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20-04-2005, 01:55
Hi everyone. This is a Special Scenario that myself and Dakkagor cooked up for a special Christmas Game. Since then it's been altered slightly until we're happy with it (the initial versions had some balance problems, I'd overcompensated one of the Ork forces with special rules and made it very difficult for the Armoured Co to break through).

I'd love to hear you feedback on the scenario, fluff, etc and especially would like to hear from anyone who is moved to give the mission a go. It's designed for Orks and IG but can be adapted for other armies.

If you've any confusion over the special rules, leave a note and I'll clarify (then revise the confusing text).

Rules by Getz. Background by Dakkagor

Historical Setting
The planet of Speriax in the Wolfe sub sector had long lived under the shadow of potential Orkish invasion. Despite its competent PDF and in depth planetary defence grid, it still attracted the attention of the Warlord Dakkagor Grimskraga Gitburna in late M41. Dakkagor’s expansionist policies (ie. take over everything in reach) had brought him into the view of Imperial authorities as he overwhelmed the Cerberus Sector several decades before. Despite several responsive crusades Dakkagor was able to successfully consolidate his power within the sector. However further expansion was halted in other sectors, thanks in part to the actions of the Revenants Space Marine chapter and the local Imperial Guard forces, who fought valiant spoiling actions.

Several raids on shipping and the planets defences, often drawing the imperial monitor ships into baited traps, presaged the attack on Speriax. The Planetary Governor quickly sent for aid, and local forces mobilised as rapidly as possible. However, before reinforcements could arrive, Dakkagor launched his assault. The space hulk Prophet of Woe, accompanied by four Ork kroozers, three roks and a swarm of escorts, moved in system after ripping their way out of warp space. Charging forwards, the kroozers ripped the planetary defences apart, clearing the way for the Ork hulk. As the hulk made orbit one of the roks, being assisted by huge traktor kannons from the hulk and the other 2 roks, slowly made its way to the surface. It landed 50 miles outside the capital of Speriax, and soon began teleporting Ork mobz and war machines to the surface. These units quickly moved to destroy the orbital defences on the ground, and soon a full-scale invasion was in progress. The local PDF and Guard garrisons where badly outnumbered, and worse, fighting a chaotic war where battle lines where impossible to draw and support was in short supply. Guard units fought alone without the support of their fellows, the kind of situation that Orks thrived in. However, further away from the rok, the defenders where able to draw lines of defence and contain the Greenskin menace. A 2000 mile cordon was thrown around the Orks, including the Spine Blade Mountains and the Hellfire river, containing the majority of Ork forces at certain choke points. Near constant assaults against the defences tested the remaining Imperial forces to the limit and very few units escaped what was rapidly conceded as “Ork country”.

The situation was greatly eased by the arrival of reinforcements in the shape of the Revenants Chapter, the 673rd Dniepr Armoured Regiment, the veteran 17th Phyressian Rangers, 34th Fornus lix infantry regiment, 11th Elysian air cavalry and the renowned Valhallan 13th mountain rangers. Warmaster Darius Engel assumed overall command while Chapter Master Conrad Kurtz of the Revenants led the daring raid on the Imperial Palace at the centre of the capital of Hellaspont, relieving the remaining PDF forces and evacuating the Royal family. After this, Engel looked at the situation and directed the Imperial Guard forces towards purging the Greenskin tide. With orbital battles raging, it was imperative that the brutal creatures be crushed before more Orkish reinforcements arrived. Unfortunately, the war rapidly devolved into a meat grinder for the strategically vital mountain passes and River crossings. With losses quickly escalating, the Imperial forces needed a break through. Under these conditions, Major Skorzeny of the 11th Elysian approached the Warmaster with a daring plan and Operation Prandium was born.

Conceived as a way to end the war by the Feast of the Emperors Ascension, Operation Prandium was a combined orbital drop, air strike and armoured push across the Hellfire river line, which had been overwhelmed by Ork war bands several months before and now constituted their second line of the defence. If the Imperial Guard could break through the Ork front line and across the river, the super-heavy tanks of the 673rd Dniepr would be able to drive rapidly across open country to the Ork rok and destroy it, crippling the Ork supply lines and bringing swift defeat to the enemy. The plan was deceptively simple. The Space Marines would strike at the bases the individual Ork Warlords - often many miles away from the actual objectives - and destroy the Greenskin’s crude command and control structure, preventing an organised counterattack. Meanwhile, the Elysian Air Cavalry units would execute lightning raids to capture and secure the bridges while the Dniepr tanks pushed forwards towards the river though the Orkish defensive perimeter. If coordinated properly, the Orks would be caught unawares and rolled aside, allowing an overwhelming strike on the Ork occupied capital. As with all things deceptively simple, it was bound to go wrong. . .

Dakkagor Grimskraga Gitburna himself was inspecting the Ork lines as Kurtz and Skorzeny conceived their daring plan. As his Ork speed kult tribe toured the Hellfire River, the skies darkened with Imperial aircraft and he decided to stick around and fight it out, meaning the Imperial armies had to fight not one ork tribe as expected, but two . . .

The following scenario details the situations encountered at “Bridge 2”. A vital objective, the bridge was one of the very few that could support the weight of super-heavy tanks as they crossed the massive Hellfire River, and as such was given top priority by Imperial command. It was also well protected with anti aircraft emplacements and several bunkers built into its approaches. These carefully laid out fortifications had been built to defend against potential Greenskin attacks on the bridge, and had now been turned on their one-time masters. So formidable were Bridge 2’s defences that only the very best Elysian and Dniepr units where assigned to it, and the air assault was led my Major Skorzeny personally. Whilst the Elysian air cavalry attempted to secure the bridge, the Dniepr armoured units had to break through a line of fortified towns and villages and rush down the Imperial highway towards the bridge before Ork reinforcements could move in, destroy the bridge and stall the advance.

20-04-2005, 01:58
Scenario Special Rules:
Deep strike, Preliminary Bombardment, Reserves, Random Game Length.

All bikes, jet bikes and vehicles, etc must begin play in reserve. However walkers such as Ork Dreadnoughts, may be deployed normally.

The Deep strike rules are only available to the Imperial Guard. The Imperial Navy enjoyed air superiority at the time of the assault so the Orks must foot slog to the objectives.

The Imperial Guard are the attackers, and hence get the preliminary bombardment and go first.

The game lasts eight turns (variable).

For total Victory, the Imperial Guard players have to capture and hold Bridge 2 and move at least half the Armoured Company across the River. The Orks must try and stop them holding the bridge and crossing the river to achieve total Victory. If the Imperial players capture the bridge but are unable to get the sufficient Armoured Company across the river, then the Orks destroy the bridge, preventing further attacks, but have lost ground to the Imperial offensive and the game counts as a marginal Ork victory. If the Imperium successfully crosses the bridge in force, but do not hold it at the end of the game, then the Armoured Company are able to attack the Ork rear, but are denied the logistical support to make the assault decisive. This counts as a marginal Imperial Victory. Any other outcome should be considered a draw.

The Battlefield:
Ideally the game should be placed on seven foot wide and nine foot deep table, as the race against time to get the Armoured company across the table is part of the mission.

There should be a road running in a straight line across the centre of the board from the Orks Table edge to the Imperial Table edge. The River should be 24 inches from the Orks table edge, running from one side of the table to the other. The bridge and its attendant fortifications should be placed at the point the road crosses the River. There should be some buildings and ruins placed in a 12 inch radius of the bridge to represent the town at the river crossing.

The Ork fortifications may be placed no less than 24 inches from the Imperial table edge in a band no more than 12 inches deep. There should be at least 24 inches (preferably more) between the rear of the Ork fortification zone and the River, and this area should be wooded or in some other way have clear line of sight blocked between the fortification zone and bridge. There should be a second concentration of ruins and buildings where the road crosses though to Ork fortification zone to represent the fortified town the Armoured Company has to fight through.

The Bridge:
Bridge 2 should be laid out exactly as described. No additional fortifications may be placed around Bridge 2. Two defence turrets and two bunkers protect the Bridge. One bunker should be placed on the left side of the road and one turret on the right immediately in front of the bridge on each river bank. The front and sides (but not rear) of each bunker and each turret are further protected by a sand bag wall. This confers a 4+ cover save. Units on the bridge enjoy a 5+ cover save from the bridges railings.

The Defence Turrets:
The Defence turrets have the following profile and special rules.
Armour Front Side Rear BS
14 14 14 2
Each turret is armed with a Twin Linked, Anti Aircraft Autocannon.

Damage: The Turrets are disabled by any glancing or penetrating hit, but if they aren’t destroyed (i.e., they don’t suffer a Vehicle Destroyed or Vehicle Explodes result) then they may be repaired by a Techpriest Enginseer or Mekboy as per the rules in each unit’s codex.

Automatic Targeting: The Turrets have automated targeting priorities. They will always attack aircraft in preference to vehicles, and vehicles in preference to infantry. They will always attack the nearest prioritised enemy in range and line of sight even if they are incapable of damaging it. The turrets will never attack one another or either of the Bunkers, even if they are the nearest enemy. The Machine Spirit has been programmed to recognise that this would be a waste of time.

The Bunkers:
The Bunkers follow all the standard rules for bunkers (p193 of the WH40K main rulebook) and in addition have the following special rule.

Command and Control: Each bunker houses the command equipment for the Turret next to it. If the bunker should be breached and change hands during the game, then the appropriate turret will be controlled by the army occupying the bunker at the beginning of that shooting phase. If the bunker is contested at the start of the shooting phase (eg, there is close combat taking place within the bunker) then the turret may not fire in that turn at all. Should the bunker be abandoned, then the turret will remain under the command of its current controller until such time as the enemy reoccupies the bunker (someone has left a brick on the firing switch!)

The Armies:
The Bridge 2 Waagh! is a scenario for four players. Two Imperial Guard and two Ork. Although you should feel free to field whichever army lists you like, to accurately represent Operation Prandium, you should follow the selection guidelines laid out below.

Each army should amount to 2000 points.

Imperial Guard:
The Imperial Guard forces consist of a drop troop contingent and an Armoured Company force.
The Drop Troops: The Drop troop army should be selected from either the Elysian Drop Troops list (published in Chapter Approved 2003) or the Imperial Guard codex, in which case it must use the Drop Troops Doctrine. In either case, use the modified Deep strike rules from the Elysian list (Chapter Approved 2003, p29) whereby the army is divided into two equal halves, the first of which deploys by deep strike on turn one, and the second arrives from reserves as usual.
The Armoured Company: The Armoured Company should be chosen from the list published in WD 296. It enters play from reserves as normal from the Imperial Guard Table Edge.

The Ork army consists of the force defending the fortified town and the force defending Bridge 2.
The Bridge Defenders: The Ork Player defending Bridge 2 should be selected from the Kult of Speed Armylist in Codex Armageddon. It enters play from reserves as normal from the Ork Table Edge.
The Town Defenders: The Ork player defending the fortified Town must deploy within the fortified area near the Imperial Table edge. He may place as many fortifications as he likes within his deployment zone. The town defender army may be chosen from the Ork Codex or Clans in WD 290.

Although both armies are at liberty to choose vehicles, bear in mind that at the start of the game the Orks defending the fortified town will be at least 48 inches from their own table edge - with a river in the way! Any vehicles aside from walkers they choose will still have to start in reserve and so may never get to the fortified town in time to help. The Orks defending the Bridge, on the other hand, will doubtless find a couple of battlewagons very useful - especially considering they’ll be fighting against lightly equipped Imperial Guard Drop Troopers…

20-04-2005, 01:58
Some Tactical Pointers:

Imperial Guard:
For the Guard players, the biggest challenge overall will not be capturing the bridge or breaking though the front lines, but actually completing all the objectives before the game ends. The Tanks of the Armoured Company will almost certainly have to take to the road and race at full speed to the bridge at some point if they want to get to the Ork table edge before you start rolling to see if the game ends. Breaking through the Ork lines will take at least three turns, and to race away from them without clearing out the Ork defenders is just inviting a barrage of rockets up the exhaust pipe. To that end, Infantry support units will be invaluable in ensuring the Tanks are able to get though with enough time to make it to the bridge. Remember, it is not necessary to get the entire Armoured Company across the river, only half of it, but if you loose too many tanks you will struggle to get enough across the river to satisfy your objectives. Finally, don’t forget that Chimeras are amphibious…

The Air Cavalry’s greatest challenge will be holding the bridge for long enough for the Armoured Company to cross it. Realistically, the Armoured Company will not reach the bridge until at least turn five and capturing it in the first place will probably cost the lives of many Guardsmen. Between times the Drop troopers must husband their forces carefully lest they are wiped out though attrition. Furthermore, there is the question of the Autocannon Turrets. Suppressing their fire in some manner will be essential, but you have the option of simply destroying them or trying to take control of them and using them against your enemies.

The Orks defending the Town cannot realistically expect to stop the Armoured Company in its tracks, but they have a very important task nonetheless, that being to prevent the Armoured Company from reaching the bridge before the game ends. They do enjoy a significant advantage by being the only army able to deploy completely before the beginning of the game, every other army suffering at least to some degree from the vagrancies of reserves rolls. Don’t forget that there should be some nice big areas of woods behind the Town to fall back into. If the boyz fall back into the countryside and then mob up, they could provide a nasty surprise for any tanks that set off down the road to the Bridge, and their very presence may force the tanks to slow down rather than risk a headlong charge. A very useful result.

The Bridge defenders have to bear in mind that they not only have to fight the Air Cavalry but also may need to stave off the Armoured Company at the end of the game too. To that end, having battle tanks of your own will be very useful. Remember, even if the Imperials get the Armoured Company across the river, they haven’t won until the game ends so you may get a turn or two to knock out some of their tanks, thus grasping victory at the last.

Finally, although there has been a deliberate attempt to separate the two battles with both distance and blocked lines of sight, there’s no reason why any army can’t help their allies out…

20-04-2005, 08:11
Dakkagors dirty trickz numbah one: buy both da ork warbands a looted vehicle, like a lemon rusk. dey will show up at the bridge end and give da humies lotz of problemz, by workin' togetha. Also, get a fightabommer and run some interception work on da humie aircraft! WAAAGH! Bommers are ded good tank huntaz, and my one took out a vansquisher before it got slagged by the turretz.

21-04-2005, 00:40
Dakkagors dirty trickz numbah one: buy both da ork warbands a looted vehicle, like a lemon rusk. dey will show up at the bridge end and give da humies lotz of problemz, by workin' togetha.

Getz's Dirty trick number one...

Fragging said looted Leman Russ with a Vanquisher from eight feet away is also fun.

Or at least it would have been if I'd rolled something other than a one for damge, but a fine example of the sheer range and hitting power of the Vanquisher Cannon Nonetheless.