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08-04-2008, 12:51
Oook... A friend of mine gave me his skaven army to paint (weeeeh, I'm not fed up at all of painting horde armies). Well, it seems that painting also includes assembling most minis. So there's that box of unbuilt plastic clanrats.
So there's the question: what's the best equipment to give clanrats? Hand weapons+shields, or spears+shields? (that's the only two options right?)

08-04-2008, 15:47
go on with hand weap + shields.. cheap in points and useful..

if u want u can also glue half the models in a way and half in the other, so in each game u can field properely equipped models in the first ranks and the others in the back..
a good way to have flexilble minis for different uses.. after all clanrats MUST have a messy look :)

Grey Seer Skretch
09-04-2008, 14:41
Man I'm in favour of the spears...generally being able to save one or two extra clanrats will make poop-all difference, while spears gives you that extra rank of attacks, and if Death Frenzy get in there they become exponentially more useful. I've had a unit of Clanrats with a 2nd stage Death Frenzy on them KILL a giant in one round of combat without the Giant getting to so much as swing his club! Course, then he fell on them, but hey theres plenty more where they came from...

09-04-2008, 17:39
hand weapon & shields all the way ! clanrats dont win by killing, they win by outlasting the enemy and then hitting the flanks with other units for the combat res.

11-04-2008, 01:48
mix it up a bit. I use my shields to use as walls (might hold off a jog off the table for a round) should sometimes (rats...sometimes...I'm used to associated those two...) give you enough chance to smack them in the side with spears. I like the death frenzy part too.

13-04-2008, 06:18
I have 30 W/ S&S and 30 W/ spears just so I can tell them apart if somthing happens. It seams to work and no one complains. I just tell them at the start the spear guys are just S&S no points sunk into spears.