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Captin Korea!
07-04-2008, 00:32
Heres my 1k of VC

vampire: 200 pts
master o black arts; helm of command, nightshround.
mannfred the acolyte: 200 pts
Black Periapt

Necromanncer: 105 pts
Book of Arkhan; extra spell dance"

10 skeles: 110pts
spears;SB;musician(dont know what it does);champ

10 ghouls: 80

Corpse cart: 100 pts or 12 dire wolfs for 96 pts.
Unholy lordstone

10 Grave Guard: 132

10 Grave Guard: 132

5 Black knights: 136

I am new at WH:FB so this is my first list. I am mainly playing aganst HE/WE forces. The plan is to summon alot of zombies/skeles to tie up enemy and the ghouls/GG will flank the enemy. The Black knights will charge the flank and go for weak/slow enemys. Comments are welcome.

07-04-2008, 01:23
Couple of things.

You may never give a special character any magic items, so the flayed hauberk is illegal. (manfred may pick an arcane item though, but the hauberk is armour, not arcane)

For necromancers i prefer invocation of nehek and vanhells dance macabre. This is because raise dead is spell number one, so regardless of what your 2 vampires roll, they can both ALWAYS choose spell number 1, raise dead. So there is no need to have it on the necromancer. I would give the necromancer invocation, vanhells and the book of arkhan.

Vanhells is one of the best spells in the army, and having 2 guaranteed versions of it in your army, every game, is good for me.

Another point, is that the necromancer can only use 3 dice per turn (his 1 generated dice, and the 2 dice in the pool) if you give someone the black periapt (manfred seems to be the option here, as he can always choose an arcane item) then your necronacer can use 4 dice in a turn.

This is good because lvl 1 mages can only ever use 2 dice to cast a spell, so in your example (raising zombies) he can only cast it once per turn on 2 dice and once on 1 dice. With the periapt you get 2 castings on 2 dice, which is good if they dispell your first attempt.

Same applies to my example (vanhells) because you now get 2 castings of it and a bound spell, if you give him the item.

Hope that was not too confusing for you, good luck!

Edit: Oh, and in 1000 points, i do not see you casting invocation enough to make use of the corpse cart, especially if you intend to raise zombie units, as to take advantage of this spell, you will want to raise them in flanks, which will be out of the carts range for the lodestone. I would drop the cart altogether and boost your core choices. Or maybe take some dire wolves and/or fell bats, as these are good at warmachine hunting and lone mage killing. Dire wolves also give you flank charges, and against ranked up units, with small units such as yours, you may need them.