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07-04-2008, 17:43
Hey, I'm going to be playing in a campaign that starts with 500 points and grows from there. I love the new VC models so I'm going to give it a try. I decided to get the new battalion box and a Blood Knight Castellan for my vampire general (because the model is B-oootiful!).


Necromancer on Corpse Cart

18 skeletons with full command

10 ghouls

I would use the zombies for raising.

My QUESTION is this: Is it really a good idea to to have a necromancer on the cart? I'm going to need the cart to get into combat and that's generally a bad spot for a necromancer to be.

I was also wondering if I should drop the necromancer and take the +2 power dice for the vampire. It gives me more dice but less choice in spells. The only reason I would want the necromancer is to take Vanhels Danse, a spell that could certainly help big time in such small battles.

07-04-2008, 18:16
although the castellan is a nice model, taking him as a dread knight at such a small game is liable to get him killed

i would drop the corpse cars and take either another vampire or another unit with a necromancer..

dont froget that the book or akan is also very good at getting vans danse