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10-04-2008, 02:59
After having been rather succesfull my opponents soon found out the VC big akilles point and started killing of my Lord and other vampires with me losing badly :cries:. That crumble rule is really tough, ouch.

The fast aproach worked well up untill that so on with the idea hat. :confused: Here is what I came up with. :D

This army is made to better protect the Lord and the BsB Vampire where the loss of the other vampires while not being good wont be crucial.
And also still being able to perform its tactical plan with a fast aproach and hard attack with Ghoul units supported by vampires and varghulfs. Using the Black Knight and fellbats to take out warmachines and light units. The army is small but being able to heal the ghouls up with a +1 cast and bigger than start numbers make up for that while also the possibility for raised Zombie units to disrupt enemy movement and the vanhels dance macabre to get that charge and first strike in.:evilgrin:

1 Vampire Lord (With first ghoul unit)
(Ac5,Ward3Ranged only,Reg4, Immune Killing Blow and Poison)
(lv4 Necromancer)
+1 Magic Level
Dark Acolyte
Summon Ghouls
Red Fury
The Cadaverous Cuirass "Cage of enchanted gold"
Wristbands of Black Gold
Sword of Might
Staff of Sorcery

1 Vampire (AC4Ranged/AC3Melee,Reg4) (With first ghoul unit)
(lv 1 Necromancer)
The Drakenhof Banner

1 Vampire (AC3Ranged/AC2Melee) (With second ghoul unit)
(lv 1 Necromancer)
Enchanted Shield
Book of Arkhan

1 Vampire (AC2) (With third ghoul unit)
(lv 1 Necromancer)
Flayed Hauberk
Sword of Battle

14 Crypt Ghoul (AC0,Reg4)
Crypt Ghast

14 Crypt Ghoul (AC0)
Crypt Ghast

14 Crypt Ghoul (AC0)
Crypt Ghast

3 Fell Bats (AC0)
(Flying Unit)

3 Fell Bats (AC0)
(Flying Unit)

5 Black Knights (AC3 )
(Move 8)

1 VargHulf ( AC0,Reg4)

1 VargHulf (AC0,Reg4)

Any improvment or ideas or suggestions much appreciated

10-04-2008, 03:56
I think your lord would be a lot better off with Flayed Hauberk instead of immunity to killing blow/poison, because what are the chances that that even comes up? Also, I'd swap Red Fury for Master of the Black Arts, as Red Fury only really pays off when combined with Dread Lance. 2+ armor/4+ regen is WAY hard to kill, and if they don't kill you in one turn, then just IoN yourself back to full wounds.

For your heroes, I'd make the third vamp a Dark Acolyte. I'd also give your second vamp either Walking Death or Dark Acolyte. Then for your fourth vamp, I'd make him a simple Dread Knight and drop the magic items (maybe take rod of flaming death or something, I don't know)

Also, if you are using Summon Ghouls, which you are, I reeeeally think you should use a corpse cart w/ unholy lodestone. It's BOMB.

Your army looks good, but just be aware of the fact that you have no banners. That's the downside of Ghouls, I guess, but if you could fit banners in, like drop the vargulfs for Black Knights w/ banners, I donno, might be something to seriously consider.

Sidenote, after a few games, try one not using Ghoulkin. I found it just kind of scattered my army, and didn't really help all that much.

Good luck!

10-04-2008, 04:01
I have always personally found skeletons to be alot better then Ghouls for protecting your lord with. Putting the lord on the side of a unit allow's him to stay away from alot of attacks plus skellies have a champion so can hold down one character for each phase (challange, get stomped, re summon back and challange again. I also am not a big fan of the ghoul models so I might be jaded.

10-04-2008, 15:30
Thanks all for the comment much appreciated.
Hey Dude I just got killed by killing blow in my last battle so it happends.:cries: hence the reason for this army.
Also I dont have much belif in normal Ac since many heroes uses weapon that negates AC or have great weapon with 7 str meaning a meager 6Ac save
Master of the black Art is good but I realy dont want the army gearing towrds more magic since its a strigoi theme and I try to keep the phases balanced.

For the vampires you are absolutly right but I just dont have the points for them. I would love dark acolyte and walking death on them :D
If you find the point for me to get them please let me know.

I have come to the other conclusion than you regarding ghoulkin that its awesome since all my other units has 16inch or more in move they are all at same spot after turn1 move and all in striking range to the enemy.
thats why I dont use the ghould cart since it would be left behind :D
I also have hard time getting the point together and find the cart a bit expensive in 2000pts army but I agree its a great unit otherwise.
Ghouls not having banners is their downside i agree , I would love to have my vampires having walking death to compensate that but dont have the point for that I will def have that in a higher point value army tho.

hey Uriain the ghouls can have a champion so thats not a problem and the main advantage with the gouls is the free march made by ghoul kin ability.
The skeleton has the advantage of standard and ac but against higher str units 4 in toughness like the ghouls has is better not to mention the 2attacks and poison they have.

I think dropping one Varhgulf for another BK unit might be worth it also to get the point for the missing walking death abilities
Any other suggestions or ideas? All comments appreciated!