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09-04-2008, 16:34
I got hooked on fan-based warhammer stories so here is a Thread for all you out there who has a story the want to share with the world (or atleast part of it:D)

here is my contribution:

Commander Arion (later to be known as: General Arion The Great)

He remembered it as clear as if it were yesterday his first meeting with the cowardly dark elves. He had been but a mere captain back then. The high mage Teclis had woven magic in his tower for several days when he finally came out and asked for a battalion of elves and a competent Captain to lead a mission, I was chosen, it was one of the best days of my life! A mission for the great Teclis! I was told that he had finally located a magic ring of great regenerative power, probably the most powerful in the world. I set out at once to reclaim the ring and bring it to Teclis. After some weeks travelling I found the temple were the ring was located, but just as we entered we met a Dark elves scouting party, aided by a sorceress. They stood next to a small pillar, on which laid the magic ring! The sorceress summoned power for a mighty spell, but I drew an amulet given to me by the great Teclis, he had told me that it would protect me against the dark powers. At once the sorceress’ spell was undone and I unsheathed my sword while my men engaged the dark elves. I swung my sword in a long arc crashing against the sorcerers own sword. We fought like possessed the hatred burning in our eyes. Even though she fought so hard she could, she was forced backwards. Now we were fighting next to the ring. I don’t know why, but suddenly she turned and ran, so I turned around and took the ring and pulled it on. That was a mistake, the fact that she had started running was just a trick to make me turn away, and it had worked! When I turned she had summoned a massive fireball and hurled it against me. It hit me straight in the shoulder and ripped of both my armour and most of my flesh. Then a prickling sensation started up my shoulder and all the flesh was instantly regenerated! When she saw this terror crossed her face. Even one of her most powerful spells couldn’t harm me! So she ran for the exit screaming to what was left of her butchered soldiers to follow her. While she ran I sheathed my sword and pulled my longbow from my back and knocked an arrow to the string. The arrow hit her in the leg, but that was not enough to stop her, so unfortunately she and the rest of her warriors got away. When we reached our boats to follow her we saw that they had used torches to set fire to two of our boats, so we had to put them out first, and she got away. I got home and delivered the ring to Teclis. In exchange for getting the ring Teclis gave me a Powerful magical bow, witch I have named The Reaper. In later years I have found out that the dark elf witch I meet is named Elythe, next time we meet I will make sure that she don’t escape me again.

09-04-2008, 16:38
no no NO! thats not what happened at all!

Here is the truth about what happened:

”Elythe handed the aged scroll to Manslayer. She smiled. This was the place, after all these years! He nodded to him before going under deck. Finally, the Ring of Life would be hers! After spending over thirty years in the steaming jungles of Lustria and fighting pirates when searching the shores by boat her men were weakened and few, but now nothing could stop her! In her quarters, found her equipment, and went backup. She was so exited!

She was far below ground now. This temple was a labyrinth, corridors and hallways twisting everywhere. But they were there now, in the lower chamber. A stunning view, the roof was four men tall with magnificent statues surrounding the centre, and there; a short pillar. As Elythe approached the pillar excitement grew within her. Finally, the quest was over. Her search for the Ring of Life had come to and end and its regenerative powers should soon be hers!

‘A beautiful artefact indeed’, she thought as she closed up. ‘Finally’. But as the reached out for the ring, noise was to be heard by the northern entrance to the room. She turned around and stared directly into the eyes of an High Elf, seemingly in charge of the others flocking around him. The Dark Elf warriors standing guard by the entrance fell to the floor as the High Elf pulled their spears back out. Elythe found her head going cloudy. She had not expected anything like this. Through the mist of thoughts she heard the voice of Manslayer calling to arms, and suddenly her head cleared up. Elythe summoned her power and formed a ball of dark energy between her hands. ‘That High Elf commander has done his last deed’, she thought making sure not to spend more than a fraction of her power so that she could deal with the other elves outnumbering her bodyguard. With a short scream she unleashed her magic ball of energy, hurling it through the room towards the commanding High Elf. It exploded on impact, and Elythe smiled, readying another spell for the remaining enemies. But the Elf was still standing! And he looked remarkably healthy! Before Elythe could summon more energy, the Elf hurled himself at her, his sword drawn. Elythe barely had time to parry this treacherous attack, and they fought. After A short fight, the commander lost his grip on his sword, sending it across the room. He fell to his knees, hands on the ground. Elythe had noticed her warriors losing to the superior numbers, even though their fighting was far superior to the High Elves. She reached for the ring and yelled the order to retreat, but as her fingers touched it, she felt a searing pain in her leg. The High Elf commander had stabbed her with a knife! She stumbled and fell, pulling the ring with her, and she fell to the floor. She quickly got up but the Elf commander had already taken the ring and headed for the door. She heard Manslayer taking the orders out of her mouth. ‘Follow him!’ The wild chase didn’t last for long, and ended when the High Elves got into their boats and making a hasty retreat. Her crew had been murdered by the High Elves, and unable to pursue, she threw her mightiest spells at their boats and two of them caught fire. She couldn’t believe it. Thirty years of searching though aged ruins at the shores of this cursed land, and all for nothing! She cursed. No matter the circumstances, she would have her revenge!”

Me and Fraggzy made these stories for a campain. Hope you like getting the same story for two very difrent views;)


Thorgrim Brokenfoot
11-04-2008, 13:47
I will have my revenge upon you two interfeering Point-eared bastards!

Atleast i know who took the ring right out of my hand... Just think what could have happened had i not broke my foot :evilgrin:

Well, here you have the REAL side of the story... atleast some background information then... okay... MY REAL side of the story...

The tale of Thorgrim Brokenfoot

Thorgrim Brokenfoot looked out at the breaking sun. The dawn had finally come, and the sun was rising in the horizon. He grumbled sourly in his throat. He had been on the boat, “Kazak un uzkul” (battle and death) in over two weeks! The worst bit about it, was that he had broken his foot only a matter of days before they were leaving from Barak Varr, but he was lucky that it was not badly broken. This had delayed their travelling time by around a day.
Their ship was made of dwarfen steel and hardened oak wood. There was a steam powered engine in the boat, which made it able to move fast and without any help from the wind. They were estimated to arrive at their destination, a peninsula at the eastern coast of Lustria, in about half an hour or so. The lookout had spotted land about two hours ago.

When they reached the shore they found some charred remains of wood floating around and two burned out ships on the shore. “Lets wait out here, and I and the others will go ashore for our search for the ring”. “Elves”, muttered Thorgrim, to no one in particular after getting ashore and after having a look at the charred remains of the boats.
There were only a few dwarfs that were going with Thorgrim, as this was supposed to be a quick and clean operation. There were the thane’s two bodyguards, a few miners in case their path was blocked by a cave-in, a handful of Longbeards and around a dozen Ironbreakers. They started into the cave, and the entrance of it was flanked by a couple of trees. What has happened here? Thorgrim wondered. Why would elves come to the far shores of lustria? Then, like a flash of thunder he understood. “We need to go faster”, he said in his most commanding tone. “I suspect that we will find elves at our stop”, he added grimly. His hopes of recovering the ring had sunk to almost nothing. It seamed at those damned pointy-eared bastards had beaten them to their destination. But he had to be sure. Surely they could not know about the ring! He himself has used over a decade in the libraries of Karaz-A-Karak to find out the little he knew about it.

Centuries before, a party of dwarfs discovering the word had come across a form of temple deep underground in a cavern. They had not dared enter it in fear of what lurked there. It was written just outside the cave entrance on the rocky surface of the stone, barely readable and in a very old language, telling that it was a temple of the old ones and that the old ones had left a form of guard there to protect one of their sacred artifacts. The writing on the outside of the walls had to have faded away with the time that had passed because the weather that had pounded the hard face of the rock all that time. Thorgrim guessed that either the guardians had died out or that they still guarded the temple and had slain the elves. He hoped for the latter.

After some walking they came to a place were the cave opened up widely. There were scorch marks on the northern entrance of the cave. Elves lay scattered across the floor in two different colours, and Thorgrim grinned broadly at the sight. It looked like the elves had fought and then left in all haste. Then he noticed it, a small pillar in the middle of the floor. He ran over to it, something witch took several seconds. “NO!”, he cried out, when he saw that it was empty. “By grungni’s tattooed ****!” he shouted out loud. Alrek Stoneheart chuckled softly”, no need for blasphemy Thorgrim” he said. Alrek was his most trusted bodyguard and a proven veteran for over three centuries. “Interfering pointyears!”, Thorgrim yelled. “I will have my vengeance on someone for this!”

They went back up, a black mood had settled upon the group. When they got to the cave mouth they stopped. Thorgrim looked around. Were the peninsula was connected with the mainland; the steaming jungles began, buzzing with life and full of trees. As they walked towards the boat an even darker mood settled on Thorgrim. He started to mutter for himself; “I hate trees… But not as much as I hate boats…. But elves, ELVES they are the worst of the lot”. This was going to be a long way home…

11-04-2008, 14:09
here comes anuver (no, not another but anuver) of my stories this is about Stompa Da Toothless WAAGH

Stompa da toothless:

He walked out of his tent and looked at all the green faces turning toward him. Silence fell or as silent as orc’s could be anyway. His bodyguards stood right outside his tent, they were the biggest and meanest orc’s in all da mountain. Except for him of course, his massive form loomed one and a half head taller than them and he was much broader and stronger. He had been the warlord of the toothless tribe for months now, no one dared to challenge him or his decisions. Late on the evening before, he had received a message from his shaman that a caravan had entered the city, it looked like it was rich with gold and maybe magic stuff. “Today we will have pinkskins on the menu!” he roared. There was an answering roar that could probably be heard all the way down to the pinkskins city.

The city was well fortified the wall was three times higher than even his massive form and so broad two orc’s could probably stand beside each other. The city had defeated many WAAGH’s before this and was filled to the brim with treasures and magical items taken from other warlords that had tried their luck against the defenders. The gates were big and so thick that even a ram couldn’t force access. But today the city would fall. He was the greatest warlord and nothing could stand in his way. He strode back inside his tent and grabbed his choppa, gittkilla and put on his armour. “This is going to be a good fight” he thought

Thousands of orc’s and goblins made their way down the mountain in a great green avalanche with Stompa and his bodyguards in the middle. Some of the orc’s carried ladders and two groups carried huge battering rams consisting of three rams nailed together. There were also goblins in the army, they dragged and carried their spear chukkas, doom-diver-catapults and stone throwers while the night goblins ran in front of the army with most of the ladders. He couldn’t care less about the small squeaky things all they were good for was taking the fire off his boyz and get the ladders up so the orc’s could get stuck-inn.

He could see pink-skins running to the walls with their guns, looking over the massive horde. The horde was probably the largest army of orc’s the city had ever faced and had (in his opinion) the smartest and greatest Warboss in the world! “Let’s get stuck inn!” He roared and the whole army raced forward, eager to get to grips with their enemies. Great rocks was thrown from the stone throwers to crash against the walls shaking the troops on them, great wooden bolts flew from the spear chukkas, most missing their targets and smashing harmlessly against the wall, but some found their marks and rocketed whole ranks of handgunners from the wall. The doomdivers flew over the wall with ease and most off them hit their targets but some flew to far and crashed in a building or was thrown so hard of the ramp that they flew long out of sight.

The battle was not going well thought Otto von Aiselhof. His handgunners were killed by flying goblins with leather wings and spiky helmets and thrown of the walls by bolts from bolt throwers and the horde out there… it was probably the largest he had ever seen. “Open fire!” he head the regiment leaders cry, then a hail of lead dropped the first ranks of the oncoming goblins. “Don’t let them get those ladders up!” He screamed. Somewhere to his right he heard “aim for their stone throwers!” then a thunderous roar announced that the cannons had finally opened fire.

Stompa saw one of his rock lobbers falling after a hit from a cannonball. They were less than fifty strides from the wall now and had taken light casualties, around half of the goblins were dead, but only a couple a boyz had been hit and most of them continued even if they had a bullet in their chest. The first goblins had reached the walls now and were striving to put up the ladders. “WAAGH!” he roared shaking his weapons at the battlements, then all the orc’s joined in and the shamans in the army started firing massive bolts of pure energy lashing out at the men at the wall, tearing them to pieces with the great energies they unleashed, drawn from the energy of all the orc’s around them.

The first of the goblins had reached the walls now and was putting up their ladders. Then the defender poured the boiling oil over the walls and was rewarded with goblin screams.
Suddenly green bolts of energy lashed out from the horde ripping through all they hit. He felt a searing pain in his body and fell to the floor; he had to fight to keep conscious. “Sir!” two men broke away from a nearby handgunner regiment and helped him to his feet. “I’m alright soldier, now they need you at you post” “yes sir” the handgunners said and then ran back to their posts. He looked around and saw his officers ripped to pieces by the magic. The only thing that had kept him from his grave was a magical amulet that he had been told would ward him from magical effects. He turned and grabbed one of the boys running around with water for the soldiers and asked him to get a mage. “Swordsmen, defend the handgunners!” came the order as the goblins were now halfway up their ladders. “You requested my presence, lord?” Finally the mage had come. “How can they cast magic on our men at the walls?? I thought they were warded against magical attacks”. “I don’t know my lord, the wards should have been enough to stop magical attacks”

This was going better than he cold have thought. The only real casualties his horde had taken were the goblins, but they were not important. The goblins were now on the wall fighting to secure the ladders while the orc’s were starting to climb. Finally Stompa and his body guards had reached the walls. “Get away from the climb-thing” he growled at the nearby orc’s. There was already an orc on his way to climb the ladder so he took gittkilla and split his head in two just so he could learn not to go in the way of his Warboss. He grabbed the ladder and pulled himself up and from that point he could see the orc boyz with the rams reaching the gates. He reached the top of the wall and climbed over it. There he saw his boyz being cut down by the dozen. “Fight you slobs!” He roared and then threw himself into the fight swinging Gittkilla in great arcs, his great strength driving it through armour like it was butter. “Stand and fight, show courage!” Some one shouted. Stompa liked a good fight as good as the other orc, but he didn’t want to waste all his armies on just this city and he knew that if the leader died the army would be less effective. “Let’s go for da loudmouth boyz!”

Otto saw that they were loosing the outer wall, the orc’s and goblins were flowing up the ladders and onto the walls. “Pull the hangunners back to the keep, swordsmen cover their retreat!” He saw a ram coming towards the gate and knew it was secure against most rams, but that ram looked unusually big, it actually looked like two or more rams nailed together. More fresh swordsmen came running up the stairs to the wall. “Stand and fight, show courage!” He yelled before throwing himself into the mass of soldiers cutting of orc limbs and killing an orc with every stroke, the mage following him with his sword. Shadow fell over him, it was an orc, it was truly huge, one and a half time his height, and he was considered a tall man. It had arms more massive than his thigh and was twice as broad as him.

He loomed over the small man that seemed to be in charge of the humans. He bellowed a challenge and struck as fast as the lighting. The man just managed to step aside and slash back. He blocked it easily and turned it and struck the man with his bare fist.

Stars exploded in his vision he fell and the swordsmen in front of him closed their ranks and tried to protect their lord. It was useless the big warboss cleaved a bloody path right through them, his axe flashing out severing head from torso. Aiselhof got back to his feet and readied himself for fighting and most likely dying. The orc lashed out and he barely had time to block it. The force of the blow was enough to drive his sword trough his heavy armour and into his flesh.

He withdrew his axe seeing blood pouring from the pink-skins wound were his own sword had gone in. He kicked him on the shin breaking it and drawing a scream from his opponent before smashing Gittkilla trough the mans skull. He felt a stabbing pain in his side and saw a man in golden robes drawing back his sword for another stab. He grabbed the man with his free hand and threw him over the battlements down to the orc’s waiting to climb the ladders. WAAGH! He roared and at that point the gate caved in and orc’s poured in overwhelming the defenders with their superior numbers. Theswordsmen chose that point to loose their nerve and break from the combat only to be overtaken by the following orc’s and chopped to bits. “Kill every one!” he yelled

They had taken the whole city now and were moving down a stairway in the castle, on their way to the treasure chamber. “Who goes there?” Said someone, Stompa lashed out with his axe killing the man. They came down to a great vault, it was locked with great iron doors. “Get some explosives and blow it to bitz” He said. Short after they passed the mangled remains of the doors. “Look boss, lots of shiny metal bitz” Said one of his bodyguards.
“With this gold I will buy weapons for my army and orc’s will flock to my banner in hope of fighting and loot! The name Stompa Da Toothless will be feared across the lands!”

hope you like it:)
(feel free to comment)

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comments annyone?

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You really want this thread going, dont you:p

Good luck with that!


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Proper paragraphs would be nice :D Speech should be on separate lines otherwise it gets very confusing and frustrating. Some punctuation is missing (speech needs either a comma or a full stop after it depending on the situation

e.g. "Prepare to advance," called Captain Helstrom.


Captain Helstrom rubbed his chin fervently as he said, "Prepare to advance."

The last examples pretty poor but hey, the punctuation is there.

I think these things should really be somewhere like FanFiction or the Black Library website really, where the work is spell checked. It'll be more organised than doing it like this. Your heroic swashbuckling story isn't suddenly going to be interupted by a namby pamby ponce on a horse rescuing a fair maiden from an "evil" prince. People hate it when a story is broken and they won't trudge through reams of thread to find you "second chapter."

13-04-2008, 20:52
@Nightsword: Agree with you mate, this thread has nothing to do here. I just posted my story cause stupid High Elves' got it all wrong;)


Thorgrim Brokenfoot
15-04-2008, 09:26
yeah... Just wanted for someone the ready my awesome story :D
Got inspired by someone else.
My speaches are full of " and , at the end so that people can seperate it.
I dont know if there will be a second chapter, but who knows:confused: