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07-04-2008, 03:21
Okay, so I want to make a Chaos List based around Tzeentch and I want it to be very Elite and manageable. I'm not looking for a list with the most minimal characters, but I do not want a horde. Here is my attempt, and my Plan is to send the Screamers and Daemon forward to knock out wizards and war machines, while the rest of the list will blast the enemy until they decide to come to me, and then bam, charge. so, on with the list.

1 Tzeentch Lord- 448pts
Staff of change, Barded Chaos Steed, Enchanted shield

1 Exalted Daemon-320
Tzeentch, Diabolic Splendor

Hell Cannon-270pts

15 chaos Warriors-403
Banner, Musican, Chosen, Tzeentch, Banner of wrath
(lord goes Here)

20 Marauders-145pts
Flails, Full command

1 Tzeetnch Chariot-140pts

1 Tzeentch Chariot-140pts

4 screamers-132pts


Go ahead, tear me apart.

07-04-2008, 05:22
Well the lord dosent look bad..shoul have some sorta ward save.

for Tzeentch kinda low on the magic only 11 power dice.

and even for chaos you only really have two blocks of infantry they may suffer horribly for that almost 900 points are going to be in one block of models...if they flee from a poor roll it could end the game really quick.

finaly dont forget we are getting a new deamons codex in a month..a new mortals list in a few months and a new hordes of chaos book in a year or so...and after a month or two its likely that those demons wont be legal in a hordes of chaos army.

07-04-2008, 05:38
Actually, I just read the rumors section. And I didn't plan on working on this for a good while, atleast the end of the summer, so you can pretty much ignore this, I guess I'll just start up again when the new lists come out.