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11-04-2008, 06:42
Hey all, so I think I've decided that I want to run a VC army eventually (somewhere in the time frame of a year to a year and a half) after finishing what I've got for my High Elves.

With this in mind, I've started toying around with lists, and as a general rule, I start with 1500 pts, dunno why, but I think I like the lord-less, under 2000 battles best. Anyways, I came up with a list based on the Martialle vampire theme. I'm trying to go for an aggressive play style, based more on ass-kicking than magic-dealing.

I should say that I have absolutely no idea how to run with VC, and really just made a list on what I think is cool, and fits in with the theme. I know a real weakness are the Blood Knights, but they're so cool, and probably the lynch pin that made me decide on Vampire Counts. Anyways here's the list:

Vampire (Red Fury, Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Kings) - 200 Pts

Necromancer (IoN) - 55 pts

Necromancer (IoN)- 55 Pts

20 Skeletons (Full Command) - 180 pts

15 Skeletons (Full Command, Spears) - 155 pts

10 Crypt Ghouls (Crypt Ghast) - 90 pts

10 Crypt Ghouls (Crypt Ghast) - 90 pts

5 Dire Wolves - 40 pts


13 Grave Guard (Full Command) (Vamp goes here) - 186 pts

3 Fell Bats - 60 pts

3 Fell Bats - 60 pts


5 Blood Knights (Full Command) - 325 pts

Total: 1496 points

I feel like a big problem is movement, as vamps are needed to allow the undead to march, but aside from taking two vampires, dunno how else to address it, as Varghulfs and BK's are the only other 2 vampires in the list. Since i'm below 2000 points, I can only bring one, and chose the BK, and decided to run with 2 necromancers, to keep using IoN on my units.

And I figure that the BK are obviously going to be the main threat, and will draw a lot of fire and magic, but I also consider that my Vamp and Grave Guard will draw a lot of attention too, so maybe they'll both take hits, but not as bad as if there was only one... I dunno, I really really really just want to include the Blood Knights because of their sheer badassery.

But again, let me emphesize my lack of Vampire knowledge, but also know that I am trying to make a more themed martial vampire list.

11-04-2008, 15:28
Looks ok for a 1500 list, and I'd only change a couple of things:

-drop the sword of kings for sword of might (cheaper and more effective)
-combine the two units of ghouls and drop the extra ghast (since you can't raise larger than they start you might as well start them big so one bad combat won't wipe them out)
-with the extra points get another graveguard to get an even 3 ranks.

11-04-2008, 16:25
id make the 6 bats one unit of 5. That way they can fly behind combats and wipe out a unit that flees through them.


I dont care how, but one wont be enough, get a casting vampire and the black periapt so you actually have some magic, necromancers just dont cut it and there is no reson to have 2, because one can re cast all of his spells anyway, all 2 does is give you a 55 point powerdice. I cannot stress this enough, but 2 necromancers is pointless in sucha small game.

In a game like this i would drop the blood knights for 5 naked black knights and a varghulf, combined they will do more damage, are not frenzied, cause terror and can march through terrain alot easier.

Just what i would do though. Along with Malorians suggestions. And when you do take the second vamp, give him summon ghouls to make the unit scary, +1 to cast on invocation makes all the differance.