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guardian angel
11-04-2008, 15:48
So, have been building up my army and it is almost ready for play.

Here is the list. I'm sure it will change as I play with it, but the main thing I'm wondering about is loosing the cookbook and getting a warbanner on the SB.

What ya think?


Tyrant+ha+tenderiser+wyrd neck+mawseeker=286


Butcher+siegebreaker+skull mantle=180
Butcher+bang stick+ scroll=180
Butcher+scroll+ cookbook=180


3 bulls+m=115
3 IG=144
3 IG=144
3 IG=144
3 IG+m+sb+lo gnob=179
9 trappers+champ=52


2 Leadbelchers+m=120
2 Leadbelchers+m=120


2x gorgers

Total= 2000

11-04-2008, 16:11
Looks good. Fairly typical.

The Mawseeker might give you nightmares because of Stupidity at the wrong time but the +1 Toughness makes the Tyrant very hard to wound.

11-04-2008, 16:11
I love it. Nothing to add at all except that who ever challenges that first butcher is in for a surprise ; )

11-04-2008, 20:34
well, it's a good list... I have run it a few time except I use a 3rd scroll, lose the IG muscian and one trapper for longstrider instead of mawseeker... or lose the champ from the trapper unit instead of a trapper if 2001 is okay with whoever I am playing.

I have since moved on to Yhetees instead of belchers unless I know the high elves are swarming again (they seem to pop up like locust every time I leave the belchers at home for a tourney)

Bob the Butcher
13-04-2008, 23:50
I really like the list as well.

Possible Tweaks

What about losing the Cook book and giving that Butcher the Bloodcleaver this should soon heal up any wounds he has previously taken. :)

I'm not sure whether the musos with the Belchers will be worth the 20 points. Maybe these could be re invested in getting the War Banner? drop out 1 Gnoblar trapper.