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battle captain corpus
07-04-2008, 13:27
Im feeling the need for some evil in my life, and after looking through the BBB I have found myself drawn to the horde of Isengard. Now, as a few know already, Im a big cavalry fan so its going to have to have 15-20 warg riders...obviously! But this aside Im also looking at the Uruk scouts...but I have heard some pretty bad reviews of them in action. Is it more prudent then to go for the full plate Uruks as my main battle line?
Are the scouts any real use comparatively for the points? Im not looking for a scouting force, if anything the Wargs will fill that role nicely!
So, to scout or not to scout?

Sniper Kelly
07-04-2008, 22:46
I think you'd be better off with the armoured warriors for your battle line - it's not so much the higher defence as the availability of pikes - scouts don't have access to spears so could be vulnerable to a well organised opponent.

Scouts are good in a skirmishing role though.

08-04-2008, 05:25
Uruk scouts with shields aren't bad. The ones with only D4 though are pretty much trash. You can always take some Orcs with spears to bolster your lines though, and they are cheaper than pikes.

08-04-2008, 08:57
I actually like Scouts. Despite popular opinion pikes can be a bit annoying (as favoured pike formations can be easily outmaneovered), and they trap models. Scouts have a different role to normal Uruks. As said above they're meant for skirmishing and loose formations. The Orc Bow can provide mobility and the shielded Uruks can prove decent stand alone warriors. When combined with Orcs, you get a numerous force that still has elite stats and can surprise anyone expecting regular Isengard.

battle captain corpus
08-04-2008, 09:49
Oooooh I'm liking the idea of loose formation Uruk scouts the more I hear it now...hmmmm. It would make a welcome change from the shield wall tactics I normally employ with my Gondorians...having said that I do have 48 Rangers also going to waste! Hahaha!
But back on topic, it seems pretty mixed results then so far. Having only ever fought against an Uruk Pike phalanx it can be a little too "off the shelf" for me maybe...
A hunting party of Uruk Scouts and Wargs could be a nice touch?

08-04-2008, 10:51
Well by far you'll find most Uruk armies mainly take the armoured versions. If anyone takes Scouts, they're mostly just some Orc Bows for the mobility, though Crossbows are favoured. Scout armies without heavily armoured Uruks are rare.

See, most people prefer spending the extra point to get the better defence and survivability seeing as they are expensive already. Scouts are cheaper and don't have the same options (though they are great theming troops).

I'm sure there's specific Scout tactica out there that you should look at if you want to go with them. Personally I've never done more than consider Scouts (themed around an Amon Hen or Ugluk's band - with goblins and mordor orcs).

The reduced defence means that Scouts are definately a Skirmishing force. It also means they're going to be more vulnerable to bow fire, so terrain is useful. The swapping of crossbows to orc bows makes them a mobile force that can swap positions unlike your traditional phalanx which is slow and unwiedly, often remaining in place to protect crossbows. A Scout force will take the initiative, using high fight value to try and pick their combats (and that's where you'll probably want to be), and minimise hits taken on their low defence. Shields are almost a compulsory option if you have them available (on non-bow models)

I'd be interested to see how Scouts and Wargs would work together. I'd assume that it'd be a rather close combat orientated army, and might would be useful to get the charges before your low defence is shot up. It makes a nice theme. I'd consider adding some Orcs or Wild Men as meat shields to protect your Uruks in early turns shooting and gain spears from the Orcs. A Shaman with fury could be useful, and I'd definately look into a strong combat leader like Lurtz or Ugluk.

Also remember that one can add Scouts to a normal Uruk army and vice versa, so if you find yourself lacking in some areas, you can swap in some normal Uruks.

However as said, I don't have experience with the models, just theorising from my wealth of knowledge. ;)

battle captain corpus
08-04-2008, 10:58
@Cal, much appreciated. The more I look into them the more they appeal, you are indeed right on the Might point also. Lurtz and a Shaman, with Orcs as meat shield and Scouts behind in loose formation with Orc spears may be the way to go. Kind of the "wave" effect almost.
I'll just have to weather the arrows for a turn or two before they hit. Saying that, with a BIG pack of Wargs running amok opponents may find too many targets to prioritise...

08-04-2008, 11:10
No problem. It's about time I started contributing on these boards again.

I have read some useful information on Wild Men as meatshields or bodyguards for models (I think one of the examples was as a guard for crossbows). I'll try and find it for you once I can get back on TLA (taking a while to load).
If you're taking Orcs and Uruks it's up to you which to equip with Orc Bows. Uruks have better accuracy, but are also better in combat. So it depends whether you want to spend less points on the bows and kit all the scouts out to charge into combat.

I think the Wargs are going to be first priority with shooting, especially with volley fire. I know I'd be trying to dismount them. This can be used to your advantage. If you use them as distraction units (using terrain to minimise casualties), you'll allow your main force to reach quite close to the enemy. Then send the Wargs in a first wave to break up the enemy formation. If you have might points with you, you could retreat the Wargs and send in your Scouts and Orcs while the Wargs regroup and charge again into a weak vulnerable point (like archers, weak heroes, standard). Shield Orcs will be useful to tie up multiple opponents (shielding), while normal Uruks use their superior stats to deal the real damage.

I'll see if I can find any tactics or anything for Scouts.

P.S. Sorry, I had a whole thing written up but when I posted it wasn't there. So above is the summarised version of what I can remember.

battle captain corpus
08-04-2008, 11:23
If you're taking Orcs and Uruks it's up to you which to equip with Orc Bows. Uruks have better accuracy, but are also better in combat. So it depends whether you want to spend less points on the bows and kit all the scouts out to charge into combat.
I think equipping the Orcs with bows maybe a better choice, leave the Uruks for the meat grinding.

Terrain hugging will be the key I think with this army, with the Wargs, like you say, attracting fire and falling quickly if not hiding and then striking. Will be interesting though.

Still may just do an all Uruk Scout army with Wargs, just for the hell of it! Hahahahha! :)