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09-04-2008, 16:46
as the title says. im considering making some traitor skittari and i could not work out what colour they should be, i didnt think they should be bright as theyre chaos, but thats as far as i got. do you think they should be in CSM colours or would they have their own? any thoughts appreciated

09-04-2008, 17:00
Well I don't know much fluff about them, but from the look of it Skitarii are made mostly of metal parts. Tin Bits/Brass/Bronze etc... would have a more "sinister" feeling since they are more "dark" metal color, so I would probably go that way.

Chainsworded Codpiece
09-04-2008, 17:16
SOME Skitarii are mostly-servitors; however, many regiments are also just bionics-enhanced people, with a mechanistic view of the life they lead. Not all of them are covered with/composed entirely of machinery.

That being said, these are Traitor Skitarii.

Question 1: How long have they been Traitors? Since the Heresy? Or are they recent converts?

If they are long-timers, well, one could make a case for many of them being covered in/fused with Forbidden Nanotech (i.e.-chaotic mechanists a la the Obliterators).

They could have the colors of whatever Traitor Titan Ordo they supported; Death's Head Skitarii would be dull black with red piping; Stormlords Skitarii could be dark blue with accents of orange-yellow (to show the thunderbolt sigil). And so on.

If they are (relatively) recent converts, they may follow a Legion. You could make their colors a reversal of original Legion colors, or some variant of same. Hence, followers of the Black Legion might show dark bronze, with black accents. Slaaneshi Mechanicus, of course, could do damned near any color, as long as it's eye-catching, and could have whole units with different color schemes!

Iron Warriors followers...well, just make the Mechanicus guys the same scheme, except make their chevrons red and white, or red and yellow.

Question 2: Who's in the Skitarii? Is it mostly foot troops with art./armor support, or is it mostly mechanized (ahem...tanks) with some foot-troop backup?

This matters, as you can use the vehicles to put devotional pictures/murals/liturgies that have nothing to do with whoever the Mechanius traitors are following...it can show their singular devotion to their warped version of technical perfection!

09-04-2008, 17:34
no idea on paint schemes... But have you ever looked at the old Obliterators (stop-gap 3rd ed ones)? while they are horrible for oblits, with some arms swaps they make awesome Chaos heavy servitors, which would look great in a Dark Mechanus army.
Also how are you going to represent this army? IG? CSM? with IG you should proxy skittari as stormtroopers, rather than with expensive carapace/implants doctrines (which nearly make them the same cost, but minus the deepstrike/BS), or go witch hunters and get a mix of stormtroopers and sisters (ruleswise)

10-04-2008, 16:51
they are meant to be origional traitors from the heresy and they are mainly tanks with skittarii backup. I like the sound of the Death Heads, black armour/robes, red pipes and rusty metal. i was considering IG codex as it makes more sense for what skittari are than SM's, but as i think it will mainly be an apocolypse force due to the large number of tanks, i might use oblits as Centaurions. thanks for the ideas