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10-04-2008, 19:03
My gaming group is going to be starting a campaign soon and I will be up against Orcs and Gobbos, Skaven, and Ogres. As I am a High Elf player I have a lot of choices. What Lore would you guys recommend against these foes?

10-04-2008, 19:38
Fire fire fire

10-04-2008, 19:48
well I'm certainly not an expert but I would imagine a mix of High magic and Lore of Fire would work wonders on the ogres, drain magic to stop their ability to use one dice on everything and then fire (preferably on a (arch)mage with the seer staff) to get burning head and conflagration of doom cause lots of panic tests in the ogres and blow em up good :D

Skaven I haven't had the chance to play yet (very few players in my area :cries:) but I would imagine again high magic would be nice for helping to shut them down assuming their going to cast the warp lightning spells a lot.

actualy I'm just going to say that in general at least one mage with high magic to spam drain magic at the end of all your magic phases possible is probably always nice to have assuming your going to face any sort of casting from the enemy.

Orcs, again only a guess but Beasts might not be a bad idea if you think you might see any particularly nasty boar units or other cavalry/chariots/monsters keep them pinned down for a turn or two with The Beast Cowers, or hell just take fire again and see how much damage you can throw at them:p

If no one else responds and gives any more useful advice/experience I'd say that in general it's hard to go wrong taking High and Fire lores, they're both very effective in general I find, especially if you don't know what your going to be facing

Good luck with the campaign

10-04-2008, 19:50
Fire fire fire

Hehehe glad to see I'm not the only pyromaniac around :evilgrin:

Jack of Blades
10-04-2008, 19:52
Hehehe glad to see I'm not the only pyromaniac around :evilgrin:

I like watching things burn too.
That's why my Vampire Lord has Lore of Fire and Red Fury.

As I don't like list tailoring at all, I'd say go with Death... maybe... I don't know.

10-04-2008, 21:44
Shadow. Every spell is useful in there for the high elves with the exception of #3 and Pit is deadly effective against 2 of the 3 armies as well. Not to mention the fun you can have with using Unseen Lurker on fast moving chariots and cavalry.

vinny t
11-04-2008, 00:12
Fire is, IMO, the best choice.