View Full Version : Ad Mech "Rank Designations"?

Cpl. Calvin
12-10-2005, 18:40
So with all the Adeptus Mechanicus interest going around I was thinking about how the Ad Mech would interact with a single IG regiment or smaller unit and it occurred to me I am not all that sure about the ranks and/or titles and their hierarchy within the preisthood.

Does anyone have any ideas? I think Acolyte and Magos fit in their somewhere. Can we form an idea of the rank order? Thanks!

12-10-2005, 18:53
Aha! I have the perfect thing! :D

Adeptus Mechanicus Organisation Chart (http://f2.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/IE9NQ5Rluz-t3FaI-IJ5v1x54HvGTUCPDOS3xF5Ql5gKDZ_b8wNW9vUi-W7QM5SggJ2EIoRsTDiRk7e-BckI18grrzHVwkkH/AMorgChart.pdf)

Puffin Magician
12-10-2005, 19:07
I spent more than 5 minutes getting that link and saving it as a .bmp, uploading it to my photobucket so people can see it... and it ended up being too tiny to read.

Apparantly it is visible to non-members, so I did even more work for even less reasons. Damn my philanthropic streak!

Despite it being cobbled together from a whole lot of different fluff sources, I wouldn't consider this to be 'canon' [only a rather damn good guide].

Inquisitor Maul
12-10-2005, 19:10
Strange, I can see it without joining anything :wtf:

Cpl. Calvin
12-10-2005, 19:58
I too had no trouble saving it. Acrobat reader opened and the newer versions let you save a copy of the .pdf.

This org. chart is very interesting. A lot of detail as to titles and rank but without any explanation of what they are. Certainly one could just make some things up but this looks like it came from some specific sources so I wonder if there is some text to go with it.

Anyone have any thoughts of what all of this means? My first question is how do the various groups relate to one another. They all seem to meet in the middle but that doesn't imply a specific realtionship.

Thanks again!