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Intrepid Adventurer
07-04-2008, 22:32
I have a good friend whom I love playing Warhammer with. He's only got one flaw: he uses Dark Elves like Orcs. We've decided to play a "workshop" game, for instruction purposes.

Now my Druchii knowledge is virtually zero, so that's why I'm posting his (rough) list for you to judge. We're thankful for any feedback you can give us!!

1 level 2 sorceress
15 spears (incl. command)
10 repeater crossbows
10 black guard (incl. command)
5 dark riders
5 cold one knights (incl. command)

That's it. Overall pretty much balanced, every phase is represented. We're looking for a nice magical tricket on the sorceress. Thoughts?

P.S.: Oh, and if possible, any thoughts on how one DOES use Dark Elves, instead of like Orcs? I play High Elves, are they comparable in their tactics?

Intrepid Adventurer
08-04-2008, 16:04
Whoa, on the second page already? I guess I'll have to rudely *bump* this. ;)

08-04-2008, 16:19
Dark elves require a clever tactical use similar to high elves. They are one of the armies i do not own but luckily play against quite alot. Ive learned to fear the magic phases in particular so maybe a second sorceress may be wise.

Tactic wise i would use your crossbowmen, dark riders and sorceress to whittle down the flanks and fast movers. Use the spearmen to take the charge (although against most hammer units they wont hold ~ not enough static combat res even for 1000pts) Black gaurd i find will be wasted in such a small battle, although amazing models it is a general consensus that they are lacking somewhat in combat prowess, i would say these form the weakest link in his army and might be the source of points he could use to fund his second wizard.
Once the army has been suitably "whittled" use your dark riders to hunt down war machines or other ranged units/mages as need dictates. finally use your Cold ones as your own hammer ready to counter charge and help your spearmen.

Over all the type of army you are using is awefully balanced which often does not work particularly well in a dark elf army. Most successful lists focus on the strengths which lie in hard hitting, fast moving, magic/shooting dominance. I feel your list is best suited to maybe an empire style play. I do think the saving grace though is at 1000points if you fight friendly games/opponents you wont come across to many uber units of doom which your army might not be able to deal with. At the same time you do have a number of units and a certain flexibilty that once you get the hang of will provide some good fun games. However as previously mentioned if your looking for an edge i would drop the black gaurd and get something more 'punchy' (eg. 2nd sorceress, chariot, repeater bolt thower, noble on cold one etc.)

Hope this is of some use to you and your friend

Intrepid Adventurer
08-04-2008, 21:33
It's very helpful, thank you for replying!

08-04-2008, 22:08
Dark Elves vs. High Elves is currently a horrible mismatch. Once the new Dark Elf book comes out later this year, this will all (hopefully) change.

I also would suggest that representing all phases of the game is the wrong way to go with elves in general. Against High Elves, he should focus on shooting, since you will outclass him badly in combat and can relatively easily nullify any magic offense he attempts against you. Also, High Elf troops are still fragile, more expensive, and their ASF rule has no bearing when being shot at.

Seriously, he is going to struggle badly against your army until the new book is released. The only really answer to High Elves for now is massed repeater crossbow and bolt thrower fire.

09-04-2008, 12:26
DE's ony real strenth is their magic banners.

09-04-2008, 12:33
DE's ony real strenth is their magic banners.

Please elaborate. As i cannot see any logic to that statement? the most powerful darkelf army ive ever played was full dark raiders,repeater, sorceress ~ not a single magic banner in sight and still amazingly competitive