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10-04-2008, 18:07
Don't shoot me! I know this has been banded about a bit recently.

And I know it's Space Marines, so please, remove the knife from my kidneys!

With that out of the way. I'm toying an idea or two of Space Marines, specifically... Irn-Bru Marines. Yea, orange and blue and silver marines.

The only problem is that I'm stuck on the Space Wolf models. They look awesome. It's one of the three chapters I've loved all through my life (the other two being White Scars and Salamanders) so I'd ideally like to model up a force of them.

Painted as Irn Bru cans.

The two problems I'm having are thus.

Is it worth starting ANY sort of Marine at this point in time, and specifically Space Wolves?

If I do go for them, is it worth picking up the Space Wolf Battleforce or Space Marines MK2?

I also know jack diddly about the Space Wolf codex in it's current form so if I can have a quick rundown on the basics of how the Wolves tend to play, I'd kiss you and then hand you some Necrons. >_> Or just kiss you. Or just thank you, if you're so inclined.


Mad King George
10-04-2008, 19:09
pick up the space wolves battle force its totally worth it
i would of bought 2 when i started if i had the cash, i think Sw's are still very competitive and very fluffy and when there new codex comes out in a year, we will be even more competitive

15 blood claws in a LRC
burst out charging
60 attacks on the attack
12 power fist or power weapon attacks
+ a flamer = Owell

10-04-2008, 20:31
The space wolf codex is said to come out in november with lots of new models to go along with it.

16-04-2008, 16:41
I've been advocating patience with SW's. The codex is very expensive currently and its a bit of a headache to play cause the rules are so old (if someone rule lawyers you and you forgot your FAQ errata).

So, I suggest just holding off. Buy the models. Get ready... but don't get to crazy.
Oh.. and convert a crazy Wolf Lord :D.