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11-04-2008, 13:41
This is my Dwarf army I'm going to play with in May at CanGames.

Dwarf Lord: Admiral Bane GromirlFist: hand weapon, shield, rune of fury, rune of cleaving, rune of swiftness, rune of stone: 223pts

Runesmith: Malgrin One eye: rune of stone, gromirl armor, great weapon, rune of spellbreaking: 129pts

Bane’s crew: 24 dwarf warriors, shields: Full Command: 241pts

Bane’s crew: 24 dwarf warriors, shields, Full Command: 241pts

Bane’ marksmen: 10 thunders, shields: 150pts

Cove Cutters 10 miners: 110pts

Bane’s bodyguard: 19 hammers, shields, Full Command: 277pts

Bane’s Armor: 19 ironbreakers, Full Command: 277pts

Bane’s Fist: 1 Cannon: 90pts

Bane’s Deck Gun: 1 Organ gun: 120pts

Bane’s Scout: 1 Gyrocopter : 140pts


11-04-2008, 14:05
well what tacits do you plan on? you have a fair ammount of shooting, your warriors are 24 strong (im assuming 6x4 or 5x5) and you seem well rounded. Although i prefer to take a BSB if i am fielding 4 large infantry blocks.

With that list i would imagine an attacking form, using terrain/board edge to achor a flank. The thunderers and organ gaurd against fast cav/fliers and knights. The cannon does giant.chariot.nasty unit.char sniping while the gyro does march block, redirect etc.?
Thats how i would imagine you play.... surely though you had your own idea when you wrote the list~>?

11-04-2008, 14:20
Well the tactic I use for this army is the castle. I take a corner of the map and face all my hard hitters (Warriors, Hammers) in front, while I protect the left or right flank with war machines, and thunders. With this tactic no enemy should be able to flank or rear me. The main prepouse of this strategy is to force the enemy to charge my hard hitters. The gyropter is to chase down stuff or hunt warmachines, and the miners are to kill war machines, take a table edge or protect more flank.

11-04-2008, 14:23
Bah i hate castling armies. If you plan to castle i cant help you any more other than suggesting a BSB

Dead Man Walking
11-04-2008, 23:46
I am not a fan of gyro's, I prefer more bolt throwers with rune of penetrating.

I also prefer no runic weapons (unless its a slayer char.)

I never go to battle without a master rune of challenge.

12-04-2008, 14:01
No magic weaps :o what do you do against wraiths?

Dr. Acula
12-04-2008, 16:16
BT's with the Rune of Penetrating will have magical attacks, although I'd be partial to taking at least a cheap rune on my characters just in case they get into combat with an ethereal creature and get bogged down.

12-04-2008, 19:31
Well BT are easy to avoid with skrmishers (plus hard to hit) a cheap rune of your weapon is only like 5 points, well worth it with the ammount of V/C about