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Deus Ruinus
09-04-2008, 00:03
well this is what i do with roleplay stuff, im in a middle of playing star wars roleplay, i was playing a a grey jedi (a jedi with no side of either light nor dark but in the middle) until it came to a point that there was no single miniture of a damned jedi figure to reprasent him apart from a hooded midget!(known as a jawa) so in the end i realised that i can only reprasent him, if i make him!

so i got a DnD scale maniquin! and beguins to sculpt out of green stuff!
enjoy looking at my jedi if you please!


more to come soon, as i may be making more stuff for star wars roleplay.

09-04-2008, 00:05
I've been thinking that I need a decent Kel Dor Jedi model for my game. You are tempting me muchly now >.<

Deus Ruinus
09-04-2008, 00:14
hmm, im just think on the painting, i wonder how it may look painted, which i hope it wont ruin the look of it.

Colonel Haizelhoff
14-04-2008, 15:49
Really cool IMO, the painting might be hard but washes should work. Atleast I hope so for the sake of the great sculpting that you have there.

Deus Ruinus
30-04-2008, 23:48
Really cool IMO, the painting might be hard but washes should work. Atleast I hope so for the sake of the great sculpting that you have there.

thanks, well ive got his light sabre sorted out. also im in the middle of making a power armoured bounty hunter for my friend. this is gonna take a while.

18-06-2008, 00:28
Nice, i like him. You should definately do more

09-05-2009, 02:44
Important fluff question haw can a man in the middle of the force call himself jedi.
Good job with the coat by the way.

09-05-2009, 20:42
I don't think he means that he is part of the Jedi Order, but just that that is what most people understand as a force useing character, if not Sith.

Deus Ruinus
23-06-2009, 23:30
hmm sorry for a long delay, ive been a bit busy over the year, now im back to do some more work!

(@ captainramoz + Gbbtall) ah there is those in the middle and they dont go by the name jedi, instead they are known as grey jedi, known as outcast and no have a true alignment to the force. they can be found as either mercs or wandering force users. however there are grey jedi, sadly no grey sith.

sadly i haven't painted anything so far, but i have done some more to the jedi, now holding his light saber.

but who is this standing next to him?


ill tell you next post.

Deus Ruinus
23-06-2009, 23:52
wel ill tell you now, this here is an advancement of this grey. he has shorter hair and has two lightsabers *they can be connected together to make a double* also he is now wearing force armour and ive decided to drop the old republic robe look and thought of giving himself his own unique look.





soon ill be having this guy painted up along with the other jedi ;)

captian Maklai
05-03-2010, 22:14
Great! The robes are a bit bulky, but great nevertheless. I myself have gotten into sculpting a month or so ago and I'm getting pretty good, and have been thinking of sculpting some star wars knight of the old republic miniatures, I've actually sculpted a shyrak already!