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07-04-2008, 12:10
I really need some advice from veterans and minors alike.
I really want to start out with High Elves because I love elves and how they look but am looking for all kinds of tips, painting, collecting, buying, etc.
Thanks for the help


battle captain corpus
07-04-2008, 13:07
How about the search function on this website? GW website, search web sites, the core rule book, campaign books, army books...I could go on but I wont. Your question is a bit of a umbrella one and one that is nigh on impossible to answer...you just want everything there is on elves in LOTR?....weeeeeeeeell thats going to take a lot of time my friend!
Tip, read the rulebook, goto a GW store and buy a box of elves you like. ;)

Pitalla Crimson
07-04-2008, 16:03
Want to start high elves?
well Ill give you a quick list then:


8 High Elves with bows
6 High Elves with shield and spears
4 Men Of Numenor With shields and spears
8 Men of Numenor with shields and swords

thats around 500 pts If I am correct.

08-04-2008, 09:03
I wouldn't bother with that so much. Pick up a box set of High Elves and a hero that you like (or two if Elladan and Elrohir). I'd advise against Elrond or Gil-Galad to start with because of the high points costs (though if you really want one, by all means go ahead). Glorfindel, the Elven Twins, an Elven Captain (gives you a banner as well) and Erestor are all good heroes that tie in with the High Elf theme.

Paint that up and play a few friendly games. Decide what you want to get next. Maybe some metal spearmen? Or is it more troops?

You can either use just the Elven models or use the Numenoreans as well. If you do, you'll have to convert one to a captain. Just change his weapon or arm or something to make him look different. A different coloured cloak is acceptable as well.

08-04-2008, 13:27
Thanks guys, I know it is a bit of a "BIG" question/s. Its just I am in Indonesia and have no possible ways of getting them until this sunday.
Thanks guys


Guard Of The Citadel
18-04-2008, 09:36
Here is a 500 Point army which I made up, from the last allience of men and elves. It worked very succesfully for me, but in the end i stopped using it becuase I was just getting bored of the huge victories, but you might be a person who likes winning all the time :)

Isildur - 100
Elrond - 170
8 High elves with elven blades - 80
8 High elves with elven bows - 88
8 Men of Numenor with shields - 64

Total - 502 Points

Death Korp
18-04-2008, 19:40
High elves huh? Ohhh....i could make an army list for this....

First of all, i want to ask you some questions DigbyWeapon:

1, What sort of high Elves are you wanting? Last Alliance, Rivendell or mabye even First Age High Elves?

2, Are you going to try to copy the film or go by book (i know it seems a stupid question, but i know some people who only get models from the films)

3, Do you have any friends/family who play? If so, what armies do they do?

Answer these questions, then i can help with a bit more idea of what you wnat :)