View Full Version : New to Skaven non-SAD need opinions

11-04-2008, 06:40
I need advice this is my build so far but I dont want to be a SAD army tell me what u think and give advice please

Warlord- 173 pts
Warp pistols
Warpstone armor
Tenebrous cloak
(figured he would hang out in the back not meant to kill enemy characters)

Warlock Engineer - 135 pts
Full kit no pistols
Dispel Scroll
Storm Deamon

Warlock Engineer - 135 pts
Full kit no pistols
staff of sorcery

Plauge Priest - 136 pts
Band of Power
Warpstone Amulate
(he goes in with the plague monks)

3x 25 Clanrats - musican, banner
2 with ratling gun team
540 pts

3x 20 Clanrat slaves - naked
120 pts

20 Stormvermin - musician, magic banner (banner of the swarm), Shield
215 pts

25 Plague monks - musician, magic banner (banner of burning hatred),
extra hand wpn
240 pts

2x6 Poison Wind Globadiers
(mabey this should be one unit im not sure)
120 pts

5 Plague Censer Bearers
(stick with the plague monks)
85 pts

1 Warp Lightning Cannon
100 pts

11-04-2008, 23:38
no opinions at all....
someone must at least want to flame it:evilgrin:

12-04-2008, 09:16
hmmm, for having the banner of the swarm the stormvermin unit is a bit small actually (you can cut down on monks to afford them). As for the poison globers take 3x4 instead, more flexible (and often ignored) that way they want cause panic if they die either.
not to sure about generals items, and to lazy to find good alternatives right now.

I think you should do ok, but you may wan't another dispel scroll, just in case :)

also some small tunneler teams could be helpful against warmachines, not sure what to drop though..

13-04-2008, 09:49
Drop the swarm banner and get a war banner. Also what about droping the Priest for a BSB and making a fighty Warlord? Also you have no antiflankers. Maybe 2 units of night runners 7 strong with slings.