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07-04-2008, 19:16
Meant to be a balanced Dwarf list representing a small hold.

Lord Mathrik Flamebeard=231pts
-GW, RoStone, RoResistance, MRoChallenge, Shieldbearers

Thane Durgrim Oakenstout=135pts
-RoCleaving, MRoGromril, BSB

Runesmith Gragnir Stormseer=131pts
-GW, HW, SH, RoStone, 2xRoSpellbreaking

24 Warriors=241pts*Runesmith goes here
-HW, SH, heavy armor, FC

25 Warriors=250pts
-HW, SH, heavy armor, FC

19 Longbeards=278pts*BSB goes here
-HW, SH, heavy armor, FC, RoStoicism

10 Quarrellers=120pts
-crossbow, HW, SH, light armor

10 Thunderers=150pts
-crossbow, HW, SH, light armor

18 Hammerers=264pts
-GW, HW, heavy armor, SH, FC

Bolt Thrower=85pts
-3 crew, Engineer, RoPenetrating

Bolt Thrower=60pts
-3 crew, Engineer

Grudge Thrower=105pts
-3 crew, RoAccuracy

7 Miners=77pts
-GW, heavy armor

Organ Gun=120pts

Total:2247 pts

Dead Man Walking
08-04-2008, 03:31
I personally dont like quarrelers, yeah they can shoot further but when it comes down to it your lucky to pull off 1 or 2 wounds in 10 shots against a decent armored enemy. 4+ armor, 2+ and you can forget it. Thunderers hit easier and harder.

In large games like these I also like coupling the organ gun with a flame cannon, one covers the weakness of the other. Organ gun obliterates fast cav and skirmish units, flame cannon trashes deep ranked up units, even multiple units with chance of a failed panic test.

If you are going to be take all comers then you will need immune to fear and terror rune on the hammerers banner, as you may run into undead or fear causers. This and the rune to take a break test on 1d6 is an auto pass. Longbeards do well with double unit strength banner (making them immune to 40 unitstrength fear).

I am also no fan of a grudge thrower, they have never been accurate for me and the small template means even a splashdown in a unit may not cause many wounds. I prefer Cannon to thrower.

A Bolt thrower with rune of immolation far away from your turtled army helps too, your opponent can either dedicate a skirmish screen or send something after it which you detonate and scar horribly with immolation when you cant win combat. This forces your opponent to send something away from the rest of your army to deal with it or suffer hits down the flank.

08-04-2008, 15:30
Awww, barely any comments at all:cries: And the Lord goes with the Hammereres for automatic immune to fear/terror.

08-04-2008, 15:38
no comments normally means a good thing dude, I think the list looks pretty solid and would like to put my orcs against it

08-04-2008, 15:49
i find it hard to go wrong with dwarves if you have a decent ammount block infantry. What i find alittle more confusing is an all-comer 2250 points. But then again dropping 1 unit of warriors fixes that problem. My army is very similar to that so cant say yours is bad, bar the fact mine has 3 ManEaters in stead of your hammers and no organ gun