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07-04-2008, 04:29
Hello, I play 40k and was wanting to get into fantasy and I was wondering whats the similiarities like is strength wise and so forth and I was thinking about splittinf the battle for skull pass with my friend then eventually play Tomb Kings. so pretty much I just want some tips for all around warhammer fantasy.

07-04-2008, 05:02
Well, first off, Fantasy is not 40k. The two systems's biggest similarity is the name "Warhammer". Fantasy has much more of an emphasis on movement, placement, and overall strategy as opposed to 40k's speed, tactics, and killing.

They also share most stats, and you'll find they interact similarly to 40k. S vs T charts, WS charts, etc are the same. Also, Ld is a huge deal in Fantasy. Games can be won or lost on a single Ld roll and the vast majority of armies aren't fearless/Ld10. Combat works differently, relying on numbers, ranks, and other things in addition to kills. Movement is a lot more rigid, making it very critical. Then you have magic, which is like a game unto itself.

Fantasy is very different from 40k, and I love them both. I expanded from 40k too and I haven't regretted it at all (maybe once a month when I see the bank statement, but that's it).

I highly reccommend picking up the BfSP to help you learn the game and have a nice collection of models to use, sell, trade, or whatever.

Good luck

07-04-2008, 11:16
I am a fan of both games, I want to establish that first as a lot of folk seem to take offense to the suggestion that one game is better than the other.

The simplest description of the differences I can give is that 40K is a frantic and fast paced game, while Fantasy is much more stately.

The big difference is the movement phase. In fantasy most regiments have to rank up and maintain that formation when moving and it limits your line of sight. So unlike 40K where everybody can slip and slide around (even tanks can mysteriously slide sideways on their caterpilar tracks) and see in any direction, fantasy units are not nearly as fluid. There are a few exceptions, skirmishers and fast cavalry, but you'll learn that when you start playing.

Next big difference is the magic phase. The effects of spells are similar to those of 40K, but being in their own seperate phase means casting and dispelling is done differently. It's a make magic much more exciting and nail biting than 40K as you can have a genuine magic duel of spell, dispell and counter spell rather than just have two psykers powering up a la Dragon Ball Z and charging into a fight to resolve it in the assault phase.

Close Combat is also much more dynamic as factors other than how many you kill can win you a combat. E.g. my Grots will never beat assault marines in combat, no matter how many I throw into the fight (shameless goddess of dice aside). But in fantasy, you have to worry about whether you've been attacked in the flank, how many complete ranks you have behind the first, are you outnumbered, all these things and more can effect whether you win the fight, so my weedy Skaven can (and have often done so) send mighty Chaos Warriors packing.

Also I find psychology play a much more import role as not everybody comes with high Ld values or the fearless rule. There are also more tests that need taking, panic, fear and terror, each of which can send your units running in different circumstances.

That's the big three as I see them, without getting all complicated. Get yourself an intro game, that'll help make up your mind.

07-04-2008, 12:01
I think BfSP is a great place to start. It gives you a good way to learn the game, and an army each to play with until you can build your main armies:p

As has been said, movement is the biggest diference between 40k and fantasy. I didnt have problems with this, as I started playing fantasy before moving on to 40k. I thought it rather wierd to play a game where every unit was a skirmishing one;)

In fantasy, you will quickly find out what you like the most, CC, Magic or shooting. Some also enjoy just outmanouvering the opponent, but I find those rare, and I use movement only to prepare my favouritte atack-form, magic! magic is oneo ther thing that is not the same in fantasy as 40k. you dont use Ld to throw spells, but a casting level and casting dices.

Ld has a much greater part of the game, where I personally realy entirely on breaking my opponents, rather then causing a lot of damage. doing this might cause you a lot of trouble fighting undead or other unbreakable units, so you always need at least some heavy hitters

Good luck on your armies, and first few steps into the fantasy work of warhammer!


07-04-2008, 12:06
Okay, my advice would be to choose the army on its looks, not its game play.
Because in the time you are collecting an army it is very important to stay motivated and by having an army which encourages you to paint it because it looks good, will encourage you to keep you going.
Make the choice thats right for you.