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06-04-2008, 21:45
Hello everyone, I play 40k and I want to start playing fantasy.

I want to play Tomb Kings and I was just wondering how do they play?

I heard that they use lots of magic but thats it I thinking about buying the battalion force some archers and Liche preist and Tomb Prince

And also is there some units I should stay away from

06-04-2008, 22:01
I got the Tomb Kings book recently, since it was one of the books I didn't have. They always struck me as a very interesting army with a very unique way of playing: Light Chariot units, guaranteed spells, double tapping catapults. A very interesting and unorthodox way of playing!

I'm not sure if they are the best army for a 40k convert to start with though, as they are completely different from anything you'll find in the grim darkness of the 41st millenium. Wood Elves are skirmishers with lots of shooting so always struck me as ideal for those transferring systems. Of course, if you do want something completely different, Tomb Kings are a good way to go.

I think to only unit to stay away from would be skeleton 'heavy' cavalry, since they don't really do anything better than any other unit in the army, and anything claiming to be heavy cavalry with a 4+ save (at best) is laughable.

Other than that, you've got Tomb Scorpions, Screaming Skull Catapults, Bone Giants, Ushabti...A good range of units that do some very fun and interesting things "It came from below!" will have your opponents weeping.