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Great Harlequin
12-10-2005, 19:27

I, as most people know, simply adore Warhammer 40K but I must say I am so impressed by the current Wood Elves range I simply couldn't resist.

Therefore I have compiled the following list of what I hopefully will purchase. However, I have never and I mean never played Fantasy before and I currently own only the most basic knowledge of the rules.

So I'd prefer to have the list torn apart now rather than later. :)


Alter Kindred, Great Weapon, Longbow, Armor of the Fey, Amaranthine Brooch, Annoyance of Netlings.

Level one Spellsinger

Longbow, Ranuís Heartstone, Dispel Scroll.


General, Scout, Longbow, Hunterís Talon, Pageant of Skrikes

Five Scouts

Ten Glade Guard

Ten Glade Guard

Eight Dryads

Eight Dryads

Eight Dryads

Five Glade Riders


Five Glade Riders


Seven Wardancers w/ Bladesinger

5 Wild Riders

Standard, Musician, Warbanner.

Three Treekin w/Elder

I've tried to make a balanced list with certain levels of resilience and speed but the question is whether it would work?

Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated. :)

All the very bestest,

Lord Anathir
12-10-2005, 19:37
Pretty Decent
Remember woodies get burned with magic missiles....you need a lot of magic/scroll power to really not get hurt. My advice would be to drop the noble and get another level one 2 scrolls. Also, drop the heartsone for the deepwood sphere. On the lord, consider dropping the armor of the fey for the helm of the hunt; an excellent combination with the other items and alter kindred. Drop the war banner on the wildriders and the elder on the treekin to balance the above changes. (note: this looks an awful lot like my own woodie list)
I would add another wardancer, 8 is a good number for skirmishers.

13-10-2005, 07:47
It´ll work apart from heavy magic that´ll eat your scrawny elves. Alters are best at hero level with Helm of the Hunt and Hail of Doom. The best magic defense WE can muster is a Lord with the rerollwand. Let him or her join the Wardancers for that extra MR while you hunt down the opposing wizards for magic advantage.