View Full Version : New SM chapters, timeline for creation of their ships

07-04-2008, 14:42
Seems that most SM have ships (Strike cruisers and battlebarges)
when are these hulls laid down when a new chapter is being formed?

i was under the impression that building new ships is a difficult process and takes a very very long time.

or do new chapters do without ships in general?

07-04-2008, 15:52
i have a feeling that when the paperwork goes into forming the chapter so do the munition requests go to the shipyards/mechanicus. it takes like 35 years to grow/monitor the number of geneseed to implant into the newbs, and in that time ships could be under construction.
even if the ships aren't ready, and probably wouldn't be for something like a century, the forces still need to be monitored by the mechincus and their sponsors, or patron trainers (often other marine chapters)...in which the chapter could hitch a ride until their own ships are ready.

08-04-2008, 12:27
You can go in both directions with this. I assume that the Space Marine spaceships are STC based technology. On one hand the production could take very long (very typical for 40k) but on the other hand, we are dealing with technology for Space Marines, which could make it faster. We've been having a similar discussion at the Anargo Sector Project when discussing the Maledictors (our Space Marine chapter) which you can find here (http://anargo-sector.net/community/index.php/topic,105.0.html). We sort of ending up having the Denunciator (a heavily modified Battle Barge which functions as the Chapter's Fortress Monastery).

08-04-2008, 20:38
The chapter couldn't be formed and given the freedom to enforce the emperors will without a fleet. It makes sense that they'd be built while the geneseed is being harvested and implanted. I imagine that a chapter would have its own fleet from very early on in its training so they can shadow their gene-seed donor chapter.

08-04-2008, 21:00
I've always assumed that SM chapters were created piecemeal, so the first company (and attendent ships) would be made and attached to another chapter for training/support, and then more are added as time goes by, so that by the time you are looking at the last company being added, the first have progressed to the level of veterans. This would allow a much longer time for creation of the ships needed.

In general though, my understanding has been that Imperial ships take between 3 years to several hundred to complete, dependent on circumstance/politics, but that an average time is probably somewhere around eight years for a cruiser sized vessel. Given that most SM chapters don't have the facilities to manufacture their own ships Mars is probably the originator for new vessels, and they would most likely have a rolling program of ship construction to keep up with demand. Suffice to say that between the time that the high lords agree to the formation of a new chapter and the first recruits completing training, there would be plenty of time to construct the nucleus of a new SM fleet.