightly but are pretty much out of the game now. The Handgunners wheel to face the left hand beastherd which is now in a position to charge them.

Magic sees the Metal mage negate the Shamans staff again (not that it really matter).

Shooting sees everything having moves, being out of range or being in combat.

Combat sees to plucky cannon crew finaly cut down and their position is overrun.

Beastmen - Turn six

Endgame. The left hand beastman herd charges the handgunners. Now comes my cunning plan. I decide to flee which takes me sideways across my deployment zone towards my Captain. The plan is to rally in my phase using my Captain's leadership, still contest the table quarter and save over 200 points in the bargin (I suppose we can all spot the flaw in this oh so cunning idea). The central beastherd turns to face the Captain

Magic sees a total power on The Beast Cowers taking my captain out of the game (poo)

Empire - Turn six

I need a 9 to rally my Handgunners. I roll a 10. They keep fleeing. I can't do anything else. My captain can't charge and everything else is either out of range or hidden. Game Over

Toting up points sees a narrow win for the forces of Chaos. The remaining Empire forces retire from the field leaving the abbey in the clutches of the foul Beastmen.


06-04-2008, 18:24
Post game Analysis.

That didn't go well. So what killed me? First problem was not knowing the army list I was facing. As with my previous game against Orge Kingdoms it was a lack of intel which led me to make several mistakes which cost me the game.

The first was charging the chariot rather than the left hand beastmen herd with my Knights. I didn't realise how poor Gors were in close combat and I over estimated how much damage they could do. One decent charge would most likely have broken his beastman unit and have knocked out his general in the bargain. As it was I went for the wrong target and payed the price. My second was to overestimate his Chariots. They were only toughness 4 and I should have targeted them much earlier in the game with my Handgunners and Crossbowmen easily taking them down when I started focusing my firepower on them. Thirdly was underestimating the speed at which his army could move (especialy through terrain). His central beastherd was through the wood and all over me before I could do anything about it.

Overall my opponant did have pretty poor luck (especialy when it came to magic). He tried to cast The Crow's Feast six times with a Shaman using two dice and failed every single attempt (amusingly one attempt was the miscast allowing me to Law of Gold his leaders Sword of Might. On top of this his dispeling was poor and I managed to get through a lot of spells that should have been countered.

My poor luck once again centered round my inability to pass leadership checks. I lost more of my army failing leadership checks than I did to the enemy. Here's the breakdown...

Killed by the enemy...

1 Swordsman
3 Cannon crew

Killed by me...


Failed leadership checks...

6 Knights

Failed rally checks...

1 Wizard
10 Handgunners
5 Pistoliers


5 Pistoliers

So once again I seem to engineer my own downfall. I should have known better than to try the 'last turn run away' gambit. If it had suceeded I would have retained 230 points and contested a table quater which would have changed the result into a favorable draw.

I also failed to get the first turn which didn't help either as my opponant took full advantage of the chance to go first and really put the pressure on me from turn one. Over all the game was pretty close and swung backwards and forwards with no one quite sure who was winning.

At the end of the day though I didn't deal with the three beastman herds which was were a lot of his points resided. I just cleared away the supporting units. My opponant played a pretty good game as well despite suffering generaly poor luck (I just failed my 'critical rolls' more than he did). His decision not to engage my army in the last coupld of turns probably won him the game. I personaly feel that if I'd got my Swordsmen and Captain into a couple of his herds I could have broken them and swung the game in my favour.

Overall it was a great game though and I'm planning to maybe move my army on up to 1500 points by adding in another small unit of knights to give me more speed and flexibility. The main problem I found was when I was out of cavalry and my opponant could just afford to stay out of my way.


06-04-2008, 19:15
I thought lore of metal was an odd choice versus beastmen until I saw all those chariots in his list. Also, is the heavens there to support the HBVG and the rest of the shooting? He's decent with all of the shooting, but a fire wizard would be great against beastmen, especially burning head. Also, why not put the rod of power on the heavens wizard. That way, if you get the comet, you can use it without wasting his power dice.

Anyway, it looks like you did well, except for the knights charge and the pistoliers. How far away from the table edge were those pistoliers when they ran from the chariot and beast herd? Giving the chariot that extra movement from a charge is hardly ever a good idea, and especially not for pistolier shots when baiting won't work, as in this situation. The pistoliers on the right, it looks like, did the same thing, making his chariot move into your lines, forcing you to shoot it earlier. I think you would have been better without pistoliers at all in this particular game rather than what happened this game.

I think your flee tactic at the end was sound, as leadership 9 is hard to fail; it just didn't work out.

06-04-2008, 19:20
all in all a good game, and as the saying goes "knowledge is power"
He may have cheated by the way (knowingly or not) the beast charge with only 4 ungors in range was possibly illegal, beastherds can only charge if at least 25% are whitin range (but they do get to move command, characters and gors to the front)

better luck next time, live and learn, bla bla bla ;)

06-04-2008, 19:58
I thought lore of metal was an odd choice versus beastmen until I saw all those chariots in his list.

Actualy Lore of Metal is pretty solid vs most armies. Transmutation of Lead and Law of Gold really did work quite well. I was hoping to get either Commandment of Brass (as I knew he fielded lots of chariots) or Distillation of Molten Silver (because it hurts)

How far away from the table edge were those pistoliers when they ran from the chariot and beast herd?

About five inches from the left hand table edge and they had to flee towards that edge due to the angle of the charge. I realised I was pretty boned either way but taking the charge might have been the better option as I could have stood and shot and at least caused some casualties.

I think you would have been better without pistoliers at all in this particular game rather than what happened this game.

Problem is that I had to field everything I had in order to be able to get to 1400 which included the Pistoliers. Usualy they are pretty solid but I'd acknowledged before I'd even started playing that they were probably going to die horribly. A 360 degree, 10 inch charge range will do that to a unit that only has a range of 8 inches.

He may have cheated by the way (knowingly or not) the beast charge with only 4 ungors in range was possibly illegal, beastherds can only charge if at least 25% are whitin range (but they do get to move command, characters and gors to the front)

Meh I thought it was a bit good. Still we played a couple of turns thinking chariots were large targets (only if the armies book states they are aparantly) so I had a small advantage till we double checked it.