View Full Version : Looking to qualify for the 2008 'Ard Boyz Tournament Series?

08-04-2008, 22:35
Hey guys! I wanted to make this aware to those of you who play Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

KrystalKeep Games and Hobbies will be hosting the First Round Qualifiers of the Warhammer Fantasy 2008 'Hard Boyz Tournament Series on April 19th. It's a 3500 point WHFB Tourney, and the top three players will be going onto the Semi-Finals, and possibly the Finals at GW's Chicago Games Day on July 25th. If you're in Southern Ohio/Indiana or Northern Kentucky, KrystalKeep will be the closest venue for this event for these areas. The next closest venue is in Columbus. This post stems from a desire to further the event and hobby, not blatent advertising. It was only after I had read the venue list and realized that this whole tri-state areas was kind of hosed when it came to having a reasonably close venue to qualify at.

Full rules for the Tournament can be found at:


Scenarios will be released next week.

You sign up for the event at:


Contact information and directions to KrystalKeep can be found here: