View Full Version : Ogre Kingdoms 1250-OMG I need yo' Help!!!

Dark Empire
10-04-2008, 01:21
Tournaments are coming around here soon and they begin @ 1250 pts. I'm relatively new to the gaming aspect and need help. I'm having a tough time putting together a balanced Ogre kingdoms army @ such a low pts value. It just feels sooo lacking. Has anyone here played Ogre Kingdoms at this pts level with something fun/successful?

I've currently got around 4000pts worth of figs (the exception being NO Yhetees-yet) so any ideas would be appreciated tremendously!!!!!

Although I'm not a "power player" wanna-be, it's my first tournament and I'd like to go in with something respectable and not laughable.

Dark Empire
10-04-2008, 01:28
I guess I should add that i plan on taking a Bruiser with a Butcher as HQ and currently contemplating the "Giant Breaker" big name or the "Tenderiser" for the bruiser. If I decide on the big name I'll include a giant (of course) but at this point anything goes! Help me if you can!