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Wise Guy Sam
10-04-2008, 05:32
G'day guys and girls, I need your help. Being new to fantasy (yet to play a game) I feel that I need a bit of help in getting a nice balanced army on the table. What I want is something that will give me a good idea of the game and the Undead while having fun and after a bit of practice achieving a win. What I don't want is an army that people might not enjoy playing. I have always been a fan of being a good sport and previously playing 40k want both gamers to have fun.
This is what I have come up with so far;

Vampire: 185
Dark acolyte, lord of the dead, Flayed hauberk and sword of battle.

Vampire: 195
Dark acolyte, Avatar of death (for the great weapon) and Walach's bloody Hauberk.

17 Skeletons: 158 ranks of 6
full command. Accompanied by 'lord of death vamp'

10 Crypt Ghouls: 80

5 Dire Wolves: 40

11 Grave Guard: 162
full command. Accompanied by 'great weapon Vamp'

5 black Knights: 180
barding, full command

I reckon this army has a bit of everything for a 1k force. Good magic, hammer units, anvil units and a solid block to build from.
The plan is to summon a few more skellies and a unit of zombies to bulk out the centre battle line, while having the hammer units coming in on the outside (Grave Guard and Black Knights).

As I said I'm very new to fantasy but have played 40k since 2000. So my army build may not be very good or compatible with both my game plan and my belief that the game is about competitive fun (e.g. Strong armies are no fun but playing against an uncompetitive and weak army can be boring as well).
So tell me what you think, I would love any C&C, tips or a better battle plan (to be honest I haven't given that a whole lot of thought yet =P).

10-04-2008, 09:05
I find that quite a good first army. It does have a little bit of everything, however if you want the GG to be one of your hitty units they will really need great weapons them selves. Also maybe think about getting a magic banner on your knights/GG just to help them punch through, either that or a bound item to help with the magic phase, the book of arkhan is always nice