View Full Version : orcs and goblins ltd army deal help

07-04-2008, 21:08
Did anyone get one of these?? if so what was in it? and where they new style pieces or skull pass style one piece


10-04-2008, 08:48
Did anyone get one of these?? anyone of what?

10-04-2008, 08:54
i think he means the warhammer 25th orc and goblin army box set - which imho is not that good, none of them are

10-04-2008, 13:44
You shouldn't waste the money. They all reek of GW trying to move slow-selling product by passing it off as a bundle deal.

10-04-2008, 21:33
If you're asking about that "Warhammer 25th Special: Orcs & Goblins" deal, it's not even an army ... 1 Lord, 1 Hero, 3 Special (Black Orcs, chariot and Boar Boyz) and 1 Rare (Giant) ...

It's a bit cheaper than buying all that seperatedly, but still, not so great.

I won't buy it, for example, because the only thing that I could really use in there is the Giant, and paying 110 for a Giant is too much for me ...

10-04-2008, 22:30
He means the Orc & Goblin old Army deals with the Ltd. edition Std. bearer.

Because he reckons he's going to win one....

11-04-2008, 16:20
Oh wow, that Limited Edition army deal is really old ... wasn't that in 2004, for the 6th ed of the game ?

Unfortunately, I don't remember what was in it, sorry :(