View Full Version : [2000] HoC Khone (I am tired of having my a$$ handed to me!)

07-04-2008, 08:25
Please help with the following list. I've been playing an Ork and Gobbo friend for a while now and he's been handing my a$$ on the last few games we've played :cries: He's got no wizards/ shamens (so the dispel dice are a waste), I wanted the MoK on everything due to personal choice.

Please, I'm begging for C & C! :( Here's the list:

Lord + Berserker Sword + Armor of Damnation + Shield + Juggernaut + MoK

Exhaulted Champ + Halberd + Enchanted Shield + Armor of Tortured Souls + Steed + MoK

Asp Champ + Great Weapon + Shield + MoK

5 Knights + Standard + Muso + MoK

5 Marauder Horsemen + Throwing Axes + Muso
5 Marauder Horsemen + Throwing Axes + Muso

16 Warriors + Great Weapons + Shields + Full command + MoK

Beast Herd (20 Gors + 10 Ungors) + Full Command

Chariot + MoK

8 Furies

10 Warhounds

TOTAL 1999
DD 8

07-04-2008, 08:39
I'm not an expert with chaos and even less so with Khorne, but I play greenskins regularly so here goes:

1) Exalted champions are immeasurably better than aspiring champions so I'd try to squeeze 20 points from somewhere and upgrade your second hero. You could also consider dropping him altogether and buy some more troops. Another knight unit wouldn't hurt.

2) The beast herd is huge. Split it into two units of 15 or just reduce the numbers. 12/8 is the popular ratio and probably the most efficient one.

3) Split the warhounds into two units of 5. You can fish fanatics or bait savage orcs with them. They are also good at protecting your frenzied troops from baiting.

That's pretty much it. Try to hit with all your units on the same turn and take care of his baiters with furies and warhounds. Good luck. :)

07-04-2008, 10:48
Yeah, two units of 5 hounds can often come in handy - usually more so than one unit of 10. Brilliant for hunting war machine crew, luring out fanatics, and stuff like that. Although saying that you've also got furies, and marauders to do that... I would probably get rid of the hounds, and maybe the beastmen and get some more warriors or marauders on foot - maybe even more knights.

Could you explain some of the reasons your opponent has beaten you in the last couple of games? That might help point out where to go with the list...

07-04-2008, 10:59
i would drop the throwing axes for flails on your marauder horsemen, it makes them significantly better.

07-04-2008, 14:29
First off I'd drop that Warrior unit down to 11 [+ the Hero on foot], your paying a lot of points for +1 combat res from that last rank, they dont need it. Make that champ Exalted. You can always take the Warbanner if you want an extra +1 Res. Screen these with a Herd.

Split the Hounds and the Herds, you NEED screens.

I'd run your Lord and Steed Hero together as a hard hitting tag team. Give them a hound screen, the other unit of houns screen your Knights.

Screen your chariot with the other Herd if you can. I'd maybe try and find the points for a Tuskgor Chariot, Chariots work best for front on assaults when you pair them up.

Give the Horsemen Flails rather than Throwing Axes.

What does your opponents list look like?