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09-04-2008, 00:38
Ok, I've been trying to come up with a decent, take all comers army, not too skewed towards casting (for a VC army anyway :P ) and not too little spent on core (i.e not min maxing units) so here goes.

Vampire Lord
Level 3 Mage
Master of the black arts
Forbidden lore
Blood drinker
Crimson gem of lahmia
Crown of the dammed
(Goes in Grave guard, hatred makes the blood drinker a good choice)


Dark Acolyte
Lord of the dead
Helm of command
(Flys around giving WS6, although he has no save, i have yet to let him die in the 3 games ive played, and one was against a high elf with an eagle rider and the S5 3 shot bow, so i dont mind now)


Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead
Flayed Hauberk
Biting blade
Black Periapt
(Goes with skeletons, good all round hero)


Wight King
The hand of dust
(goes with skeletons, i find that no one expects this, and usually has to use the last of their dice stopping 2 gem dice and a power stone, so i can usually get this one off, and he is cheap.)



14x Skeletons

14x Skeletons

20x Zombies


5xFell bats

6x Black knights

14xGrave guard
Banner of strigos



Total 1996

11 power dice, black periapt, possible 2 from gem of lahmia and a power stone, bound hand of dust.

Thats what I've gotten it down to. Before, I was running it without the grave guard, the zombies were ghouls and the knights were tooled up, but it felt a bit small. I have "only" spent 965 points on my heroes, which, by most VC standards, seems a small amount. But i think they each have a purpose, which can often negate the fact that they could be tooled up more. Ideally i would like some dire wolves, and i'm not sure if the barding on the knights is worth it in this case. Same goes for the warbanner.

The idea is that each unit (bar zombies) has support. Be it from a character in the unit its self, or in the knights case, they team up with the varghulf. I find 6 knights and a varghulf to be plenty.

The lord can boast an impressive 7 dice (and 3 pool) in one turn, which not many expect, and i usually leave this surprise for the turn i charge, that way hatred and the blood drinker give her back her wounds. The flying vampire is great support, and still has 3s5 attacks if i think a combat really needs it, but usually mobile zombie casting+ws6+invocatin, is enough.

5 fell bats works wonders, because they can be raised back, and 5 kills a fleeing unit. Stops people running from the combats i want to get into. They are also good support for the hellsteed (he doesn't need line of sight, and they form a circle. Stopped a high elf killing him twice.


09-04-2008, 12:00
Its hard to comment since I've gone of casting vampires over CC characters. So what I want to say is drop all the weapon upgrades and keep to casting and let your units do the CC. But I can't since your running more balanced list than me.

I'd drop the stigoi banner for the B.o.t.Borrows and put the Wight lord with and GG unit. This has been the big smashy unit for me, every time I haven't taken 4 casters. Its a horror infantry unit to face.

All and all i like the list.

I run my B.knights a 5 and no barding to save points and use them as flankers.