View Full Version : how do you think solo legion armies will work?

11-04-2008, 19:17
simple question really but how do you think the legions will work by them selves?

i have spent a couple of hours perusing through the book and have found that each individual army has something hard going for them.

khorne have alot of attacks, are reaonably fast and the high strength will make a mockery of the enemy armour but hatred will mean that a ***** poopenent will lead them around buy the nose still.

slaanesh, they have a scarily large amount of attacks and armour peircing so they are pretty much the same as before but wounding is more difficult, the seekers and fiends are really scary to fight now.

nurgle will have lots of tarpit nits that are fairly tough to kill especially with the heralds in the units of plague bearers and they have good strength and toughness, over all they are the all rounders of the army despite only being movement 4 which is still average.

tzeentch have a frightening amount of magic availble to them. a good combo i have found is to take 3 heralds of tzeentch on discs of tzeentch with flames of tzeentch and coruscating fire one (strength 3 hit to all in base contact before blows are struck) you fly over a single unit with all 3 heralds, thy also inflit slashing hits from the discs, magic them with all your horrors and then use the flames on them and watch as by doing that you will easily destroy an entire unit in a single turn.

11-04-2008, 19:56
Still to soon to tell but i am getting the indication that they wont do so well, i have been building a Khorne army and if i can't take mortals i have no source of dispel dice. I get 2 for the army and hope that MR will take care of the rest but VC and TK will eat me allive.

I think as a stand alone army nurgle has the best chance, good magic, good toughness, great special rules to help them win combat and kill characters. But as i said it is too soon to tell for sure and will reserve my judgments for when i am actually holding the book, until then its just speculation.

11-04-2008, 20:04
Nurgle and Khorne are certainly the most viable.

Slaanesh is really too weak to effectively deal with a lot of opponents in a take all comer's setting.

Tzeentch might win games, but they're effectively a gunline that has miscasts in place of misfires.

I would imagine that most pure Tzeentch players will soon find themselves bereft of opponents, just like pure black-powder Dwarf or Empire players.

11-04-2008, 20:33
I can't judge tzeentch at the moment, but I'd say khorne is the weakest, relying almost entirely on their greater daemon.

Slaanesh has a scary amount of synergy among banners, spells and other special abilities creating leadership problems for most any unit. Against armies where fear and terror won't come into play, the stupidity spell will be a gamebreaker, since skeletons and similar units have horrid leadership.

Nurgle is a great points denial army, and will probably be more annoying to play than the tzeentch legion.

Tzeentch will be a fickle army. If your magic and shooting doesn't blast successfully, you become one of the weakest close combat armies in the game. Even the heralds are basic wizards in combat.

Khorne has the bloodthirster which is glorious, but beyond that is depending on blocks of single attack 12 pt infantry as the core, which will struggle against the core of other armies. The hounds at special are quite good too, while the bloodcrushers seem a little expensive.

11-04-2008, 20:37
Anyone who tries to justify 15+ power dice by saying "BUT MY THEME IS TZEENTCH!!" will be met with an equal amount of scorn as the Skaven player who tries to justify 10 Ratling Guns and 4 Engineers by saying "BUT MY THEME IS SKRYRE!"

Justifying a crappy army with a "theme" like that will not be acceptable.

11-04-2008, 20:51
Anyone who tries to justify 15+ power dice by saying "BUT MY THEME IS TZEENTCH!!" will be met with an equal amount of scorn as the Skaven player who tries to justify 10 Ratling Guns and 4 Engineers by saying "BUT MY THEME IS SKRYRE!"

Justifying a crappy army with a "theme" like that will not be acceptable.

You can get 20 power dice almost in a 2000pt game. Blue Scribes, and 10 units of 16 pink horrors. Unfortunatly your 1pt over. Natch.

11-04-2008, 21:01
Actually with 4 heralds with Power Vortex and a bunch of Horrors, I think the theoretical maximum for Tzeentch is 28.
2 base dice, 12 from the Heralds (each is a level 2 with +1), 14 from Horrors (6 units of 17, 1 unit of 16, each unit is level 2).

11-04-2008, 21:33
Is the book out? I haven't been to the store in ages. I thought it woudl be pretty crappy, but it sounds like they've done a nice job with it. Maybe I will bust our some of my ancient Slaanesh stuff. :)

12-04-2008, 01:01
Well I'm planning on making an all-Khorne army and I think it will be quite effective, but will struggle against magic or shooting heavy armies. Ironically they will not be able to deal with magic too great. Magic Resistane is brilliant, but with no other source of dispel dice its going to be problematic against certain armies. Spellbreaker is going to be a must on any Daemon Prince or Bloodthirster.

However I don't see too much of a problem, only against extremely slanted opponents. The use of Bloodcrushers and Flesh Hounds will be essential however, in order to pound the crap out of those shooty units and break the enemy line quickly. I also plan on using some Furies just because they really dont ruin the theme and they make nice cheap mage/war machine hunters. Once thats done 2 or 3 small units of Bloodletters should be more than enough to mop up what remains.

So a certain amount of finesse is going to be needed I feel. A khornate army is going to be like wielding a sledgehammer made of glass.

Dux Ducis
12-04-2008, 01:47
I think most players will be using allied Tzeench/Slaanesh, Nurgle/Khorne armies. That is, until Daemons are compatible with beasts and mortals when they are updated for 7th edition. I'd love to have a unit or two of hardcore armoured mortals, skirmishing beasts and a spawn or two.

I'm acutally suprised we didn't see any sort of undivided, gibbering daemon euqivalent to a spawn in the rare or special section. Very dissapointed.

12-04-2008, 19:30
i plan to use all four of the powers and then as i get more models i will change

i dont know about characters but i think i will use bearers, letters and a small unit of nettes

special will be screamers and hounds

rare will be fiends and crushers

i highly doubt i will be able to fit all this in a 2k but if i cut down on the heroes i migh be able to