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06-04-2008, 18:50
Tazmek was born in the empire and since he was young was trained in the way of combat. At the age of 21 he joined the blood Keep. One day a Vampire known as Walach stormed the keep and challenged all to single combat and killed most but turned some into vampires including Tazmek. This was ironicly the start of his new life...
Training with Walach and the knights Tazmek became extremely strong and tough. his blade skills were outstanding and was one of Walachs favourite students. After many ageless years and wars the Order of the Blood Dragons and walach were defeated. It was now that Tazmek left with his own apprentice Krunk a promising young vampire that reminds tazmek of himself. Tazmek began killing and fighting adventurers and turning the best into blood knights like himself. slowly he made his own order. He was given a nick name by villagers all around "The Dread Knight". They travelled all around the old world with a Necromancers one called Hister who owned one of the books of Arkhan who did not want to be a vampire and Zakmon who received the kiss. In the Far reaches of the old world in a dark land whos name is unknown Tazmek found a great Black Dragon and he battled it for many days before defeating the vile beast. but he did not drink its blood because he knew that it was a Poison. Instead he revived it back as his mount. He then found one of the last great necromancers a master nown as Xeron from the house of Tillquirion. The Necromancer trained Tazmek in the ways of Necromancy and Tazmek become very potent in the way of magic.
Tazmek destroyed many many towns of the empire and raised all he killed to join his army. This was the beginning of the Black Dragon Legion. but then after a major defeat at a fort Tazmek was forced to retreat. years later he stumbled across an old tomb which contained many tomes but best of all a powerful magical weapon called the tomb blade. in the tomb he learned the ways of skeletal necromany and became a master at it although still not as good at the other parts of the lore.
Their are 5 major parts in Tazmeks (un?)Life:
The battles of Blood. with his blood dragon knights.
The Founding of his Order. The Dread Knight
The Battles of Flesh. with His Legion and the Order of the Black Dragon
The Master of Necromancy
The Great Battle of Bones. the Master of skeletons and wielder of the tomb blade.

This army is based during the battles of flesh with the Empire

The Order of the Black Dragon

Tazmek,The Dread knight, Blood Dragon Lord 420
Level 3.
Blood Knight (dread knight)
Red Fury
Dread Lance
Combat King (Accursed Armor)

Krunk, apprentice of Tazmek 275
Blood Knight (Dread Knight)
Battle Standard Bearer:
Drakenhof Banner

both these characters go in a unit of 6 blood knights as a super hammer unit. I like eggs

Zakmon 175
Lesser blood Knight Armour (flayed Hauberk)
Dark Acolyte
Double Hand Weapons (Avatar of Death)

Hister, Fastest Necro I Know 105
Van hals
Book of Arkhan

The Hammer

6 Blood Knights 360
standard, musician

2x 5 Dire wolves 80

The Infantry

20 skeletons 205
full command, war banner

20 Grave guard 270
full command

25 zombies 104

Points: 1994
PD: 8 + 1 bound spell

This is split into two forces: the Knights and the infantry. both forces at the beginning of the game act separately with the vampire on foot and necro in charge of the infantry. the Dire Wolves make sure nothing happends to the BK unit before they crash into a nice sized juicy unit and dish out a potential 23 strength 7 attacks

what do you thing? comments please.

06-04-2008, 22:15
no comments?

06-04-2008, 22:20
You need another "core that counts", like skellies, zombies, or ghouls. Your "superhammer" has no frenzy screen of felbats (the only thing that really counts in the VC army). Anyone with some fast cavalry or flyers can kite them around until shooting/magic can destroy them, or worse, can position them for a combo flank and rear charge w/ ranked units. I've actually seen a combo of ranks, stds, outnumber, and BSB not cause a single casualty to a unit of KotBK, but win combat and crumble the entire unit.

06-04-2008, 22:41
what do you suggest I take out? for the bats and more ghouls

06-04-2008, 23:52
Perhaps reduce Grave Guard and Zombies by 5 models in order to add in a small unit of Ghouls.

I'd also recommend adding Sword of Battle to Zakmon rather than the Dark Acolyte ability (no need to pay 20 points to get an extra attack).

Sneaky combo, Accursed Armour and Dreadlance :D